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April 23, 2014
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April 24, 2014

I had intended to post this on Monday. Events overtook me.

JC (Mason-Dixon Tactical) on tactical holsters. Good stuff

JC Safari


I have a confession. I have been using, as my drop-leg option, a SpecOps Brand drop leg. Its a good bit of gear. However, the button quick release is not ideal, and I found that the plastic holster part holds the handgun a little too tight – such that when you go to draw, unless the leg strap is really tight, you have to use a lot of force to get the handgun out, and without a tight leg strap, the whole thing will ride up with the draw. Not ideal.

So taking JC’s advice (and also Mosby, who posted about using the same holster) I just bought the Safariland version, pictured above. I took off the top leg strap and rigged the belt strap so it sits high, cutting off the excess and duct taping it in place. It’s a good holster. It sits out a little far to be perfect, but the retention/release is smooth. It sits up high so it is a true drop leg rather than a ‘drop knee.’

I do prefer to have handgun on my belt, but when I am wearing a chest rig (my FLC) I need a dropped holster to prevent interplay between the handgun and the rig. The FLC is my urban/vehicle/sometime rural option vs. my battle belt. I am wearing it mainly at class now simply because it is easier when often jumping into the Ranger to drive people around and move targets etc.  I keep the ‘belly’ of it down to one mag deep to allow a decent prone position. It doesn’t carry as much gear as my battle belt, and is not as good for rural ops in general, but it works as a compromise.

Headed up to site for CRCD.

Green Fields and Blue Skies.



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