May 2 – 4 CRCD: Ivan Awaits You!

AAR CRCD 26/27 Apr – Barry
May 1, 2014
Barry Sends: Notes on coming to a Max Velocity CRCD Class
May 2, 2014

I was just out setting up the ranges today for TC3/RMP tomorrow (Friday May 1) and CRCD over the weekend:

Ivan Awaits You:



Empty Bunkers. For Now:


While you sit at home watching cable TV and slurping soda, Ivan is always ready. All he does is charge his batteries, squatting in the woods, ready to go 😉

Don’t forget the new Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) classes that have been recently scheduled.

Till Valhalla.


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  1. jwoop66 says:

    Tell ivan to practice falling down. I’m on the road! See ya at 1800.