PATRIOT DAWN: New Updated Version with Battle Maps

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February 22, 2014
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February 24, 2014

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises


The new updated version of ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises‘ is now available in paperback and kindle versions.

I have added a number of diagrams of some of the combat scenes/battles. I also completed  a new edit to fix some identified mistakes.

The book is available cheap on Kindle match book, for those that have the hard copy and want the kindle also.

For those of you that have the book, I have posted the diagrams/maps below. Kindle may offer a new download of the new version, keep a look out for it but don’t count on it!

I am writing the sequel.


harrisonburg annotated

snip apache FOB

Apache FOB Annotated

Zulu-Delta 1

Zulu-Delta 2

Zulu-Delta 3

Zulu-Delta 4

Live Hard.

Die Free.



  1. Joe Rohner says:

    What would it take to get an autographed copy of the update? I’ve read the kindle, one of my all-time favorites. I’ll pay your price!

    Joe Rohner, aka, Old Soldier – Tet Vet.

  2. Burt Gummer says:

    Who’s just made 5* at for CONTACT! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

  3. Max:

    Glad to see these. But note there’s a glitch: Expanding most of these just gives you the small scale map of the Apache FOB attack. All the ones below that open into that map when clicked.

  4. Andrew E. says:

    Max, just a heads-up, but I’ve seen mention on a couple tech-help fora about Amazon’s Kindle-update, that they might not push an updated edition out to purchasers unless the author notifies Amazon that there’s been a revision that would require an update.

  5. F says:

    Wow that was a quick update!

  6. FriendofMosby says:


    I own the first kindle version of Patriot Dawn. Should the new version with maps automatically push to my Kindle? I can’t seem to get the new version. I even tried repurchasing the new version from Amazon and I’m still left with a 2012 copyright date and No maps. I deleted and redownloaded. I called Amazon and they were clueless…

    • Max Velocity says:

      No. That’s why I provided the maps on the blog. If you purchase it new now, you get the new version.
      I have asked amazon to notify past kindle purchasers and allow them to update their version. I have not heard back yet. It’s in their court now.

  7. FriendofMosby says:

    Hey Max,

    Today while viewing Patriot Dawn via Amazon’s website, I was notified a new edition was available and I successfully downloaded it and can now view the maps within the book. Thanks for all your work. Its much appreciated.