The “Why?” Photo

GEAR: Profile Considerations
March 6, 2014
May 24-26 Patrol Class – Space Available
March 6, 2014

Several have asked me if all is all right in Max world, due to my post the other day with this photo in:



But I simply stole that from a photo at WRSA in THIS POST:



Just because I enjoy the sentiment.

And the shitty weekend? Nothing to do with MVT, just having to deal with endless bureaucracy in the Reserves. The bureaucracy will kill it.




  1. willy says:

    Awhile ago , camoflage ideas, I have a hunting partner who is color blind. Grey and reds,browns he can see, but what is special about it, is that he see’s animals faster than the next guy(me). So asked he said its shape and movement and color that will not match BACKGROUND of objects.Plants and things ,rocks. So is there a way to delete color out of your eyes via optics during daylight hours ?lens filters or video ? Just asking. Liked your book on kindle,thanks for the free download. signed : happy in wyoming.

    • matt says:

      I wear yellow tinted shooting glasses. It cuts down on too much light, and it helps ME see movement better.