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December 6, 2013
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December 9, 2013

Here is the difference between a terrorist and a freedom/resistance fighter, in my opinion:

A terrorist engages in indiscriminate killing in order create fear and further his agenda, which will include the killing of innocents, children, with tactics such as bombs/attacks in crowded public places.

A Freedom/Resistance fighter will engage legitimate targets, whether military or enemy facilitators. They will not target innocents or children.

Nelson Mandela is an example of a murdering communist terrorist:

(Stolen from a comment over at WRSA)

In his book, ”Long Walk to Freedom”, Peace Laurette, Mandela writes that as a leading member of the ANC’s executive committee, he had “personally signed off” in approving these acts of terrorism :
1981 – 2 car bombs at Durban showrooms
1983 – Church Street Bomb (killed 19, wounded 217)
1984 – Durban car bomb (killed 5, wounded 27)
1985-1987 – At least 150 landmines on farm roads (killed 125)
1985 – Amanzimtoti Sanlam shopping centre bomb Dec 23 (killed 2 white women and 3 white children)
1986 – Magoo’s Bar bomb (killed 3, wounded 69)
1986 – Newcastle Court bomb (wounded 24)
1987 – Johannesburg Court bomb (killed 3, wounded 10)
1987 – Wits command centre car bomb (killed 1, wounded 68)
1988 – Johannesburg video arcade (killed 1 unborn baby, wounded 10)
1988 – Roodepoort bank bomb (killed 4, wounded 18)
1988 – Pretoria Police housing unit, 2 bombs (wounded 3)
1988 – Magistrate’s Court bomb (killed 3)
1988 – Benoni Wimpy Bar bomb (killed 1, wounded 56)
1988 – Witbank shopping centre bomb (killed 2, wounded 42)
1988 – Ellis Park Rugby Stadium car bomb (killed 2, wounded 37)
Late 1980s – numerous Wimpy Restaurant bombs (killed many, wounded many)
Our “hero” consistently refused to renounce violence even after he was released.
Through his silence he gave tacit approval to the slaughtering of close on 4,000 white farmers in South Africa between 1994 and present. Silence is consent. Mandela, the Ruling ANC government and their brothers in arms, the Communist Party are responsible for these senseless murders. They condone it, because it fits their ultimate agenda.

Anyone who would compare the ANC with potential FreeFor action against the Regime when this fracas kicks off, I remind you of this. And just because they may target innocents, does not mean that you need to. I saw a comment on FaceBook saying that the ANC were the same as the American Revolutionaries. Utter crap. The ANC were terrorists, and what’s worse, they were communist terrorists of the same ilk as those who destroyed Rhodesia. All part of the communist plan to destabilize southern Africa.

Oddly, Mandela (who is not actually Morgan Freeman) and his evil wife Winnie, whose favorite tactic was to kill people with a necklace of burning tires, were evil anti-white racist communists furthering the communist agenda. Funny that, they bear a strong resemblance to another couple who are furthering the communist agenda RIGHT NOW in this United States.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Live Hard.

Die Free.



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    • Sean says:

      F;:K all you people especially you Max Velocity. I am a WHITE South African who was born in 1977 and I saw apartheid first hand. Not all whites wanted suppression of the blacks. But the apartheid government tried to brainwash us that blacks were so terrible just like the Ku Kux Clan and the Neo Nazi movements. Those motherf”‘hers are sick. As are the Aryan Brotherhood. Blacks were treated like animals just because they were black. When did God give us the right to treat others like that. We they supposed to live a life enslaved forever and not react? Whatever means they used they used to get freedom, freedom that should never have been denied them in the first place. They committed acts against a government that committed many many atrocities, instead of uplifting them the apartheid regime chose to segregate, discriminate and treat them like animals, not allowing them to be educated or to have basic levels of dignity. Take your accusations and f”;k offas I live here and we know that a mandela wanted nothing but peaceful transformation. Remember he did not control the whole ANC and all activities. F”ck ups.

      • Max Velocity says:

        Sad thing with muppets like you: the black racists are coming for you too, it’s only a matter of time. Maybe they will get your wife or daughter along the way: rape, murder and cut them up?
        Nothing excuses it.
        Yes, apartheid was wrong. Terrorism is always wrong. The success of the country would have ultimately made apartheid irrelevant and removed it anyway. It’s didn’t need the intervention of communist terrorists. And now, a once wildly economically successful country is in ruins, just like Rhodesia.
        Pull your head out our ass.

        • Spearhead1987 says:

          At the height of apartheid 100,000 black Africans immigrated INTO South Africa a year. That number speaks volumes about the situation in Africa at the time.

  2. Chuck says:

    This sort of relates to the Fugitive Media Management post: maintaining the moral high ground is important to controlling the narrative. Ironically, the communists do it by denying they are communists.

  3. Mike says:

    Yep, landmines, bombings, all things that the media abhor, until done by their darlings. Sad and sick.

  4. FormerSapper says:

    Families and unrelated civilian targets are off limits in my opinion. The desire to take on such targets makes you just as bad, if not worse than the people you are fighting. I’d very quickly look to distance myself from anyone who thinks these are legitimate targets, they’re either nutters (a liability), infiltrators (a liability) or an absolute mong(a liability)

    • SP says:

      Don’t forget our old favourite – twat (standard liability).

    • DEFCON 2 says:

      I have a hypothetical question here that I have been thinking long and hard about. What if in a SHTF scenario the PTB start to target our wives and children murdering them indiscriminately. Would these sick sadistic animals’ families still be off limits? I would never want to hurt an innocent but should these brutes families enjoy that protection when they are so willing to put down mine?

      I don’t have an answer myself, but I can see both sides of the issue. I just pray to the good Lord I am never put in that position where I have to face that decision.

      “Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis”

      • FatTire says:

        IMHO, no, their famillies should not be more protected than ours. But thats not a meaningful question. Theyre famillies will be living on bases, in guarded communities, ect., so they will be more protected, like it or not. A more meaning question is, who are we and who do we want to be, both as resistance fighters, and as those looking to rebuild a society? If we want to rebuild with the same mentality that led to tyranny in the first place, then sure, blow up their babies. If instead we place a high value on Liberty, and want a society structured accordingly, we cant be sociopaths bent on domination thru the use of fear. We cant be targeting non-combatants.

        Though, if taking out a regime leader means his wife and kids burn in the same fire… well id rry not to lose much sleep over it..

        • DEFCON 2 says:

          @FatTire: Thank you for your reply I agree with you. I would not want to become the person to rain terror down on women and children. Killing innocents for the “Big picture” or “For the greater good” is a slippery slope that I would not want to go down. Once that path is traveled I would think it would become easier each time to go a little further down that road.
          If I recall correctly Washington summarily execute any troops from the Colonial Army that went after civilians.

          “Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis”

          • Commentatorus says:

            Aside from any of the 4G ninja problems, do you want that blood on your hands? I don’t, nor will I associate with those who do.

  5. Max, you’re spot on with the difference between the two and your very accurate description of the Mandela’s terrorist activities. Thanks for that!

    I hope the bastard rots in a burning hell for eternity…

  6. Diz says:

    Well jeez, I though I was the only one that was thinking this. Even Fox News was slobbering all over him. Had quotes from Tony Blair and Bush Sr about what a saint he was.

    Funny fearless leader couldn’t be bothered with the Gettysburg Memorial this year. But when another Marxist brotha dies, he’s all in. What pieces of shit, in both cases.

    I think you COULD draw a comparison between the blacks in Rhodesia and SA, and the patriot movement here, but where it breaks down, as Max has said, is when you look at the methods used to accomplish the objective. I will not be party to the murder of innocent women and children. And, more importantly, I think their lives overall are a lot shittier since they took over. So what did they really accomplish? The right to say, well I might be getting fucked over, but at least he’s one of my kind? Ballocks!

  7. SP says:

    A problem I can see with freedom fighters/resistors vs terrorists, is that there is a danger of the former becoming the latter and possibly vice versa.

    So, how do you stop the former from becoming the latter? In a nutshell, the leaders of the resistance need to enforce a very severe form of discipline: “Right fellas, you start engaging civilian and non-military/regime targets and you lose your own life – no exceptions. We will not tolerate that level of behaviour”.

    Likewise those at the bottom of the resistance ladder need to have the moral courage to prevent their leaders from turning the movement towards the latter with the same level of ruthless discipline.

    To use a bit of history, the IRA that we know from the 70’s/80’s and 90’s were nasty terrorist bastards that had no problem in carrying out bombings against civvie targets. The IRA, however can trace their history back to the Irish Volunteers. So like I say, there was a reasonable resistance force that then, due to certain circumstances, ended up being a bunch of terrorists. Even the Jewish resistance movement post WW2 suffered a similar problem of resistance fighters turning towards terrorism.

  8. Ray says:

    How we are seen by the public has far less to do with the message than it dose with our actions. By being the “good guys” we achieve the “moral hi ground”. A position that in itself is worth a thousand propaganda broadcast. You already have your “solution”, Max. Teamwork, morally enforceable ROE, Training and a solid foundation of trained irregulars to train the follow on waves of recruits after the first waves have fallen. Mandela was a cockroach who spent much of his life in a prison. Like “Che” his “exploits” were expanded out of all proportion to his actual life, simply because the communist international needed a hero in that time and place.

    • Thomas says:

      First, we may not be seen as the “good guys” by a significant segment of the population.

      Government, by definition, is brute force. The morale high ground is pie-in-the sky foo foo when the brute force of the leviathan is loosed on any segment of the population. Look at the history of the Assad family in Syria, the Jews in Warsaw Ghetto, etc. When friends and family are rounded up because of their beliefs, holding the moral high ground won’t count for much.

      Rules of engagement are flexible. The rule of law is not. The Oath to the Constitution binds and guides all actions. That is also the basis of the message and that is the reason behind the movement.

      For example one could frame the argument this way: The regime has abandoned the Constitution. The leaders fail to follow the law. Their disorder requires that they are removed from their offices so that order and the rule of law may be restored.

      The restoration of the rule of law is recognized universally as justification for revolution. The US had a revolution in 1994 when the democrats’ majority status was removed in the mid-term elections. That revolution produced several changes in the government that were viewed as necessary to continue US viability.

      It is the responsibility of leaders to maintain discipline within the ranks. Adherence to the defined judicial code, whether state code or the UCMJ, must be enforced ruthlessly. Showing that “our side” does this and “their side” does not is how the movement gains the support of the population.

      • Ray says:

        “Leadership” is nonexistent in the “freefor”. I know that the Government and military would love to identify a “leadership” to “take out” but for good or ill it just doesn’t exist at this point. It remains the duty of each trooper and his fellows to “enforce” ROE. As proven with Obamacare Bengazi(Spell?) and hundreds of other “scandals” and failures, PR and propaganda are useless holdovers from the wars of the 19th and 20th century’s. What people believe is what they see for themselves. “Message” no longer has much , if any meaning to the public. The public has been saturated with lies to the point that the old tools of propaganda and PR are now seen by most for what they are ;more lies. The shift has already occurred, government cannot see it but we had better if we wish to survive at all, let alone win.

        • Thomas says:

          I disagree. The freefor clearly has leaders. Max, Matt, and Mosby are but three leaders there. There are many more. Because of their published material, others turn to them. Locally, some one picks up the role of scheduling range get-to-togethers, email groups, or what have you, those individuals are leading. They may not be the leader when things get hot, but they are leading now.

          I do agree that individuals must hold each other responsible for our deeds. The break down of family and community and the progressive mantra of “don’t get involved” has made that harder but not impossible.

          Concur about PR. The shift is occurring but is not complete. However, the regime does recognize the failure of the old model. If they did not, your every phone call, email, and movement would not be tracked.

          Thank you, Ray. I am enjoying the discourse.

  9. Dawna says:

    When fighting as a resistance force you will need to support of the local populace. To gain this support you will need to show how your way is better then the folks you are fighting against. The way you do this is to do everything in your power to help and assist the local populace and not randomly murder them even if they are conspiring with the enemy.

  10. Lonnie says:

    Mandella & his wife are a POS.

    and the agenda in the US (and world) is not communist… its jewish. Sorry Max but thats the hard provable reality.

    This current “defend ourselves from the government” movement (of which I’m part of) really needs to wake up to the provable fact as to who’s really running the show and what their end game really is. I NEVER see the real enemy named on your site, Mosby’s or and similar site.

    Can’t win a war if you don’t identify the real enemy.

    • Max Velocity says:

      I love free speech. That why I’ll fight you if you try and take it away.

      • QuietMan says:

        Free speech is up there, but it’s a bit squishy for most people. If you start talking about taboos as defined by the media (i.e., race and crime) dissonance sets in. They go utterly emotional.

        What catches people off guard is discussing property theft. Wetland seizures by the EPA. Asset forfeitures by police. Taking of guns on politician’s orders. These are things you worked for and can physically possess. Once that’s pointed out, people start thinking. At least it shuts down the squealing long enough to finish your sentence.

    • mr says:

      That is very broad. I know Jews that are hard core with us to the death. American citizens that are IDF, SF, and good regular civilians with a penchant for freedom. Don’t fuck with those fuckers is all I have to say. I’ll tell you what, if I want some backup, those guys are the ones I could count on.

    • Miles says:

      WTF Lonnie, them Jews pilot them planes into the towers ? IED’s made in Israel ? Gunning down American soldiers on base in the USA ? hacking heads off?
      Go shave your fucking head and re-paint the swastika

    • FormerSapper says:

      In my opinion the real enemies don’t exist physically. They exist in the mind of people in the form of apathy, over confidence and plain old ignorance. I know you was after a target list but those things need to be fought and over come first.

      • FormerSapper says:

        Just want to add, you’re in the fucking wrong neighbourhood here, Lonnie. I will pick a Jew, black or anything else who believes in freedom over some fucking whinging fucking nutbag looking to scape goat a particular set of the population. How are you any different to the whiny, skinny, liberal cunt moaning about white privilege and the white racists? Starting to smell like a NIMT here!

    • CAPatriot says:

      Hahaha. Oh boy. Here we go.

      The real enemy is any man who would use terrorist and tyrranical tactics against free men.

      That includes you Lonnie, if you want to systematically go after a group of people from another tribe.

      Probably a troll sent by the regime anyway.

      Check out Cass Sunstein’s thoughts on “cognitive infiltration”.

      What better way to discredit this web site then send this ilk here.

      Then when someone who visits this site is a victim of a HIT squad, they can say “See, they were visiting ant-semitic web sites”.

      We know what you’re up to.

  11. Lonnie says:

    You all had better read The Protocols of Zion and get hip real fast to the excellent research of John Kaminski, Deanna Spingola and JB Campbell for starters.

    Miles, no matter how hard it is for you to face they are they hidden hand behind all of what you listed.

    Get hip real fast fellow fighters or you have already lost.

    It was hard for me to face at one point too. Do your due diligence and you will be saying same.

  12. RRS says:

    Great, now we are serenaded by tales of the 10ft tall Jew.

    • Ray says:

      Lonnie, If you want to hate somebody because of religion, race, color ECT. Go on over to Stormfront, You and the SPLC trolls won’t get much yardage here. The KKK, Nazi’s, and WAR are terrorist right up there with the IRA, HAMMAS and the ANC. I have no use for them or anyone spouting that BS. If that was what Max was advocating, I for one would not be here.

  13. Diz says:

    Wow didn’t see that coming. Zionist plot to rule the world. Hoo boy. “Can’t win a war if you don’t know whop the enemy is”. Hmmm. How about if I just shoot at the motherfuckers trying to kill me. Regardless of race, creed, or national origin.

    FS makes an excellent point. In this particular case (Mandela et al) it was about TRIBAL affiliation. Kinda like Lonnie there.

  14. Chuck says:

    Even if you buy into the idea that a secret cabal of jewish bankers is pulling the strings, still leaves 99.999% of the jewish people out of the loop. But let’s just blame the “Joos” for our woes.

  15. RRS says:

    Santa could I please be liberated from the eternal battles of WWII? (this goes for both sides, no one excepted) Please forward this message to the North Pole, thanks.

  16. Bergmann says:

    If you’re a fighter on any side of the battle and civilians get injured and dead, the other side will descend on the opportunity to hold them up as your intended targets holding you responsible. Its hard to disengage from such propaganda victories and civilians are not soon to forget it if the side you are fighting holds the playing field. In a guerrilla movement you have to have in play, before you start the shooting, a counter-propaganda/Information network to disengage yourself from such attacks as much as possible.


    • Indeed.
      Remember “Gladiator”?
      Win the crowd.
      And the crowd is fickle indeed….

      That being said- two thoughts;

      If things do get to “active operations” I would expect TPTB to false flag the crap out of the situation. Do you really think it would be beyond them to shoot up a mall or bomb a hospital and then yell “It was those dirty hick teebagger terrorists!”
      And “the crowd” would take it as face value because live footage of all the screaming bloody people is being plastered all over CNNema….
      You’d need one hell of a counter-propaganda network to have any hope of coming back from that….
      One possible solution to this, if you’ve read “Centurions” or Max’s PD is to make your own viewing material- NOT propaganda, but footage and an explanation (much like a short episode-based documentary) of the operations you’re conducting.
      Of course, you’d still need either a way to air it, or widely distribute it to NON-freefor minded persons, but again, if you ever read Centurions, exact counter comparisons of what the MSM “says” happened would put the lie to their stories right quick.
      The other option, is to have an “understanding” (if you get my drift) with certain well known media personnel, and have a form of authentication so when something goes boom, you call in and say something like “Hey bro- that was us, no civilian casualties involved, here’s why it went boom, have a nice day” and then if they say anything otherwise on air, they get an unpleasant visit….
      (If anyone’s read Bracken’s “E:F&D” book 3, you’ll see what I mean)

      Which brings me to my other thought- Collaborators- what to do about them? Or multiple non-cooperations of people you have an understanding with?
      I totally agree with the “no engagement of civvies” clause to any freefor ROE…BUT…
      This is a topic that I think needs some thought, as it WILL happen.
      Thoughts? Max? Anyone?

      • Bergmann says:

        That’s obvious. To think an organization can outright counter the Info war on the level of CNN or Fox is beyond reality and the scope or aim of a Guerrilla operation. Thus the meaning “small war’ as in to gain a future larger objective. You move in locally in increments to garnish support and expand.

        Whether the OPFOR would go to such length as to bomb malls and hospital and point finger depends on their desperation and how precarious their position is. Regardless keeping up momentum and a healthy information and propaganda service along with potent political actions to counter their disinformation service is imperative. Its as important as bullets. A guerrilla group doesn’t have to lie but a group had better be selective in the words as to select the best perspective to offer up to gain the most support. This will mean they have to omit some information to clearly state the groups position otherwise. If you don’t win the populace, you wont win the war. Regardless all minds will not be swayed. Even if the word gets out there will still be those with much to lose by relenting..Its a front on the war of many fronts ..

        (I’m not talking down at you, just explaining my point a bit better)


      • D Close says:

        Here’s the BUT: soft skinned chain of command targets are legit and vital to success in this. They pull the levers. They make decisions. They are technically civvies but they are most assuredly the enemy. What about the contractor who is paid to analyze and target FREEFOR? There needs to be generally accepted ROE with penalties for violation.

        • Bergmann- I get it. Actually, I think we’re on the same page, you just said what I was trying to say simpler than I made it to be… 😀

          D Close- that’s exactly what I was getting at in the last couple sentences of my previous.
          How to handle the people “in between” ?

        • Bergmann says:

          “There needs to be generally accepted ROE with penalties for violation.”

          That’s a good point, please do elaborate.


          • D Close says:

            @Bergmann, here goes: Units and personnel identified as hostile and active against FREEFOR are always legitimate targets. They may be engaged at any time or place. All possible measures shall be taken to avoid unnecessary or extraneous casualties. UCMJ (or equivalent) must be applied when this is willfully violated. Is this realistic in SHTF? No. Do leaders have a moral responsibility to do the right thing? Always.

            The purpose of war is to achieve a political outcome. FREEFOR seeks a restoration of rule of law that protects the rights and liberty of individuals. A strategy that achieves war aims with minimal loss of life is required, i.e. destroying a building filled with non-targets to get the target is not consistent with such a strategy. Judgements (by peers) against violators in a cellular organization would involve the withdrawal of sanction and when possible, punishment of those guilty.

      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        Spot on Brother.
        “Win the crowd”, an apt analogy in our times considering the bread and circus provided to the freeshit army aka obama’s cargo cult.

        Hearts and minds, yup.
        You win hearts and minds, the partisan can weather those false flag events you so correctly point out. Those false flag events that have been used to socially manipulate millions into statist cattle gates, are a double edged sword.

        Look into the future, beans and bullets ain’t gonna cut the mustard alone, you got to have the country folk with you. They have to believe in something better than bread and circus, and be willing to put their arse out in the wind in some manner, or your just a tired dirty hungry cold scared guerrilla with an AR hiding from drones.

        We just ain’t gonna make without a plurality behind us.

        No way.

        Looking at it from a realistic positive, this is one big ass place, America. The industrial and agricultural resources are almost unimaginable in the scope of human history. There are millions of crafty, industrious creative men and women, our fellow Americans, with the shops, tooling, equipment, land, and a myriad of resources, who with but a change in thinking and heart, could design, manufacture, produce, deliver, a range and quantity of material and arms, just on a cottage industry level alone, that would equip a revolutionary army with what it needed to decimate the regime in power and it’s crime syndicate. No army imaginable, the bastards could unleash on the countryside could withstand an aroused plurality with a bone in it’s teeth. An insurgency truly American in character and scope. It ain’t government that makes shit. It is folks like us who are robbed, extorted and strong-armed into paying for and building what those motherfuckers are turning around and using against us.

        It’s time to cram it right back up their arses.
        See how they like it.
        Let them find refuge from us.

        I’ve had enough.
        I’m ready.
        What say you all?

        • Bergmann says:

          Thank you, Sir.

          I’m not sure about much in these confusing times we live in, but I am leaning towards a situation where domestic support will not be sufficient for totalitarian clamp down on the public. With that being said i see the debt we owe to China, and with the late night deals that have been made with them I can easily see Chinese troops under the a UN mandate to restore the situation if chaos breaks out in the form of a social collapse….

          Its going to be a dirty time to live.


  17. Perioikoi says:

    “Great liars are also great magicians. How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
    – Adolf Hitler

    (Quote not posted in support of Hitler but to illustrate the deceptive nature of false prophets and the fools who follow them)

    • Perioikoi says:

      The death of any world leader often results in a mixed bag of emotions/definitions. The dominant definitions are the result of the victories that the leader was able to amass because it’s the victors who ultimately write history. Such is the case with Nelson Mandela who fought against a brutal regime but who also gained ultimate victory through brutality.The context as provided by Max of Mandela and his less noble actions is needed before passing judgment. Mandela and the ANC were just as evil as the white racists they were fighting against.

      If we are to be free people we must always be careful of who we give our consent to as leaders. Often history clearly demonstrates that those seeking power will use any means to further their agenda and sell any agenda to the ignorant masses, not for the benefit of the masses, but to facilitate their own power grab. The ultimate struggle is not between political ideologies but between common men/women and the elites who seek to rule over us. Until this collective ignorance is extinguished the cycle of revolution and oppression will never end and the worst figures in history are aware of this fact.

  18. Mt Top Patriot says:

    This entire discussion is every reason for a plurality of liberty minded American’s.

    If we are to remain freemen it is imperative we find common cause, know we are bound by cause, and act accordingly.

    Our very liberty is threatened by people who share common cause to destroy our liberty. We are faced with this illegitimate power because the truth is those who wish to rule over us are joined together.

    I’m not saying this to denigrate the thoughtful discourse and suggested remedies we may face as individuals, but because as individuals acting alone we can never overcome and prevail if we remain isolated and divided people.

    We must come together and face the enemy united.

    United, a plurality, is a force multiplier, politically, materially, and most importantly culturally.

    It is choice, a preference among like minded people, that has a quality all it’s own. As Clausewitz said, in war quantity has a quality all it’s own. It is a plurality, a quantity of freemen, in which all things necessary to fight successfully against the tyranny breathing down our throats become possible. Things such as a network of support which enables the very things Max brings up here.
    We face a leviathan of imminence proportions because of the very truth it is itself a network of incredible scope.

    But it is a very fragile network for all it’s size. It is not based upon moral or just cause. It is comprised of a myriad of special interests and needs. It directive stems from ulterior motives, rife with criminal incentive, self serving agenda, unlawful practice, and it’s making of it’s own demise, hubris. It has little if no interest in betterment or ideals of freedom and prosperity. It believes in nothing but fulfilling it’s insatiable no matter the means used to justify it’s goals.

    Of course that is little comfort or assistance to freemen fighting alone and outnumbered, bereft of support and sustenance to live and fight another day.

    It is though, every reason we all must find a way to bond in Liberty. If we do not we are beaten before we begin to fight. It is that simple. Alone we are easy prey, we can be left to wither on the vine, to be picked of at the leviathans whim and pleasure. Or left to the consequences and dire circumstances lawlessness and diaspora created by the leviathan for the very reason to divide and conquer us.

    What Max and many other courageous devoted disciples of the partisan contend, and through their selfless generosity extend is not only how to fight effectively, but the very basis of common moral cause to fight for Liberty.
    Liberty begins with each of us, but to go the distance, if we are to win the day we must fight for everyone’s liberty equally, in concert with each-other.
    It is the only way we are going to remain freemen. It is the cold hard reality of things. There is no other way.
    Sure we can head for the hills, fight the good fight, harass and destroy piecemeal bits of the leviathan, but to win we have to make the leviathan fight on our terms, make it fight up hill against the moral high-ground. Andrew Brietbart said culture is upstream of politics, well ya, indeed it is. War is politics right? That moral high ground is culture, culture a plurality of liberty minded American patriots hold, it is the high ground, it is outflanking the enemy, it is insurgency. A plurality by it’s very nature is united, and in this unity is all the makings of insurgency which attacks and beats the leviathan. The scope of this insurgency is by it’s very nature the most legitimate human thing imaginable, and this legitimacy is what the leviathan, the most illegitimate thing imaginable, can not withstand. It must use violence to survive, in of itself a destabilizing thing which only furthers the crisis of legitimacy the leviathan and it’s actors are made of.

    We as American’s are just in our Liberty. It is ours. It belongs to us as the very heart within our chests. To project this sovereign being in a manner that gives us the power to win, it is imperative we become bound as a plurality.

    Our forefathers did so. They fought against what must have seemed like insurmountable odds against another leviathan. And they won because of a plurality who stuck together and held the moral high ground.

    • Submariner says:

      Civil War sniper rifle dealt death to Yankees

      Judge Ben Hall McFarlin: It’s a rifle with a record.

      A deadly record with a long trail of blood-letting by a civilian Confederate-sympathizing West Tennessee sniper who waged “vengeance kills” on Yankee soldiers stemming from the decapitated heads of two of his sons left hanging grotesquely on gateposts at their prosperous Benton County farm.

      More of the story at:


    • SP says:

      Afraid the War Of Independence/Revolution/3rd English Civil War or whatever someone wishes to call it, isn’t quite so straight forward as that last paragraph seems to suggest.

      Back in the 1770’s, it was British fighting British, with a smattering of foreigners thrown into the mix. Suffice to say, the sheer distance the British Army had to travel across the ocean was a huge factor in the final outcome. If it wasn’t for that ocean, things would have been different……

      There’s an interesting website – http://www.redcoat.me.uk/ – that gives an alternative view of the War Of Independence.

      It’s odd how those who were the instigators of the revolution, ultimately found themselves in positions of immense power once the fighting was over. Kind of ties in with Perioikio’s 2nd paragraph.

    • Perioikoi says:

      Mt Top Patriots post was both elegant and poignant and addresses the motivations behind the pursuit of liberty, now as in the past. Such motivations must, as pointed out, maintain the moral high ground so that the critical mass needed for victory can be achieved. The need for the moral high ground more than any supports the argument against preemptive action even as increasing authoritarianism roles out. While such discretion fails to address current wrongs it safeguards that moral high ground which is far more valuable in the “War of the Flea”, a war which is inevitable if a shooting war were to unfold. Furthermore any rush to physical violence eliminates the possibility of a non-violent revolution. While most are still asleep, more wake-up every day and as corrupt public officials attempt to tighten their grasp their true goals become ever more obvious.

      It’s been said that the only justification for war is for the benefit of the people. While such a statement about a just war needs clarification, I’ve taken it to mean that conditions must be so abhorrent that the suffering of war by comparison is preferable. If such abhorrent conditions did exist I’m convinced that all but the most brain-dead would consider fighting against authoritarianism a just cause. While I’m not one willing to wait for abhorrent conditions, the fact is things are too civil right now to justify violent action. Now is the time for the war of ideas.

      “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”. -Sun Tzu, the Art of War, Ch3

      Speaking of quotes, are we sure that Clausewitz said, “in war quantity has a quality all its own”. I’ve always seen this quote attributed to Joseph Stalin. Not trying to be a dick but in any intellectual discussion source accuracy is important as being inaccurate will cause some to dismiss entire statements. Please correct me if I’m wrong in this matter and provide your reference so that I may address my confusion.

      • Thomas says:

        I guess we differ a bit in our approach.

        We are a ways off from open rebellion. As you point out, conditions are not yet so abhorrent that the people are ready to take up arms against the oppressor.

        That said, I have watched for twenty years while the rebuplicans have held the “moral high ground” and had their asses handed to them as they attempted to stay above the fray. The noble fight has cost them all credibility. As the opposition, they have continually take the punch on their proverbial chin.

        Whatever one thinks about the label of democrat or republican, their banners have represented the two main sides of this argument.

        One maintains the moral high ground by forcing your opposition to accept the facts, not by taking the high road and staying above the mess that is politics or life.

        One must always set the record straight. That means sometimes having to get dirt on ones clothes. It also means that one must sometimes not act in the most gentlemanly fashion. Frankly, it means saying that the opposition is dead wrong in their argument and counter that argument with facts.

        As far as all but the brain dead entering the fight, history does not support that. Historically, about one percent of the population is willing to actually engage in the fighting. Another ten percent will willingly provide material support to those actually fighting and roughly another ten percent will voice support for the fighters. That means that revolutions are carried out by one percent of the population and supported by no more than twenty percent. And that is how the US freed itself from British rule.

        • Perioikoi says:

          To address the two party system of US politics is to address the sham it’s become. Weather left or right the interest is the appearance of the moral high ground, not an actual occupation thereof.This appearance exists to appease the “mob” of the US mainstream who fail to grasp the fact that “our” representatives have been bought and paid for.In the present political climate the whole left right paradigm is a farce and only serves to facilitate the divide and conquer strategy.Part of the awakening process is the casting off of this false paradigm. When such awakening occurs one may even find common ground with their political opposite. Real progressives and real conservatives have more in common with each other than they ever will with an authoritarian ruling class.

          Even if abhorrent conditions don’t literally cause someone to fight against authoritarianism it will undermine their level of commitment to such regimes.Of course they will cooperate out of fear and don’t want to be on the losing side but such cooperation is dependent upon the effectiveness of the regimes ability to maintain “order”. Thus out of chaos were regime victory is uncertain the opposition becomes a more viable option in proportion to the effectiveness of resistance.This by no means undercuts the percentages of active resistors you’ve pointed out, history is clear on that. But if victory is possible, when such victory starts to come to fruition even sheep have been known to turn on their masters, emboldened the victories of real men and women. While such fair weather allies may be cowards they do have their uses.

          “One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier:
          otherwise we should have no civilization.”
          – Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

          • SP says:

            Same problem exists here in Blighty.

            Conservative and Labour are one and the same. Like the Dems and Reps, they used to at one time have a set of workable and identifiable ideals. As is the problem with both nations political parties, the money men have got involved and now they are two sides of the same coin.

          • Submariner says:

            Or two cheeks of the same a$$.

          • Thomas says:

            First, we agree.

            I used the two party system as an example where one side tried to stay above the fight but failed. You are correct that the two party system is a sham. I wanted to point out that, in that example, even when the belligerents know that one side has openly lied, the other will not counter that lie with facts – particularly if the facts are unpopular.

            Clearly, many will join in support when victory appears more certain. I really have little use for those who come late to the party.

      • Mt Top Patriot says:

        If any cultural political movement is to take place on a scale where it has a chance to be successful it can only transpire if a cascade preference takes place first.
        There simply is no other method that will work.

        Cascade preference can happen rather rapidly. In weeks or even days. The roots of such are already taking place. We all see signs of it everywhere. But it is one spark, or a unforeseen event nobody would think sets it in motion, and it spreads like wildfire.

        You all heard about what happened in Iceland?
        If you haven’t, there is reason why. The state run media has squashed all reference to it. That is one way to keep a plurality from rising up and throwing off their tyrant class.
        Does that Piss you off?
        It damn well should.
        The legacy media is fucking poison.

        Those Icelanders just had them an orange revolution. Threw out their entire government and a citizens assembly is writing a new constitution.

        Read it and wonder why you aren’t doing this. Read it and understand you can do this. It surely is the stuff awesome is made of:

        “Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud-No Word From US Media”


        • Thomas says:

          It is hard to compare events in Iceland to those in the US. Iceland is about the size of Kentucky, has a population of less than 325,000, and is a homogenous society. I could see something like that happening at the state level, and consider the recall attempts in Wisconsin and Colorado to be in that vein, but not at the national level within the US.

          I concur that a seminal event can trigger change but there is always a set of events that lead to that one critical moment. Often these pre-trigger events only become clear in a backward pass analysis.

          The media in the US no longer serves as the arbiter of fact. It has become partisan in its support of the anti-constitutional left. The media is, as you say, poison.

          • Mt Top Patriot says:

            Never say never Thomas.

            Maybe you don’t grasp the the nature of a plurality and cascade preference.
            A plurality need not be a majority, it doesn’t need to be a minority even. It’s power resides in it’s legitimacy and as a movement of knowledge it exists shared with many. It’s existence creates a crisis of legitimacy for a regime.

            As long as a fellows such as yourself think such things can not happen they won’t.

            Honestly, you should go kiss the chocolate emperors ring with a defeating belief American’s can’t rise up and throw tyranny off.

            With guy’s like you who needs a usurper in the white house.
            You can’t have it both ways.
            You are either for liberty or you ain’t. There ain’t no have way bullshit in this.

          • Thomas says:

            Whoa, dude. You need to take a fundamentals in reading course.

            I said it is not likely at the national level in the US as a singular event. Maybe you confused National and Never since they both start with the letter “N”.

            Let me make this more clear for you so that you don’t have this problem again.

            I agree that a seminal event can trigger the revolution. In a country the size of the US, it is likely to occur at the state level and not at the national level. Maybe I should have used the word “local”.

            That state/local level point may have you stumped. So, here is an example: The tea party and first shots were fired in Boston and Lexington respectively. It took a little bit of time for the Virginians to join the fight.

            I get liberty pretty well. If you have some point other than telling me to kiss the emperor’s ring, I’m ready to listen.

          • Mt Top Patriot says:

            You can deceive yourself, but don’t bullshit me buddy.

            Your words spit on the cardinal virtues of courage and faith I was expressing Thomas.

            It’s insulting.

          • Mt Top Patriot says:

            Your words spit on the cardinal virtues of courage and faith I was expressing Thomas.

            You don’t like me standing up for those virtues after your thinly veiled insulting prose to my point of view, tough shit.

          • Thomas says:

            Much of what you wrote was incorrect beginning with your comprehension of the differences among the definitions of minority, plurality, and majority. That you can not understand that a minority carry the load in a revolution ends the discussion.

            Learn to read. Reading will take you a long way.

            You are insulted by having your position challenged on a blog. I hate it for your. And, I’m not your buddy.

            Good luck to you.

  19. Mark says:

    After reading the condemnatios of “apartheid” and the reality of the minority that the Afikaners faced, the considering the very real horror they face since its demise, what would its detractors offer as a solution? We have a God given right to the preservation of self, family, and some would argue culture but without some method to preserve them, which is what apartheid appears to have been, they and their culture are being obliterated. I am very interested in suggestions to address the issue on how preservation is accomplished in a country where one is a minority and hated by the majority.

    As for your original post Max…..HEAR! HEAR!

  20. GunnyG says:


    I’m a convert to Judaism and let me tell you, you’re right. Why, when I was swore into the tribe, I found out that we’re into everything and run everything! In fact, we Jews are the masterminds of everything and we even control the weather! Ain’t that something!? Those 9/11 pilots? Mind controlled by our Jew Mind Control Machine. You betcha.

    • Justanother says:

      I am the information officer for the local Jewish Kabal 1394. As a level 3 Jew I have to inform you that you are in violation of OPSEC order 87B section IV sub section a.

      87B IV-a. No Jew shall openly discuss the existence of Jewish advanced technology. Including ########, ####### #####, Mind Control or Global Weather Manipulation techniques.
      I understand that you were not born a Jew so SOME leniency may be applied in this case however, do expect a visit from your local OPSEC compliance officer.

      Thank you

      Jason Espinoza

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  22. QuietMan says:

    When Abe Foxman gets to the Pentagon tomorrow, you’re all gonna get nuked.