‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival’

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January 10, 2014
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January 11, 2014

‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival’

Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

Whether you are interested in simply keeping your family alive through a natural disaster or collapse event, or operating as Resistance to enemies foreign and domestic, this Manual gives you the information that you need.


This manual is the result of a detailed consideration of a societal collapse and the civil shift and aftermath that would impact individuals and families who are intent on survival.

The purpose of this manual is to provide information to enhance the security, tactics, and survival skills of law-abiding citizens who are faced with civil disorder, lawlessness, violence, and physical threat in a post-collapse environment.

The information in this manual is derived from training and experience gained from service with special operations forces (SOF) and subsequent employment as a security contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a distillation of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) adapted to the threat and environment anticipated in this type of scenario, in order to provide the knowledge needed to survive in a world turned upside down. It is no longer just survival of the fittest but survival of those prepared.
The manual will take you from self-defense as an individual, team and family, and on to tactics, techniques, procedures and training that can be used by tactical teams that you may need to form in order to survive or to resist tyranny. In a serious post-event scenario, one of total collapse with several months or years before recovery, families, groups and communities may be forced to create such tactical defense forces to protect personnel, loved ones and resources against hostile forces. There is something in this manual for both the tactical newbie and the military veteran.

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Training is also available at the Max Velocity Tactical facility near Romney, WV, to allow you to practice the tactical concepts described in the book. HERE

Live Hard.

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  2. D Close says:

    I own the first and second editions. I’ve read Patriot Dawn and have trained with Max twice. I’ve read the maligned FM-7 and the Ranger Handbook. I’m a solid Mosby fan. Max hit it out of the park with Contact! And I wholeheartedly recommend it. He includes some of the best blog posts in the new edition and it is destined to be on the required reading shelf for many years to come. If you plan to train like you fight, there are few other resources that really boil it down as well as he does. It is a necessary tome to prepare for the Combat Rifle class and any patrolling classes you might have a chance to attend.

  3. Max helps the non or minimally trained civilian make sense out of the tactical instruction provided by military manuals, while adapting the tactics and techniques to the real world civilian’s capabilities and realistic scenarios.

  4. F says:

    carefully reading it for the second time now
    : )

  5. ApoloDoc says:

    Ahhh, so THAT was your secret! You read ahead BEFORE class…and that’s why you were so good as the grenadier!

    I have both editions as well, and heartily recommend this updated and expanded version. For the non-infantry trained guys of the world, there is a wealth of information. As I repeatedly have said, Max is a teacher at heart, so the material is conveyed in a manner that a novice can grasp and apply.

    If he could just learn how to manage the weather up there! It is going to be COLD this coming weekend. At least we won’t be playing in the snow this time around ;).

  6. […] 2. This was an exercise in the planning thought process. As such, I direct your attention to D Close’s solution and his use of the formal Combat Estimate, as an example of a thorough planning process.  Not because he had the *best* solution, but as an example of process, of the workings of the problem. I have included this process in ‘Contact!‘ […]