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AAR: Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD) 3/4 May – Jim W
May 12, 2014
Alumni Weekend: Hard Labor, Beer, Shooting (+ Workshop) – June 7/8
May 12, 2014

I have had a couple of spaces come available on upcoming classes.

May 24-26 Combat Patrol: 2 spaces available. One of the students emailed me about an emergency appendectomy and has had to drop out!

May 31-01 June CRCD: 2 places available. Ttwo students switched to the new CRM class.

May 31 – 01 June CRM: This new class has not booked up yet.

(There is also space available on the next upcoming standalone Combat Patrol Class (Aug 30 – Sep 01), for which you have to be a CRCD graduate. Space is also available on the next 5 day Combined Class (Aug 2 – 6), which you don’t have to be a CRCD graduate to attend (CRCD is included)

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  1. […] 2) Places Available on Classes: If you take a look at the Class Schedule, you will see that some classes that were fully booked have freed up a space or two. Doc had an emergency appendectomy and had to pull out of the Combat Patrol class next week (24-26 May). It’s not too late to book. I also had a couple of spots come open on the 31 May- 01 June CRCD due to those students switching to the Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) inaugural class that same weekend.  […]