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‘Contact’ & ‘Patriot Dawn’
February 7, 2014
VIDEO: How to be Tacticool
February 9, 2014

As I was laying around on the sofa last night, recovering, I came across this movie: Age of Heroes. I’ll paste in the clip below. I found this pretty interesting, it’s supposed to be based on a true story. You can actually get quite a lot out of it. Once you get past the essential movie-ness of it, and the fact it of course stars Sean Bean, there was obviously a good tactical adviser on set.

It’s a World War II movie, and it starts with a version of a break contact (runaway version), with a man down, and an impromptu hasty ambush. Once the movie gets to the commando part, there are little vignettes of training, focusing on PT. They even do rehearsals before going on their mission.

In the action as part of the mission, you see peeling, fire maneuver, bounding overwatch, meeting with an agent, preparation for the raid on an infrastructure target, reprisals against population by the Regime (Nazis), designated marksman overwatch, and other such tactical gems if you keep your eyes open while watching it.

Age of Heroes trailer:

 And now to the real point of the post: Watching this movie maybe think of the Telemark raid, also in Norway during World War II. There was in 1965 movie made of this raid, ‘Heroes of Telemark’, but it really misses the mark. I found this documentary series by Ray Mears, The Real Heroes of Telemark, and there is so much priceless information in this, that I won’t bother listing it: just watch it!

I think that what this brings home is the importance of both PT and mental toughness. The recce group on this raid was made up of local Norwegians with a background in cross-country skiing and hunting on the Hardanger Vida. I actually exercised on the Hardanger plateau while in the British Army and it is an amazing place.

This shows that with training you can take people who are made of the right stuff, and in relatively short order prepare them for such a mission. But of course these guys trained their whole life by being out doing real outdoorsman stuff. Real hunting qualifies; fat-ass truck/ATV and blind hunting does not. That goes to my major issue with the so-called hunters as Resistance fighters.

Excellent survival &resistance operations tips. Watch on:

Real Heroes of Telemark Part 1: Recce Team & Survival

 Real Heroes of Telemark Part Focusg on Arctic survival

 Real Heroes of Telemark Part 3: The Raid


Till Valhalla!



  1. Bergmann says:

    Max Manus

    Ignoring his political affiliations, its a good movie.


  2. Bergmann says:

    Shot Through the Heart..

    BBC 1998…About Yugo Civil War..


    • SP says:

      You are an absolute diamond! I first watched that program when it first aired on BBC2 years ago (a really crappy pro-PC left wing anti gun anti freedom piece of shite public broadcaster that protects paedophiles – sorry rant over!) and have been racking my brains for ages trying to remember what it was called.

  3. Tom S says:

    In the same vein a book:

    UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand,
    A ww 2 Story of Survival,Resilience, and Redemption

  4. Tom S says:

    and another from that area..Norway

    WE DIE ALONE By David Howarth Introduction by Stephen E.Ambrose

  5. Eric says:

    Saw this awhile back. The LRRP’s (Long Range Recon Patrol)of Vietnam. Not much of a fan of the Vietnam conflict, but these guys were some smooth operatin, cold as ice bad, ass mo fo’s. Each guy carried around a hundred pounds of gear and supplies. Hiding and operating sometimes within feet of their enemy. The rear security guy would straighten out the foilage, and cover tracks as they went. Impressive.

  6. hbbill says:

    Sort of on topic, I’ve been going through previous posts looking for that BBC series ‘The Paras’ to watch again, especially the CRCD episode. Can’t for the life of me find the bloody thing. Help!!!

    Will watch the ones in this post also. This time around I will bookmark all this shite.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

    • Max Velocity says:

      Go to the blog page, left below menu bar, enter ‘Paras’ in search. First search result is the post with the series.
      There is no ‘CRCD’ episode, that is of my own creation. There is an intro to RTR and individual movement/field craft.

      • hbbill says:

        Thanks. Good camo on the search bar BTW. Looked for a search engine but missed that. Tired eyes I guess. 😉

        Somewhere behind enemy lines,
        Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  7. Sharpshooter79 says:

    I’ve been reading this blog, mountain guerilla and others for a while now. Also, I have Contact and have read Patriot Dawn. What I am beginning to see is that us folks that have never been in the military are pretty much screwed and it’s pretty much hopeless for us to take part in any sort of resistance/defensive group past maybe the auxiliary since we don’t have any sort of training. I wish I had the funds to take a class but I don’t, that’s why I’m doing the best I can by reading which I know isn’t the best. I think though that any sort of future war of resistance against enemies foreign and domestic will be a veterans war and civilians like myself are better off in an auxiliary. Thanks for all that you do.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Keep the faith!
      My comment about the telemark guys: easy to train up if they have the basics of character and PT.
      Training is what I, and others, do. Have the faith to let us do that part.
      IF it happens that you are an auxiliary guy, then that is equally or more important, so embrace it.

    • F says:

      Anyone who is in even remotely reasonable shape can be trained up in basic light infantry skills.

      Remember in wartime they teach this stuff to teenagers and often folks dont get 6 months infantry schooling but maybe 3 weeks in some countries (and in facilities that are inferior to Max’s)

      In the men who come out of those still add significant combat power to the fight!!

      And then remember the power of the ambush!

    • Diz says:

      Sharpshooter, you are much too gloomy in your outlook. Just because guys were in the military does not mean they’re invincible. Just because you don’t have any training (yet) doesn’t mean you’re hosed. In unconventional warfare, just being in the field, resisting against the regime, is sometimes a victory in and of itself. Every day you survive, and the regime is embarrassed by your existence, is a victory. Look at all the booger-eaters around the world that couldn’t hit a wall in a closet with their AK’s, yet governments are brought down.

      Cheer up dude, cache your kit, and wait to link up with the resistance. Guys like you will be the soldiers of the next war. Military guys will be in leadership positions training you guys up to speed.

      • Sharpshooter79 says:

        I want to thank Max and all you guys for your encouraging responses. Reading this blog, Mountain Guerilla, and a few others has showed me the dangers and bad habits that can be picked up from what Max calls the “tacticool” way of teaching. I have found that the information from places like this is more valuable than some videos I have borrowed from my friends. Sometimes it is discouraging trying to learn tactics without having the experience that some guys do. I have a few folks that I know that I can maybe train with if I can convince them to do so. After I finish Contact I am going to have to read it again taking notes! I plan to continue to be a regular visitor here to learn and maybe make a few comments. Thanks again folks!

  8. RobRoySimmons says:

    Well it’s early Sunday AM and I already have my fill of drama from sharpshooter79.

    “Exmil” as battle ready bad asses, HAH! Cripes I served in the Marine Corps and at best I fired 400 rounds of 5.56 a year. Yeah I got to fire a M-60 a bit (you don’t want it)and fire the beloved M-203 (fun but you probably won’t be so equipped). And don’t even ask about light infantry training I was in artillery and when I was with the infantry it was lugging the radio for the FO and I tagged along with the headquarters platoon of the company, but grunt training, nope. It was cool and all to deploy in choppers and Amtracs, but you won’t have access to them so watch youtube.

    Maybe some of the combat arms vets from the great GWOTwats will chime in and describe how their training compares while putting it in context of time constraints. In my time live fire exercises for grunts was get on line and please don’t shoot the man next to you.

    rant off

    • Submariner says:

      “Every Marine a rifleman” is very different in both theory and practice than “Every Marine a light infantryman.”

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        That is a good point you make. I always assumed it was that every jarhead could be pressed into a grunts role in any moment. In practice more like any clerk, cook or truck driver could be shoved into a defensive line and told where and who to shoot instead of someone who could perform an attack or in patrol. Also in the MC it was widely stated that the purpose of the MC was the infantry, even if you were a pogue in the pentagon you were there to support the infantry.

        My point to the buzzkill dude was the exmil is no guarantor of qualified war fighter if by that we mean light infantry. When I make it to MVT and am asked what experience level I have I will have to say novice.

        I joined the MC to go infantry, got arty, but what really chaps me is that there was no infantry school for non-infantry like they have today, they should pay my class fee to Max.

  9. F says:

    Rob makes a good point.
    Aside perhaps from high end Infantry units such as rangers or 82nd or other “fancy” hi end units, very very few troops get quality live-fire training the way we get at Max Velocity tactical.

  10. Baldrick says:

    I had seen Age of Heroes a few months ago, just an FYI for everyone it is on Netflix available for streaming and mail as well. Good recommendation Max!

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  12. Burt Gummer says:

    From the bbc, book and DVD ‘Commando: On The Front Line’ by Chris Terrill (you think you are fit).
    ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’ Director Ken Loach.
    Books: The ‘Tomorrow series’ by John Marsden (seven parts) think old Red Dawn set in Australia wriuten for older teens (but still fun for aduilts). In 2000, the Swedish Government arranged for the translation and distribution of book one ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’ to every child of appropriate age in the country (given there history it makes you think). The film of the first book (Tomorrow When The War Began 2010) is OK and on Amazon Instant Video.

    • Perioikoi says:

      I was wondering if “Tomorrow When the World Began” was worth checking out? Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Burt Gummer says:

        It’s OK. I can not call it great but I’m a big fan of the books. If you can see cheap go for it but I would say read some of the books first, it’s more for fun than to learn anything, as I say just think of a Australia Red Dawn (I thinks it a lot better than Red Dawn).

  13. Perioikoi says:

    I just got done watching the movie “Brovo Two Zero” that was cited in an earlier blog post. Not only does it show the aforementioned scene demonstrating team fire & maneuver but it also show the realities of being a prisoner of an authoritarian regime. Some other movies I’d recommend in the war/survival/ post-apocalyptic/dystopian future genres are:

    1) For a movie that shows how f’d unban combat is: “Blackhawk Down”

    2) Anti NWO post apocalypse series: “Revolution”

    3) Another post apocalypse movie that realistically shows how harsh survival would be as an individual with dependents: “The Road”

    4) Movie based on true events about a group escaping a USSR Siberian gulag “The Way Back”

    5) Series based on true story about two groups violently setting their differences in the 1800’s: “Hatfields & McCoys”

    6) Series about a towns struggle to survive following a nuclear event: “Jericho”

    7) Movies based on Ayn Rands classic books about corruption and entitlement: “Atlas Shrugged Series”

    8) Anti NWO documentaries about worldwide corruption “Zeitgeist Series”

  14. F says:

    Periokoi: thanks for the recommendations.
    A couple of them I have seen but most not.

    Since I will now not have a Valentines date as originally planned I will have plenty time to give netflix some exercise next weekend.

    Tonite watching the half season premiere of “The Walking Dead” though 😀

  15. Mark says:

    Ran across and interesting program called “Combat School” on the sportsman Chanel. I found it interesting.

  16. Eric says:

    if we want to expand this into the realm of reading material, I just finished a fascinating book called: “On Killing-The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society”

    I was looking for some information on the “warrior mindset,” and stumbled across it.

    The author is a former Army Ranger who uses a lot of psychological studies to break down how warfare affects people.

    It is a hard read on some levels, but a good read, and some of the findings will surprise you.

    • Butrt Gummer says:

      Read it, try “Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command” by S.L. A. Marshall.
      There are more details about SLAM’s books in the “JC Dodge: Comparisons of Available Patrol Classes” link on February 15, 2014.

  17. Burt Gummer says:

    If you can see the 3 part BBC doumentary from 2012 called ‘Bullets, Boots and Bandages: How to Really Win at War’ about –
    part 1: How to keep an army fed and housed.
    part 2: The challenge of moving armies.
    part 3: Kiting out armies for battle and how to pay for it.
    In the U.K. you can see it {cut from one hour to 45 mins} on Yesterday TV Channel a lot. Nothing tactical about it but to fight you have to eat and move.