“Faith, Folk, Family”

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January 1, 2014
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January 3, 2014


In comments on my previous post, ‘An Historical Perspective on Religion‘, ‘Asatur’ made the following comment:

“……..some interesting points, especially the one on control. I understand that traditional Americans see themselves as rugged individualists in stark contrast to the older European aristocratic order from which they divested themselves. Instead of being a thrall (slave), each man is sovereign of his life- his own king. However, on the other side of the coin we find that our pagan/heathen ancestors did not generally see themselves separate from their culture, tribe or people- living or dead, which for them would have been a fate far worse than a death sentence. Honor was everything and it determined not only our position in the afterlife, but also our family’s position in the afterlife. If we are to succeed or survive against the “Borg”, we must place emphasis on family, tribe and folk. In this multi-cultural, corporate feudalistic mono-culture, we must determine who our tribe is and what our traditional culture is and pursue it, ignoring the distractions of the “Matrix.” Some may be able to sojourn through life on their own “might and main” but most of us will need others- “Faith, Folk, Family.” Warriors are bound by their oath negating a certain amount of their personal sovereignty for the benefit of their people. The problem is the “people” and traditional cultures have been betrayed and enslaved to be thralls on the corporate estates, we are nothing more than “human resources.” Our political masters are not of “the people” or they are traitors to “the people” and their cultures; we must be prepared to secure our own way. ….”

This part of the comments section was discussing the old Folkish religion, the Norse Gods, now known as Odinism or Asatru. What is uncanny is that what ‘Asatur’ says chimes exactly with much of what myself and others have been saying: Tribe. Local. I have made specific comments in previous posts talking about how you have to submit to a team, a discipline, if you are be be successful on the battlefield. Such teamwork does not enslave, or enthrall, you. It is consent given willingly by a warrior in defense of his or her Folk. Such discipline limits personal sovereignty for the time of service, but this is needed to allow a military team to function. It does not equate to communism.


The comparison between the extreme ‘rugged individualist’ and the tribe, or clan, member is very interesting. Particularly against the backdrop of today’s lack of any real culture or society. I have often talked about network.

If read in conjunction with this piece ‘Becoming the New Barbarians’ (WRSA) it makes you realize that nothing is going to change unless it is made to change. Our Masters, the statists,  are not good people who will suddenly realize the error of their ways and rush to make it good.

So in the meantime, build Faith, Folk and Family. It may be that, in lieu of a spontaneous restoration of rightful liberty by Freemen, there really is no choice but to kick this thing off. That, or death by soft tyranny, by the tapping of the bureaucratic keyboards, punctuated by the occasional flashes of violence as the raids go in on select victims.

Faith, Folk and Family. Sharpen your spears, strengthen your sword arms.

For surely, they are coming for you in the night, to burn your hall around you. 

Will you burn, or will you go out to meet them?

Who will take their place in the shield wall, to stand?

I will stand with you.

Live Hard.

Die Free.




  1. Bergmann says:

    Hummm….Two blog post like this in one day..I’ll need a nip of the clear warm stuff after this…

    Ok my version of the FFF:

    I only wear tats i earned or I made myself that have actual meaning. I dont grab the coolest one off the studio wall and tell the guy to burn it up..This is one. Its a picture of a directional compass made of two crossed wolfs hook for the compasses arms that symbolize my hunt for life in all direction. The directions of the compass are in runes (N S E W) because my life has taken me all over the world and Ive done some awesome shit and im TRULY grateful to the gods for giving me the strength and courage to do the shit Ive done..The 3 Fs have been turned to 4. I added one more F for myself for FREEDOM…I also have Freedom burned into my AK74 stock written in runes. Without freedom you have nothing.


    Many pre-programmed fuktard drones of the social machine mistake this for some Nazi shit..Have at it if you wish, I dont care. People will think how they’ve been taught. Its not my job to change minds. I have no shame for who I am nor my beliefs. Sure i changed my site to quell the BS. That simply because I want to talk survival on my site, not nurse other peoples social issues with endless drama. You can see my tats around my site in various pictures, I make no effort to hide them, or show them. They are where they are….So, thats my FFF+F. Anyone that thinks they will give me a cyber flogging for this and get a debate or argument from me, save your fingers.

    As for the tribe and such. I have seen little if any of this evasive entity we label “loyalty” in our society, but I still believe it exists someplace. I plan accordingly. Recently i have recognized a leader I have an interest in, but I’m still measuring that. As to a team like social structure and my beliefs, Its never been a problem. I generally keep my shit to myself for various reason. Have I been in life and death situation where i called on my gods? I dont recall calling on them at the time of said events but I was thankful to them beyond mere words when i was alive to tell the tail.

    Max, No Sir, I’m not a Viking.


    • Max Velocity says:

      ‘Viking’ was an activity: raiding. Carried out by those Northern European/Germanic/Scandinavian tribes that are the heritage of the majority of Americans. When not ‘going a Viking’ they were farmers.
      Yes, in Britain, there were specific battles and invasions by Vikings from Scandinavia against the resident Saxons. But they were all very similar groups, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes in Britain having come across from northern Germany. Potted history I know:
      So, you may actually be a Viking, just not a Hollywood one!

  2. Bergmann says:

    It occurs to me people who dont know runes might not recognize the Fs in the center that are part of the arms of the compass..They are in the center of the compass with the two arms of each F pointing out..Like so..



  3. Mt Top Patriot says:

    “…“Faith, Folk, Family.” Warriors are bound by their oath negating a certain amount of their personal sovereignty for the benefit of their people…”

    Indeed. Far from relinquishing sovereignty, it assures it through the bonds, the strengths of family, tribe, community and brotherhood. That is the stuff of a warriors greatest weapon. His will. Will of a Freeman to choose such things. And to choose so among like minded men. That is honor and dignity to fight for these things.
    Oaths are not required.
    These are compelling reasons for men who harbor the great virtues. Virtue is the oath itself. It is reason that brought us our Liberty in a manor never seen in 5000 years of previous history. It is reason which will be our saving grace. That and good men well trained in the art of the partisan, a steady aim, and a good rifle, with family and tribe behind him.

    I believe at this point there are no other viable options. That is as it should be. That is a good thing.
    It is our destiny as Freemen to be tested and tried. It tests our mettle, brings out the best in us.
    It is our Liberty after all. It belongs to us sure as the sun rises.
    How could it all be any other way?

    • Bergmann says:

      I concur. Whats more is that an oath is only as strong as the man or woman claiming it. Just like marriage vows and people who claim to uphold the Constitution. Sure things like the 3F’s make great topics to talk about and the 9 Virtues look great for a FB wall post to solidify ones persona as a Viking, Pro 2And post make great 10 second rhetoric and are fun to forward and chat about for that 3 second mental enema everyone seems to need these days, but if its only goes beyond that and what it can do for you, its worthless even if its in the form of virtue.


      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        Ya, the men who honor their oaths are the ones who don’t need to take them to begin with. Nothing wrong with oaths, as they are tangible evidence in proper context and affirmation.

        It’s keeping them that really matters. That’s virtuous in it’s own right.

  4. Diz says:

    I think this cuts to the heart of the matter. We must find our “tribe” as it were, of freedom-loving individuals who are willing to fight. I don’t know what the outcome may be. We may be ghosts already, like the native Americans before us. But so be it. I pray for the strength and courage to die fighting, behind the gun, surrounded by my brothers.

  5. A Freeman says:

    May I suggest there is a fourth ‘F’ worthy of inclusion – ‘Fellowship’ – as the glue and thread that binds.

    Tolkien recognised this as an important element in advancing the quests/missions of both ‘The Hobbit’ and the ‘Lord of The Rings’ trilogy. There are many resonating parallel themes, and no small amount of inspiration, in Tolkien’s mythical world (both the books and films). He continued the long tradition of European cultural and religious mythology and subsequent Medieval and Renaissance chivalric romance literature lauding heroic ideals, virtues and deeds – being and doing.

    In any conflict the power of mythology, archetypes and symbols are just as important as weapons, strategies, tactics and logistics – perhaps moreso because they motivate, inspire, role-model, should speak to and reinforce the “Why” of one’s own cause, and innoculate against the propaganda of the adversary.

  6. A Freeman says:

    By happenstance I rewatched “The Two Towers” for the umpteenth time tonight, which perhaps influenced my previous post.

    “Sam: It’s like in the great stories Mr. Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn’t want to know the end because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end it’s only a passing thing this shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it’ll shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too small to understand why. But I think Mr. Frodo, I do understand, I know now folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going because they were holding on to something.

    Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?

    Sam: That there’s some good in the world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

    – Samwise Gamgee in ‘The Two Towers’

    • Mt Top Patriot says:

      You got that right. I always loved what Sam said there.

      “That there’s some good in the world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

      Tolkien knew what it is about. I think he wrote one of the greatest literary works about those who wish to rule over others and those who will never bend a knee.
      I often wonder if Winston Churchill and Tolkien where kindred spirits. They, like Max came from a unique land that gave the world things like Habeas Corpus and the Magma Carter. These things changed the world.

      Have you read Tolkien’s The Silmarillion?

      • D Close says:

        MTP, having been a long time Tolkien fan, I’ve noted few mention the Silmarillion. That is of course, where it all started. Morgoth, a more terrible spirit than Sauron, his teacher in fact… So when the odds look grim, think of Beren and Luthien…into the belly of the beast he went. Not all missions end in victory for the good. In the end, many perished, including the great men of Numenor who gave into folly. But a few, like Aragorn, survived the downfall to lead survivors to the future. Honor and courage are historically rare and therefor worthy of emulating for the desirable benefits they confer. Surrounded by orcs, one doesn’t give up; you are on “death’s ground.” You fight or get eaten. Better to fight.

        • A Freeman says:


          I have not read The Silmarillion yet. Regretably, due to changing world environment I have had to promote a lot of alternative reading up the batting order – like Max’s books, select blogs, manuals etc.

    • FNFAL says:

      I’ve always liked that scene from The Two Towers and the scene from The Return of the King where on the eve of the Battle of Pelennor Field Gamli says to King Théoden

      “But not enough have come. We cannot break the lines of Mordor.”

      And King Théoden replies,

      “No we cannot. But we will meet them in battle nonetheless!”

      That scene always gives me a goosepimples and a lump in my throat every time I see it.

  7. Sam says:

    “…talking about how you have to submit to a team…”

    I don’t like that word “submit”. To me it means I have given up my free will and someone else exercises it for me. I will voluntarily join a team and use the necessary discipline for the team to be effective. Submit is the opposite of what I think you mean. IMHO

    • Max Velocity says:

      Mental analism, is what that is. Get over it and move on. You know what I meant, you know the drive of the post. If you ass-gymnastics the semantics out of it, nothing will ever get done.

  8. Chuck says:

    It occurs to me that just as important as understanding how something like faith, folk, family can motivate us and give us strength, it’s also important to understand what motivates those against whom we are girding and gathering together for the coming storm.

    What is the opposite of faith, folk, family (and whichever fourth F one might include)?

    Collectivist/statist ideology? Government? Cult of personality?

  9. RobRoySimmons says:

    It might just be me, but I prefer caliber debates to theological ones.

  10. mervo says:

    Indeed. We call this “analysis paralysis” in my field.

  11. FatTire says:

    Really digging these posts bud! I only recently discovered my Norwegian heritage (long boring story). Turns out my grandmother and and grandfather (on my fathers side) were both born in Norway. So Ive recently started researching Norway and norse culture.Everything Ive come across so far resonates very deeply, including these posts.

  12. Bergmann says:

    Open Question to anyone..

    Is this a leader of a Tribe you would join?



    • D Close says:

      Bergmann, Maybe. I like the defiance and the conviction. I don’t know him and that is why local is so important. Is he a leader governed by passion or does he use it to boost his troops effectiveness? Will he keep his head when others lose theirs? So, not enough info to answer, but the video wouldn’t stop me from saying yes.

    • Diz says:

      Well I’m not sure. I agree 100% with his rant, but not so sure making a you-tube vid of it is a good idea.

      Sounds like this guy is a real live wire. My kinda guy. Don’t know how that might equate in actual combat though. If he’s thinking with his balls a lot, he might make a fine 1st Sgt, but perhaps you want a more thinking man’s man for your CO? I would want my leader to be more of a tactician, and let the senior NCO’s fire up the troops.

    • Ed says:

      Well, he’s certainly a cut above the run of the mill clowns currently serving as our “public servants”. I just wish he could open up and tell us how he really feels…

  13. Asatur says:

    Ves Heil Bergman, thanks for the link. Talk about inspirational and to the point!

  14. FormerSapper says:

    Good shit, Max. Good read.

  15. JeffSags says:

    “Either you fight, or you are enslaved. The question of victory is an afterthought.

    The Liberty Movement doesn’t need to agree on the “usefulness” of physical action because it is coming regardless. The only things left to discern are when and how. Make no mistake, one day each and every one of us will be faced with a choice – to fight, or to throw our hands in the air and pray they don’t shoot us anyway. I certainly can’t speak for the rest of the movement, but in my opinion only those who truly believe in liberty will stand with rifle in hand when that time comes. A freedom fighter is measured by how much of himself he is willing to sacrifice, and how much of his humanity he holds onto in the process. Fear, death, discomfort; none of this matters. There is no conundrum. There is no uncertainty. There are only the chains of self-defeat, or the determination of the gun. The sooner we all embrace this simple fact, the sooner we can move on and deal with the dark problem before us.”

    The above passages come from Brandon Smith’s “Violence in the Face of Tyranny” article linked on WRSA. I posted this here because Max’s comment: “If read in conjunction with this piece ‘Becoming the New Barbarians’ (WRSA) it makes you realize that nothing is going to change unless it is made to change. Our Masters, the statists, are not good people who will suddenly realize the error of their ways and rush to make it good.”

    This was also a featured topic on TCHHE and Mosby’s “Kernel of Resistance.” So, since we are obviously hurdling uncontrollably towards violent conflict, what is a simple man supposed to do? Act now or wait. The Beast will continue to grow while the simple man waits for that economic collapse or solar flare or false flag martial law or zombie apocalypse. I am not advocating a “Fort Sumter” here, rather I am posing a question, what can we do? Do we “opt out” to starve the beast, move to a cabin in the woods, cut up our credit cards and ditch our cell phones? Do we train, build tribe, do PT and get “squared away?” Or is there something else here we could do to further the liberty movement?

    • F says:

      Jeff: Since you posed the question I will add my 2 cents:
      The best way to resist at this point other than train/prepare is Agitprop.
      Smart agitprop, staying on message minimum distractions.

      The enemies of our republic drnk with perceived victory at hand have been overplaying their hand time and again in the last 12 months.
      More and more people are waking up.
      This is the time to put up those satirical anti -socialist stickers we all seen on the internet.
      At the mall in parking garage staircases, wherever.
      Donate money to conservative organizations, such as numbersusa.com etc etc

      • Ed says:

        F, Rather than donating to organizations, be your own very local organization. Way more bang for your buck, so to speak…sand and monkey wrenches, folks…

    • Suspect1 says:

      I ask myself this everyday, the statist power, technology, and advantage grow every day, and nothing is being done to stop it, would the life of a lone patriot coalesce a movement? I have seen one example that nobody has gotten behind, LAX op, so i have to say no, one life does not bring the movement together. Violence is the only course to liberty, it has gotten to that point, but the enemy has ALOT of power, I am scared as I am sure many of my brothers are, and I known in my heart that I die before freedom comes, I am most scared that there will never be a fight…… One thing I can say for the islamofascists they have identified the enemy and are willing to die to deal the smallest of harms to what they see as the great Satan. And if we are introspective are we not pointing at the same behemoth as they are?

  16. Roadkill says:

    Hey Max just to let you know you do have at least one Christian reader out there that does have balls enough to write in, I’ve been reading this for a few days and it’s been kind of silent in those regards. The tribe I’ve joined was not by my being one I was born into. I was accepted in based on the death of my King. The same King who was the battle cry of the Revolution,” No King but King Jesus.” That being said I hope I can still bring a group of guys down sometime this spring to train, because you don’t have to be an Odinist to know something wicked this way comes. I love the history of which your readers write, and I’m a big Tolkien fan, but my reality is Jesus is Lord. I will not ram my faith down anyone’s throat because that’s not what changes hearts. If Christianity is a contraindication of training with you then I’m out. If not I would gladly train, and even fight side by side like brothers. Please do not mistake true Christianity for a mamby pamby female genitaliafide group.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Er…. Thanks for writing, but I’m nonplussed why my articles firstly make me an Odinist (I wouldn’t know enough to be one) and secondly that you think Christians are not welcome? Christians are the main part of the Patriot movement.
      My articles are aimed at truth, history, heritage etc.
      I dearly hope that they make that point, and not anything that says MVT is only for Odinists?
      I respect your faith, it is how I was brought up. I respect the faith of Odinists. I also respect the history of it all.

      • Bergmann says:

        I second that..I get along with everyone. Even Muslims. I have an uncle who is Muslim and was a body guard for the Sha or Iran in the 7os. One of the best humans being I ever met..

        People are people ..Just be good at it.


  17. Roadkill says:

    Then looks like we’re good.

  18. Yankee Terrier says:

    Max! I love all of the above posts on this topic! Thank you for getting this topic going!!!For all of us Anglo-Saxons who are from the Danelaw areas especially! Keep up the good work!

  19. Mike Brady says:

    On another note, you simply must read some Bernard Cornwell, from Sharpe to Saxon! Everyone needs some downtime good reading!

    Mike IIINJ

  20. Valgard says:

    There has been a growing consensus for the past 25 years or so that the Asatru are a people. Much like the Amish or Native Americans, we share a common ancestry, native spirituality, world view, moral code, language, and common sense of purpost.

    The roots of the new tribalism are now growing stronger with each new generation and I firmly believe that this conception of reality for what the future holds, that I can safely say the new tribes of the new barbarians are indeed in place to raid the shores of the oppressors once again.

  21. ApoloDoc says:

    Common ground is really what family and fellowship are about. Sometimes people get too hung up on ‘blood relatives’ which is not necessarily the best sort of family. There is no choice in that, and some people truly were dealt a bad hand. They find ‘family’ elsewhere, as is happening broadly within the patriot community. Look at the family that forms for many within the military. Common ground is vitally important.

    But what is the basis of the commonality? Is it because one prefers 5.56 to 7.62? Are there underlying ideas/beliefs that are more important? Is there really any meaning at all or are specific values and concepts arbitrary?

    I ask these questions frequently these days as hard times are coming (for some they have already arrived…just look at the economy around you). When people experience dire circumstances the ‘real man’ underneath will be revealed. Who will keep fighting on, persevering? Who will give up? Motivation, meaning, purpose…all of this matters more than most people realize.

    The beliefs that define you will sustain you. They will determine how you will react to a given set of circumstances. Look at all of the survivalist bozos out there talking about how they will come and take your preps. Besides their tactical inability to do so (most of them, anyway), what sort of moral stance does that depict?

    As a committed follower of Christ, I have very clear reasons for the beliefs that I hold and the actions that I will take. There are moral truths that can be known, and there is REAL EVIL in the world. I will stand with others against evil, not merely as a preference, but based on the documented teachings of my God.

    Coming full circle to your previous blog post: I do hold fast to the fundamentals of Scripture that can be demonstrated to have been reliably handed down for 2000 yrs. I suppose I am a fundamentalist in a lot of areas. Fundamentally you will die if you lose too much blood. Fundamentally you can only sweat out so much water and electrolytes before you become incapacitated. I believe these to be demonstrable and hence I hold fast to them.

    Consider carefully your beliefs and the reasons you hold them. Ultimately they will define your life and your relationships. And that is what matters.

    • Max Velocity says:

      I replied to your comment on the other post with my comment on the difference between fundamentals of physics (absolutes) vs. fundamentalism, which is a dogmatic approach to religion or politics. Read that, typing on my phone, easier that way….;-)

  22. Kerodin says:

    Lo there do I see my father, Lo there do I see my mother, my Sisters and my brothers , Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever…

    • Colorado Pete says:

      Ha! Hell yes Kerodin! One of my favorite parts to one of my favorite movies. Never lose touch with your roots, your family, your brothers (whether from your mother or another mother).