And while I’m at it, another thing…Free Chicken

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September 15, 2014
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September 16, 2014

Rant begins:

Free Chicken!

So, this blog and the forum are free resources where you get a  lot of free chicken handed out. Yeah, yeah, I know, I do it so I can direct traffic towards my products , which are books and training. Web presence and all that. But it take s a lot of time to do blog posts and all that. It certainly detracts from my progress on writing the sequel to Patriot Dawn, the completion of which will actually put food in my children’s mouths.

Well anyway, Chris did a great post on gear. He took the time to lay out his gear and describe it. That’s valuable stuff. I know the silent majority appreciate the time and effort he took on that.

It’s free chicken. Here’s the post: ‘Gear: My Operational Loadout: Chris.

Great post.

Most of you are not handout types. Some of you may actually buy one of my books or even show up for training. Many are just out there for the free chicken. For example, some of the regional Forum groups, like the NOVA one, may actually show up for training, having after all met on the MVT Forum? Maybe?


This one takes the award for free chicken ingrate, on Chris’s gear post:

  • To much to ask I guess.

    • Are you serious? Let me see, as well as all the rest of the free chicken we hand out here, we’ll just drop everything over the weekend to make that list for you?
      If you came on a patrol class, you would get a lesson in this.

I mean seriously.

And any half-serious free chicken seeker knows that you just need to search keywords on the blog and you would find plenty of articles on gear and rucks. And no, I’m not going to list what I carry in my ruck for you, asshole, go and get a clue of your own.

Not to mention I run an actual Combat Patrol class, the web page for which actually lists gear that is required, and is taught on the class. But you have to do CRCD first as a prerequisite. And that would actually involve doing some actual training, and spending money, rather than trying to suck it down off the internet for free. You may even go back to your group with some solid tactics and knowledge, and be able to teach them what you learned.

And yes, I run specific classes with prerequisites for other classes. because  we in the MVT Cadre know how to train people and know what training you need even if you don’t think you do. I won’t offer BS training or progress you too fast to something more advanced. That’s why Combat Patrol comes after CRCD, and is at a higher level, and why CRU-TT will have CRCD as a prerequisite. And it won’t include FoF (force on force) training, even though you think you need it and think it will be fun. Too much scope for random.

If you don’t like it, don’t train. Oh, you do that anyway? How about going and training at another school. Oh, there aren’t any other schools out there that do this? Just the tacticool ones or ones that don’t live fire at this level and with a facility like at MVT? Sorry. I can do nothing for you.

And while you are at it, do some fucking PT and stop watching tacticool YouTube videos.

Rant complete.

Time for a cup of tea.




  1. Mervo says:

    Thanks for hosting the forum Max.

    A few of the Colorado group met via your site as well. Some of us WILL attend your training, and all of us owned at least 1 of your books, some owned all of them.

    Screw the haters, they’ll always hate, why…. because fuck them that’s why.

  2. Trailman says:

    Looking forward to paying for my take out this Friday. Been waiting all summer.

  3. Easy says:

    Give a man a chicken he’ll eat for a day…

    teach a man to chicken… I guess it doesn’t really translate.

  4. Manifold says:

    I don’t think you guys realize just how fortunate that you have Max’s type of training. We in Canada have nothing like this. Mostly just tacticool training standing in front of paper or steel targets.

    I can’t train with Max because I am Canadian and I am very sad about that but you guys can. So don’t let this opportunity slip by. It’s tough work but I find nothing more rewarding than this kind of training.


    • OldeEnglishCider says:

      Same here Manifold. I’d travel over from Europe in a shot but am also blocked from training by being non-resident/non-national. Strange thing is I can go to bull**** tacticool schools and ranges with just a passport.

      I want a banquet but all there is free bloody chicken. Really frustrating to hear Max complain about freeloaders not wanting to train.

      • Max Velocity says:

        Well, DoS will train fucking Muslim terrorists in Syria but they won’t let me train a few Brits and Canucks.
        Because they say fuck you, that’s why.
        And remember, there is no such thing as moderate or extreme Islam. Islam is Islam, and you are either an adherent or you are not.

        • OldeEnglishCider says:

          With you on that Max!

        • Chris says:

          You know i used to be open to the idea that there are extreme Muslims and moderate ones but every time i see one conduct an interview where the host grills them with ‘do you condemn hamas as a terrorist organization?’ or ‘do you feel the world is better with out ISIS or Israel?’ they always cow down and won’t speak out against these evil groups. I don’t know if its fear of repercussion, which i think out POTUS does on the daily (e.g. ISIL not ISIS, Tali-BON, ISIS isn’t an islamic group ((whats the first “I” stand for??))) or if its just their true allegiance showing. Im starting to feel the latter and not the former is the case.

  5. batsoff says:

    like the NOVA one, may actually show up for training, having after all met on the MVT Forum? Maybe?

    Working on it Max! Would be great to have the group attend in 2015.

  6. Matt says:

    I’m just here for the snacks. I was told there would be cake…

  7. Alex says:

    I am actively working to get at least one more of my friends to step up and train – if they dont / cant ill be down by my lonesome before next summer.

    And , you’ve sold a few books to me and my friends.

    Pass the chicken , please. Still hungry.

  8. Garry Bowman says:

    Thanks Max for the link. I agree that it was an amazing post on gear by Chris. I was impressed to know that he owns such a huge collection of rifles. I found his personal experiences of night operations equally interesting. Let me mention that I have always been fascinated with the way tactical professionals pack and carry their safety and emergency gear when going out on lengthy patrols. Somehow I find it interesting to read and hear such real-life experiences that are full of valor and wisdom. This is one of the reasons why I regularly follow your blog.
    Waiting for another interesting read from you guys!