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VIDEO: How to be Tacticool
February 9, 2014
Seeking Feedback on the 5 Day Class Scheduling
February 10, 2014

Check it out: some of the classes are filling up fast, or already full.

You snooze, you lose.

Class Schedule

Till Valhalla!





  1. F says:

    email sent 😀

  2. ApoloDoc says:

    Well, YEAH!!! Sorry the class later this month didn’t work out. That is simply God telling you to GET THE BOOK FINISHED! Otherwise it sounds good.

    BTW: I think that “F” groupie freakazoid is really losing it. Groupies are supposed to be HOT CHICKS, not HUSKY men 😉 Oh well, it does keep him out of trouble on weekends, doesn’t it?

    • Max Velocity says:

      Still waiting on the hot fan chick groupies….;-)

    • F says:

      Apolodoc you’re just envious you live so much further than me 😀

      • ApoloDoc says:

        Were you going to make a point or merely demonstrate the obvious 😉

        That is sort of correct. While I would definitely like to be closer to where Max runs his training, I absolutely do NOT want to live closer to the Northern VA / DC area. Actually if I lived within an easy drive of Maxland it would create a conflict for me to spend time (and $$) there vs. the time spent preparing my retreat.

        Max, if you start seeing hot young ladies showing up, I would operate under the assumption that they work for someone seeking intel. Best contact me and I will handle the investigation and, if necessary, interrogation 😉 No worries, I’ve got your back.

  3. MayorQuixote says:


    Got two questions for ya.

    1) Do you know/recommend anyone within the Texas/Oklahoma region that offers similar knowledge?

    2) If no to #1, then my second option is to self train skills that can be self-taught. Would you be willing to write a blog post (or point out a previous one you may have made) outlining a list of essential skills useful for light infantry and possible ways to learn/practice those skills? For example, in Contact! you mentioned Orienteering Clubs as a way to hone navigation skills.

    I appreciate the work you put out there!