Butt-Hurt & Hurt Feelings Report Forms

AAR #4: CRCD 15-16 Mar 2014 – aveighter
March 19, 2014
AAR #5: CRCD 15-16 Mar 2014 – Alan W. Mullenax
March 20, 2014


HERE for the DTG POST with the internet butt-hurt form:



Which reminded me, I was planning on having some of these Hurt Feelings Report forms available at my CRCD classes:

Hurt Feelings Report




Till Valhalla!



  1. idahobob says:

    If someone REALLY feels the need to make out either or both of these forms, they really need to put on their big boy panties and drive on!



  2. D Close says:

    Saw that. Very funny. Good stuff.

  3. Skittles says:

    Was all on board until the end of the second form. “Two beers is not enough” is a legitimate butthurt

  4. Duane says:

    I absolutely love the DA IMT WF1. I would love to fill out a few on my soldiers.

  5. Easy says:


    I LOVE IT!!

  6. Duane says:

    Anybody got a copy of DA Form 779-1A that the DA IMT WF1 references?

  7. Harris says:

    This condition is known as Hurtfeelyoma.

  8. Skittles says:

    ^ awesome bahahahahahaha!

  9. BY the title, not so much as the text, one might think that the Three Traditions of the Royal Navy were being referenced.

  10. Submariner says:

    Three Traditions of the Royal Navy?

    Rum, sodomy and the lash?

  11. […] their Standard Issue Butthurt getting tiresome? Here’s something that might help, courtesy of Max Velocity Tactical–just tell ’em to fill this out and mail it off to their Dearest Ducking […]