Combat Patrol: Warning Order

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January 8, 2014
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January 9, 2014


Warning Order

Area of Operations: Ops Box ‘Tiger’: approx. 5 miles to the west of Romney, West Virginia


1. General: (This follows directly from the events recounted in ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises‘).

Following the failed assault on Washington D.C. by Southern Federation Forces, the Shenandoah Freefor Resistance Company has evacuated the city, splitting down into squad sized elements, escaping and evading west into the mountains of Appalachia.

2. Enemy Forces:

Local intelligence from the Romney Region Freefor intelligence network has indicated that enemy elements have been infiltrating the surrounding area. The enemy consists of small groups up to squad size, who are conducting terror and reprisal operations against small rural communities and isolated farmsteads. It is believed that these group are made up primarily of members of the criminal gang NT14, which pre-collapse was endemic in the Northern Virginia area. The NT14 is a violent organized crime gang, whose members often have prior military experience and/or a violent gang background. Intel indicates that these gangs are sponsored by the Regime as irregular forces, conducting terror and cleansing operations. Their incursions into rural areas are conducted as softening operations, followed by occupation by ‘blue shirt’ Regime internal security forces, known as Homeland Intervention Tactical Teams (HITT).

There is believed to be at least one enemy group, of approximately 12 members, operating within AO Tiger.

3. Friendly Forces:

You are a squad size element of Freefor Rangers, detached from the Shenandoah Freefor Resistance Company following your exfil from D.C. On reaching Romney you were taken in by members of the local Resistance movement, allowed to rest and recuperate in a safe house.  The commander of the Romney Citizens Defense Force has asked if you will volunteer to conduct operations against the enemy group in the hills to the west of the town.


4. Conduct Patrol operations within AO Tiger in order to disrupt and destroy enemy forces.


1) Establish a patrol base within AO Tiger.

2) Conduct reconnaissance operations in order to locate the enemy.

3) Be prepared for follow on offensive operations to fix and strike.


5. Intent: conduct patrol operations to find, fix and strike enemy forces within AO Tiger. End state is the destruction of enemy combat power within the AO.

6. Concept of Operations:

This will be a six phase operation:

1) Planning & Rehearsals.

2) Infiltrate into AO Tiger.

3) Establish a patrol base in AO Tiger.

4) Conduct reconnaissance operations to find the enemy.

5) Conduct follow on offensive operations to destroy the enemy: ambush & raid.

6) Exfiltrate.


7. As per separate communication and: Combat Patrol


8. As per separate communication and: Combat Patrol


Live Hard.

Die Free.



  1. Hawkeye says:

    Enemy armaments? Expected weather conditions?

  2. D Close says:

    Warning Order vs OPORD… If I am a fire team leader, Should I expect a time to enter and commence the op in AO Tiger in the Warning Order? For those following along at home, p485 in “Contact!” (Ver 2.0)

  3. Mervo says:

    Good Lord that sounds amazing.

  4. Mt Top Patriot says:

    An opportunity to invest the enemy in tactically advantageous piecemeal movements/engagements, on known ground, interdict their logistics, capture and interrogate regime combat personal for useful up to date intell/battle plans/objectives, capture weapons and material/med supplies, communications gear/codes and operating procedures, eliminate forward regime combat teams thus leaving follow on elements with little or erroneous real time on ground intell.
    Using acquired material and intell, set up defense/offense in depth, draw enemy into preplanned kill zones, set up elements to disrupt enemy ops using harrassing flank and rear area probes/eye e dee ambushes, long range anti personnel ballistic ambushes. In cooperation with local forces, move non combatants, provisions and materials to designated bases.

    Make regime forces expend material and men for every inch a piece at a time, avoiding large scale engagements, while mobile rapid reaction elements harass and demoralize regime forces in a general “peel” style rolling withdrawal using preplanned/prepared stages/pre-situated ambushes/caches.
    Make em pay in blood for every inch while using SUT’s preserving Freefor as the prime directive. Never let the enemy get Freefor by the belt and invest in set piece/ numerically superior engagements. Keep regime forces off balance by forcing it to react on Freefor ground of time and choosing using advantages of area geography and known ground.
    Fight to live another day.

  5. F says:

    Looking forward to using fire and movement to close with and destroy NT14 elements in our AO! : )

  6. QuietMan says:

    Specific instructions: Squad leaders will carry machetes with which to make pikes, upon which severed heads will be placed.

    • F says:

      Agreed. We need stakes!

      And at the victory party (if we live that is) we can smear ourselves in the blood of our enemies and howl at the moon as we dance around a fire surrounded by the stakes: )

  7. RobRoySimmons says:

    You need to get feral and inventive. So I do some intel work to find out who these mopes are and what are their cultural generalities and from there extrapolate tendencies.

    So I find that NT14 is primarily a Hispanic gang that emphasizes their culture for unit cohesion. Now I’m in fucking business.

    So here it is we find a Ford F-150 with low pro tires on Double Deuces and a decent paint job. We load it up with a command detonated party favor, and we place it where they find it. We allow them time to crowd around it, and we make it go sparkly, then finish the job.

  8. Mt Top Patriot says:

    Contingencies for regime forces river crossings at Keyser, Rocket Center, Wiley Ford and Green Spring?

    • F says:

      pits with pungee sticks at likely crossings

      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        Rig bridges with command demo. Wait for opportunity. Utilize choke points and cuts in ridge lines for defilade and ambush tactics?

    • FormerSapper says:

      I’d look at a combination of admiralty scaffolding, piled up logs on the river bank and barb wire traps. You could mine the river floor and banks in in places where vehicles can ford the river, remembering that any attempts to bridge will be at the narrowest part of the river that is closest to the route of advance and have a stable surface, low slope and no great height from the bank to the river (this limits to where they can bridge).

      Used in conjunction with support weapons and harassing fire from snipers, raids and mortars you could lock the river down for a day or 2 and slow any advances down.

      This is just off the top of my tired head of course. There is a ton of more eloquent solutions available.

  9. […] we move from teaching into a tactical phase, it follows the scenario. The scenario can be found HERE. Thus, it builds from establishing the patrol base in the AO, conducting recce to find the enemy, […]