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Changes to MVT Class Attendance Prerequisites
June 23, 2014
Student Review: Night Optical Device Firing (NODF) 20 June: Corporate Guy
June 24, 2014

Inevitably, and positively, after my post yesterday Changes to MVT Class Attendance Prerequisites I have started to see some rescheduling from Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD) to the Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) class. Where spaces have freed up from previously full classes, I have annotated spaces available on the Class Schedule.

Class Schedule.

There are plenty of CRCD alumni who would benefit from ‘going back’ and doing the CRM class, in the same way that many have benefited from multiple CRCD classes.

You can’t get enough of the right training.

Get it right, and avoid having to train out those training scars.

RMP Class


A couple of good comments from the previous post:

Just got back from CRCD, RMP, TC3 and NODF. Have a fair bit of training under my belt and RMP was handy. Don’t ASSume that since you’ve been to one shooting class with a local guy that your skills are where they should be. Seeing what I saw this weekend I told Max and Aaron that if it were me, I would definitely make CRM a pre req to CRCD. It certainly would have helped about half the class get more out of the instruction in my opinion.

Safety is the big thing and don’t assume that running around in the back 40 with a couple friends trying to do techniques you were never given professional instruction on is the same thing as getting professional instruction- folks it is NOT the same thing.

For those that have been training as I have- understand there is a LOT you can get out of these classes, most especially with an open mind. I drove 12 hours and will do it again as soon as possible.

All in all great classes and worth the drive, time and money.
Snowflake 1 out.

I also am an Appleseed instructor and Appleseed experience will help some with rifle manipulation but that might also depend on what rifle is used during an Appleseed experience. I haven’t seen too many AR15 platforms(w/ 5.56) used at AS events. And the mag changes are timed but don’t utilize magazines removed from pouches on the body…they are laying on a shooting mat. As far as clearing malfunctions on your rifle I don’t think operating your 10-22 on a mat translates to running an AR on your belly, in the WV mud….while trying to coordinate movement with your buddy . Of course maybe you are a vet and have run a M4 or such. In summary I believe that the additional classes Max now offers at his place will both make the CRCD more beneficial.

Max’s second point is PT……..we all can do more PT. And wear your kit as often as you can!

HERE for the Weapons Manipulation summary /class link page.

HERE for the Tactical Training summary / class link page.

Here is the new class prerequisite training policy:

1) RMP will remain optional but strongly encouraged prior to CRCD classes, even for alumni. We all need refresher training, as much as we can get.

2) CRM will be mandatory as a prerequisite to CRCD classes, unless:

  • you can demonstrate that you have taken at least 16 hours of accepted weapons manipulation training. MVT will have the final say on what training/schools we accept. Don’t try and bluff it, you are only cheating yourself.
  • those currently booked onto CRCD classes as of the date of this post will be grandfathered in and will not require CRM. However, RMP is strongly encouraged (CRM encompasses RMP, and both classes are still encouraged prior to CRCD).

3) If, despite these prerequisites, you are able to bluff your way onto a class, and the remedial training/individual attention required to get you up to speed will affect the training experience of the rest of the class to an unacceptable level, MVT reserves the right to stand you down from the class. We haven’t done it yet, but with these new policies there isn’t really any excuse. One of the main problems we have is with students who have training scars from bad schools or self-training. RMP helps with this, but CRM helps a lot more.

For those inquiring about the validity of their 16 hours equivalency training, please email me with the details.

Remember: MVT classes are not about ego, either from the instructors or the students. Be honest with your capabilities and realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. This system is designed and evolving to be a training progression to give you the maximum benefit and training value. It is a skill and knowledge transfer. Ego is the biggest impediment to the successful training of the armed civilian. Leave the ego in the parking lot, and come to learn (why do you think I made the parking lot bigger? To fit in all the egos!) 😉

EDIT 24 June, following a question: Yes, CRCD Alumni qualify for the 16 hours training prerequisite. However, take an honest look at yourself and consider the following before attending another CRCD class:

1) Would I benefit from RMP?

2) Would I benefit from CRM?

Prior to CRM, the only way to get the benefit of more training was to attend another CRCD, which plenty have done, or attend Combat Patrol, or both. Everyone has told me how much benefit they got from another CRCD, often because their head was less in their weapon and they were less handicapped by tunnel vision. They were more situationally aware. Continuation training will do that for you.

Live Hard.

Die Free.



  1. Scout5412 says:

    I’ll admit I was one who re-scheduled due to the “You don’t know what you don’t know” factor. I was enrolled in a CRCD class (which I enrolled in early this year). After reading more and more of Max’s posts, especially his recent post on prerequisites, I decided to switch to the CRM class. I have ZERO tactical/combat training and came to the conclusion that I don’t want to handicap any one’s CRCD training with my incompetence. Can I competently handle my rifle sitting on a bench at the local square range, you bet. Can I do that under pressure? Probably not. As Max preaches, I decided to check my non-existent ego at the door and learn the basics at CRM. I’m looking forward to learning with Aaron and I actually feel relieved after switching. I haven’t even taken the CRM class yet, but I think that CRM should be a prerequisite for the CRCD class. Especially for those with no prior tactical or combat training like myself.

    • Aaron says:


      I’m glad you made the switch. I look forward to seeing you on the range! An open mind and willingness to learn while being honest with ourselves is how we all progress in whatever vocation we choose.

      For all of you other guys out there reading this do what scout did and take an honest no bullshit look in the mirror. CRCD is infantry-centric and necessitates a basic level of training. If you haven’t had any formal training prior to this class you will not get out of it what you could and what your other classmates will.

      Come to CRM. Get some reputable training and get the most out of your training dollar. If you have 3 rifles but no formal training it’s time to be honest about what’s really important. Just because you own a hammer doesn’t mean you can build a house. Just because you watched a YouTube video doesn’t mean you can function under stress.

      • Scout 5412 says:

        “For all of you other guys out there reading this do what scout did and take an honest no bullshit look in the mirror. CRCD is infantry-centric and necessitates a basic level of training. If you haven’t had any formal training prior to this class you will not get out of it what you could and what your other classmates will.”


        Thanks for clarifying what I was trying to say. This is exactly why I switched to CRM. Once I get a CRM class under my belt, I’ll be back next spring for CRCD. Crawl, walk, run. I firmly believe that CRM is the crawling I need to do before I start walking. See you in September!

  2. W Jones says:

    If CRM is by default a requirement for CRCD then I suggest that it be scheduled prior to those classes. Similar to how RMP is before CRCD weekend. Seriously, if I’m hauling my ass that far it makes sense to have continuity from the prep skills to the primary course. Besides the cost of travel and time off from work/school or whatever. I appreciate that this would require some massaging of the schedule but since the requirements have evolved so too should the schedule.

    • Max Velocity says:

      I understand. But, as already remarked, we can’t accommodate that, certainly for this training year.
      We do run a 5 day for long distance students for CRCD and patrol.
      Because we cannot do same with CRM, we have allowed the 16 hours equivalency training.
      Please understand that MVT is a young and growing school. Aaron, for example, has other commitments.
      We will get there in the end.

      • W Jones says:

        Understand the commitment conflict. Just chipping in that later schedules might benefit from a cycle of classes progressing from the “intros” RMP/CRM into CRCD then Patrol. Looking forward to attending all of them

    • Aaron says:

      Here’s the flip side no one wants to talk about. Training is just that. It’s training. Once you are shown the correct techniques and sequence of events it’s your responsibility to practice them correctly over and over often to gain proficiency. No one works out at the gym once and calls it good. Yes we can run CRM and CRCD back to back but that’s going to be just the bare minimum of training to get you up to speed. There is so much more we just do not have the time for it in a few short days. I again want to stress that with each of these classes Max and I are trying to cram years of concentrated training and experience into a few precious hours.