2015 Class Schedule Is Up + Places Available

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September 10, 2014
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September 10, 2014

I have just posted the 2015 Class Schedule through to July.

Class Schedule

The new 3 day Combat 2 Gun (C2G)  is scheduled.

August is when we are aiming to bring two new classes online:

1) Night Fighting (NF): this is going to be designed as a progression class to Combat Patrol / NODF where the activity takes place at night.

2) Combat Rifle Urban – Terrain & Tactics (CRU-TT): this requires a small urban facility and simunitions  equipment. We are progressing towards that and there are funds to be invested and building to be done. The rough concept is that this will be a 3 day class with CRCD as the prerequisite. Because Combat Patrol will not be a prerequisite (those two classes complement each other) there will be some movement / actions on included in this class, with both a rural and urban focus i.e. you have to move through the trees to get to the village.

The class will include the following in basic outline:

    • Individual thru team and squad movement and weapon handling techniques focused on urban environments.
    • Room clearing / CQB
    • Offensive & Defensive urban tactics.
    • Live range work for CQB drills.
    • Urban environment with simunition frangible rounds. Note this will not be force on force for training and control purposes, but using less powerful rounds suited to an urban training environment.
    • Final scenario involving retaking a prepper retreat with family members held hostage.

Once MVT Has invested in simunition equipment, that will give us the option of conducting force on force training as we wish, which may be a good option for Alumni weekends for those who have completed CRU-TT.

I also have 3 spaces available on the coming CRCD September 19 – 21. I thought I had two spaces, but it turns out the guy who had paid his deposit and never emailed me back isn’t coming after all. I had to track him down via Facebook to get confirmation! It is short notice, but if you want a space email me and we will figure it out.




  1. Max Velocity says:

    CRCD will be a prerequisite. No special cases.

  2. Tater says:

    Can’t wait for the CRU-TT. I’ll be there for the inaugural class.

  3. No says:

    Other then the obvious difference in manipulation do you think that paintball could be a cheaper option for force on force training?

    • Max Velocity says:

      It may be cheaper but it is not the training effect we what. CRU is not focused on force on force at all. Too much room for random. We will be getting simunition equipment but with the intent of using their fragible ammo, which is lethal. It allows us to run ‘ranges’ in places where standard live fire would not work or would chew up the buildings.
      This we can do live work on th square range using training aids and then move it ‘live’ to an urban setting which we plan on building.