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Follow Up on the Public School Situation
September 25, 2014
Away at Training
September 28, 2014

In the spirit of the ‘whole message’ we have expanded from the purely tactical nature of our FORUM with a homeschooling forum.

Any useful feedback, resources, experience, curriculum and all that sort of good stuff is more than welcome there.

Let’s spread the word – get your kids out of the radical leftist indoctrination centers!





  1. MQ says:

    This is great, thanks for providing this. When our son gets old enough to start homeschooling, we’ll be sure to share our experiences with it.

  2. Mark says:

    Now this is what I call building a community.


  3. RobertR says:

    While I don’t have children, I do have friends that have home schooled theirs.
    Here are my personal observations:
    1. Each State have set minimum requirements for parents to teach their children to. What they are I don’t know and I will assume they vary from state to state.
    2. So based on #1, you as a parent will still be, for lack of a better term- liable, to mommy gov. i.e., Dept of Education.
    3. Home schoolers (parents) have a surprising large network to assist each other.
    4. Home schooled children are, on average, much better educated over their public peers. Duh. Yeah, I know the bar is not set very high to begin with.
    5. Some states are more agreeable to parents and homeschooling than other states but I would still be very wary on how they monitor this “activity”. As maddening as it sounds the state now considers your children to be their property.

    • Max Velocity says:

      I part ways with you in this way of thinking. I am beholden to no-one for my children. I am liable t no-one for them.

      Anyone wants to press the point, it’s time for a fight. I’m not shy.

  4. Pineslayer says:

    Check out this site, they have everything.

    Don’t know his politics, but he is into educating.

  5. Submariner says:

    Number One, Number Two and Number Three Sons of Fire Team Submariner are all homeschooled, as are their four sisters. My oldest daughter (28) set foot in government school the first time to take the SAT (750 Verbal; 620 Math).

    We taught them to read using Alphaphonics and then used the Robinson Curriculum and Saxon Math. Number Three Son (16) is also using Khan Academy material as well as selected material from the Ron Paul curriculum.

  6. Submariner says:

    Oh, we are lifetime members of Home School Legal Defense Association ( Best money you will ever spend. I’m an attorney and I want them defending me.

  7. Greg Owens says:

    Waste of time taking on the system. Don’t be the mole
    in “whack a mole”. Also, don’t carry your firearm on
    school or post office property. That alone upsets me
    enough to avoid public school system. A big problem
    I’ve seen firsthand with homeschooling is not enough
    interaction with other kids.

    • Bearcreek says:

      That problem is easily solved by the parents. They’re replacing the academic part of school with something better. Why would it be any different with the socialization part? Sometimes parents forget or don’t realize that there’s more to homeschooling than just “the 3 R’s”. They have to take the initiative with the socialization aspect of things just as they did with the adademic. There are lots of activities, groups, co-ops, etc available now for homeschoolers, far more than there was when I was growing up as a homeschooler in the 80s-90s.

  8. OldSouth says:

    Lots of folks are saying bye bye to gov’t “schools”. We did, long ago. In NC, HS has surpassed pvt schools in number of students.

  9. Former Sapper says:

    Good on you for doing this. Seriously considering doing it myself here in the UK too, they seem to be doubling down on the indoctrination here of late.

  10. Sanders says:

    I graduated homeschool in 1984.

    My mom was a pioneer in the movement. The public schools were happy to see us go, as my mom was always down there asking questions and calling the teachers to account for their stupidity.

    Homeschoolers have more advantages over public school kids.

    I was accepted to West Point – even got an appointment from one of our senators. As a 17 yr. old, I didn’t like the idea of 4 yrs. in college, then a 5 yr. obligation. That was 9 years, or half my life I was looking at.

    Instead, I joined the Army for a few years then got out and went to college and got a degree in Business Economics and International Business.

    One of the things people worry about is socialization. I don’t know about other homeschoolers, but I was one of the most popular kids in the local high school. Even though I never attended it, I’m still invited to class reunions.

    Now, my girl’s mother was not open to homeschooling our girls at all. So, we put them in private church schools. We did try a public charter school one year, but it was just like the public schools, so the went back to the church school the next year.

    Then we moved to New Mexico, to a school district that was really good. We didn’t like the church schools in the area, so enrolled the girls in public school. The school was good at first. After my oldest graduated high school, they hired a new principal who is a commie. That woman forced out all the good teachers and replaced them with more commies. The youngest daughter had to suffer through the last few years of that garbage. My wife and I were down there every week. I reckon the school was just as glad my daughter graduated as I was.

    Now, I plot my revenge — by running for the school board next term.

  11. DEFCON 2 says:

    Dr Ron Paul developed a curriculum for Home Schooling. I think 1rst through 5th grade is free. I haven’t used it nor do I know anyone who has used it, I just know the man fought the good fight and in my book is a Patriot. Here is the site