MVT Tactical Training Targets

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September 25, 2014
Follow Up on the Public School Situation
September 25, 2014

I updated the Combat Team Tactics page with a little on the electronic pop-up targets that we use. Here is an extract:

This video shows the PT 61-A electronic pop-up targets that are used on the tactical ranges:

Electronic pop-up targets in use on the Combat Team Tactics class to train individual reaction drills (RTR):

And here:


The targets used in the two video clips above, which are dated, are the two dimensional Ivan backers, whcih had Ivan facers stapled on, that had wilted with the rain. I now use the three dimensional plastic targets as shown below:

Below: IVAN 3-D target as used currently used at MVT. Attached to the PT 61-A, laying in a target pit ready to go.



Below: Ivan 3-D short wide target.



When I get a chance, I’ll get some video of the targets in action, falling when hit and some round strike.



  1. Michael Gladius says:

    Jeff Cooper also used ‘pop-down’ targets. They’re in view for 5 seconds and then disappear. Most students don’t notice them at first, because the brain doesn’t process the optical signal as well as it should.

    They’d be good for simulating an ambush: when they pop down, the ambush is kicked off. If the students spot them before they vanish, they can engage, and if they don’t, they do break contact firing at where they saw the targets last, as well as shooting at ones that pop back up again.

  2. Alex says:

    ” Ivan targets. ”

    Wow. That makes me happy. Ft. McClellan, Al. had pop up/pop down Ivan target in the ’80’s. we qualified from foxholes with sandbags on them , from 25 to .. 300 (? ) meters. They came up in random pairs. Best day in Basic Training by far.

    I miss knowing exactly who the enemy was in the Good Old Days.