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AAR #5: CRCD/Patrol April 5-9 – Jon RT
April 14, 2014
AAR #6:CRCD/Patrol April 5-9 – Big Al and Lil Al
April 15, 2014

I posted last week about ‘*NEW* Training Class: Combat Transition.’ I have now implemented that and updated the schedule.

The new class will be called the Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP). I am bringing Aaron on as an AI for these classes. Instead of TC3 being available the day prior to CRCD classes, the new format will be a morning Combat Lifesaver (TC3) class and an afternoon RMP class. Cost for the day $100.

The default setting for this day is that I will teach the TC3 and Aaron will teach the RMP.  Aaron loves this stuff, is very talented, and is currently working on additional two day classes: Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) and Combat Handgun Manipulation (CHM). The idea is that these classes can run concurrently to the tactical classes, or on separate weekends. They will be two day classes and the details/schedule will be released soon.

Facilities: Now that ‘Kevin the Bulldozer man’ has pushed in my new parking lot and roads on the property, I am going up to recce and have him build a new gallery range for these new classes. My intent is that this new square range will be accessible from the parking lot easily by foot, and can thus be run concurrently to tactical classes over at the usual CRCD training ranges. CRCD uses ranges 1 & 2. Range 3 is available, which is a full valley that I usually only use for the raid on the Combat Patrol class. The intent is thus to have the new gallery range (square range) located close to there, and along with range 3, available for the RMP and the new weapons manipulation classes.

I am also going to change arrival procedure to skip out the meet point (which will become a rally point in case of lost etc) and have students directed straight to the new parking area. The info packets that I send out will begin to contain directions to the site parking area. We can then better manage students arriving for different classes etc.

The new class format is effective immediately and takes precedence over the old TC3 class. The days training is optional. If you already paid for TC3, you are now getting TC3 and RMP at the new cost of $100. If you don’t want to attend both, that is fine but the cost is $100. If you are upset and want a refund of the $50 for the TC3, then let me know and I will send it. No doubt I will get a rash of emails wanting to just do one or the other. That is fine, and part of the reason for the meet directly at the parking lot, to manage this more easily. However, the cost is $100, either way.

The Rifle manipulation Primer page is HERE.

Pasted Contents:

Max Velocity Tactical offers the Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) Class. This is an afternoon class scheduled for the day prior to all CRCD classes (and combined CRCD/Combat Patrol Classes).

This optional training day will consist of:

1) 4 hours morning training on Combat Lifesaver (TC3).

2) 4 hours afternoon training on Rifle Manipulation Primer.

The aim of the RMP class is to provide an opportunity for a better run up to the CRCD classes, a shallower learning curve, and thus a greater level of confidence and an improved learning experience for those contemplating attendance on CRCD classes.

Consider that shooting and weapon manipulation is different at CRCD than you may have experienced on square ranges. It is different doing it kneeling/prone on natural ground ‘in the wild,’ while under physical and nervous stress. Dealing with the basics of malfunction clearance can be a pain when you really need to be focusing on the bigger picture. Better combat environment weapon manipulation will enhance the student’s learning experience on the class. Rather than being focused on running their rifle, they could better focus on what is going on around them : shoot – move – communicate.

This extra training day will be an additional $100 to the class cost.


RMP is designed to act as a connective transition from the square range to the dynamic environment of combat that is replicated during CRCD and exists in combat. This training will introduce students to operating their weapons properly under stress and in adverse conditions. RMP will also act as a refresher for those who don’t regularly attend training or may be intimidated by the level of intensity encountered at CRCD.  You will receive individual instruction that is tailored to your specific gear, body mechanics and weapon. 


RMP is not an introductory course nor is it designed to act as a short cut or replacement for a professional level-one rifle course. It is not “Basic Rifle Lite.” It is not a marksmanship course.


At the end of RMP the students will have a greater understanding of how they will react under stress. How to minimize the chance of negligent fire and friendly fire during combat. What to do in the event of a weapons malfunction and a chance to better evaluate their gear. Increasing student weapons proficiently will allow them to better absorb tactical training and evaluate their performance.


  • Introduction to the effects of stress
  • Zero confirmation/establishment
  • Moving safely in a tactical environment
  • Conceptual use of cover
  • Common firing positions
  • Management of stoppages (malfunctions and reloads)


Approximately 200 rounds

MVT highly recommends that you add this class prior to a  first time CRCD.

The CRCD page specifies that is you don’t attend the RMP, you need to arrive with a basic level of competence with your rifle, and specifies what you should work at. I am not making the RMP compulsory, because I know some people have a problem with the additional vacation required, and some are already at a good level of competence. I strongly recommend that you attend if you can. If you can’t, check out the CRCD page and work on getting better at the specified tasks. This will make your training experience at CRCD more productive, at a higher level.

Live Hard.

Die Free.



  1. Hawkeye says:

    I think this is a very good move and definitely a valuable resource for students, especially if one is fairly new at this sort of training.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    What Hawkeye said. Quite frankly the vast majority of the CRCD class I was in could have used this in their curriculum, and those who did not were multiple visitors to your classes or men who did this for a living prior. As I wrote in the forum this kind of class could serve as a feeder into CRCD from thruout the country since I think many ranges would allow a variation of this to be taught at their facilities.

    And one more thing, this weekend I wrote on the forum that perhaps you could throw together a downloadable/printable flier that I could post at my gun club. I know kind of odd when we talk about digital age to revert back to Guttenberg or Thomas Paine tech, but that kind of stuff still works.

    • Max Velocity says:

      I’ll get my people on it right away…..;-)
      No, seriously, it’s a good idea, I just need time.
      And as to the curriculum, well are if those that need it do it. I suspect that those that need it the most will give it the least heed.

  3. robroysimmons says:

    Actually you probably do have people, but when it comes to computer savy it is not me, nor would I presume to speak for you by posting a leaflet that did not have your complete approval.

    Of course I have a selfish reason for sending people to Freefor’s way, I simply do not wish to be left on a political island by myself. Those kind of people usually populate unmarked graves.

  4. Eric says:

    I like it a lot Max…

    I know we talked about it as a class last week, but it has morphed again since then.

    I think it is a great direction to take, and is going to add huge value for the student, as well as potential for you as a trainer by adding more diversity of training to your repertoire. I think it is going to go very well for you.

    Nice work.

  5. MM1 says:


    Just a thought for the future: Night time square range training.

    Very respectfully,

  6. Antony says:

    The new course is a great addition as it will prep students for CRCD. But I am glad that I received a full day of TC3. I don’t think 4 hours is enough time to cover and absorb all the material that you taught in TC3.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Class curriculum redesigned to better fit the time, to focus on combat lifesaver. MARCH and the first side of the two side cheat sheet I gave you.