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December 5, 2013
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This in via email, from SP:

“I posed a question in the SWAT Threat thread concerning if/how/when/should someone that has just escaped a no-knock raid thus taking to the hills, and whether at some point the person is going to have to put their position forward to the media justifying their actions (MSM or alternative media), and if so how important would it be.

Chuck replied to the question and posed the concept of the Information Operations will be just as important as Kinetic Operations.

Wondered what your thoughts are on the subject and whether it is worth a blog discussion.”


This is a really interesting question. No doubt it has occurred to many of us. It is also relevant not only if you end up taking to the hills, but also posthumously if you don’t make it out. One of the first things that is going to happen is that the media will characterize you as a crazed lone-wolf child molester, or some such BS.

This post isn’t really about giving you all the answers. It is as much of a conundrum to me as to you. I’m going to give you some thoughts, and then open it up to discussion.

So, we spend a lot of time preparing for SHTF, or a full collapse. In the meantime, we live in an increasingly strict police state, a soft tyranny, on a trajectory towards hardening tyranny. It is not so far-fetched to envisage a time where SWAT raids will be entirely politically motivated. Therefore you may no longer be a ‘law-abiding citizen’, simply due to non-adherence to unjust laws, but you are certainly not a criminal in any real sense of the word. It is to that situation that this blog post is addressed, where good citizens are targeted by criminal raids under the color of unjust law, or politically motivated false accusations of terrorism..

Let’s assume something went down at your house. Your family is okay, but you returned fire and took down some bad guys. You grab your weapons and your gear and made it out the back. Now you’re into the E&E game. I talked a little bit about this in my post on the ‘Home Invasion Dilemma‘. There are certainly a couple of issues here: there is the issue that I will concentrate on this post which is the PR battle. There is also the issue of where you go. The question of where to E&E to depends on if you have any kind of network or alternative location which you can make your way to.

Now you are Dorner, whether you like it or not. You are a hunted fugitive. Your reputation is being trampled by the media. First you have to try and survive and escape, secondly you will want to try and salvage your reputation.

(I don’t use Dorner as an example of what to do, or even of the right kind of guy. He was hardly a member of FreeFor, from what I can gather, although I don’t really know anything about him to judge. But what he did and what happened to him is relevant).


Of course as you bug out on foot your primary concern will be evasion and avoiding capture. If you retain any form of electronic or media device on your person, in order to try and communicate and tell your story, that will be used to track you and kill you.

So there are really two problems on the PR front at this point: 1) communicating your message and 2) getting that message effectively spread.

Perhaps you have a drop phone in your bug out bag which has no connection to you, and can be used to make a single phone call explaining your story, then tossed away? Or perhaps you commandeer a communication device while evading capture? However, that will involve interaction with others and is probably not what you want to be doing at that point. So you really need to think about ways of getting your message to someone, explaining the situation, that do not get you captured.

If you do manage to get your message out it would have to be to a trusted source in the alternative media, which has a reasonable ability to spread that message and in some way counter the MSM propaganda. Short of making an appearance in the CNN newsroom and hijacking the broadcast it will be hard to get your message out via MSM.

So, this is really good food for discussion and input. Firstly on ways in which to communicate your message while evading after such an incident. Secondly on ways to effectively spread the message to somehow counteract that being put out by the MSM.


Tip: don’t go to ground in a cabin. This is Dorner’s last stand.

Just for examples sake, running through an E&E scenario while writing this post, I was imagining finding myself in the woods on the run. My primary concern would be the tactical aspects of the escape and evasion itself. However let’s suppose a situation where you come across a group of perhaps campers in the woods. Obviously you have to take care of your personal security considerations and you don’t want to take them hostage. However it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that if you don’t scare them out of their wits, you may be able to make a statement to them, or perhaps even record one on their smart phone. I mean it all depends on the dynamics of the situation, but if you somehow make contact, don’t terrify them, and persuade them not to call the authorities immediately, it may be a way of getting your message out. Alternatively they are terrified sheeple who will not cooperate and will turn you in at the earliest opportunity.

You may want to check this post out, for when you are on the run: When they are hunting you.

Food for thought. DISCUSS!

Live Hard.

Die Free.




  1. Max Velocity says:

    Just copied this comment over form the doom & defeat post – it seems to bear repeating:

    TWAT team it is! I was pushing HIT, but it hasn’t caught on. TWAT is good πŸ˜‰

    As a little birdie whispered in my ear, who works for a TLA, if a collapse come’s and they are not getting paid, they ain’t working. However, take that with a pinch of salt – they will still get paid as tyranny hardens pre-collapse, and if they want access to the cookie jar post-collapse they may take whatever the Regime can offer as compensation instead of debtbux. Food, family safety etc.

  2. Ray says:

    Any statement that could be made will be intercepted and suppressed by .GOV/LEO. Involving civilians only puts them and you at inordinate risk. The government forces will only allow the message THEY want heard out NOW. Should all of this become reality, PR and message will be whatever the government controlled “media” makes of it. Unless you have a pirate radio/TV station handy and even then PR will be an “iffy” thing.

  3. Chuck says:

    If one had reason to believe the .gov might be coming after them, it would be reasonable to have emailed statements already out there to multiple outlets in the alt media, perhaps at the various patriot blogs. Twitter and Facebook might be another means. Have some sort of prearranged signal to publish your statement. Just try to keep it short, sweet and pithy so as not to sound like some sort of Dorner-esque rambling manifesto.

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  5. QuietMan says:

    Hmmm. Blog/forum posts from the evader could be released to the public via alternate media by his friends on those sites…. This assumes we know the evader and there is an evading signal that gets sent. .gov ain’t the only folks who can spin something. I know three people I’d get word to, first chance I got.

    Might even work out a link up. πŸ˜‰

  6. QuietMan says:

    Clarification: Posts made before the evader took off. Update at your discretion.

  7. SP says:

    Whichever method of comms is used, I think we can all agree that if it’s video based – keep the weapons and tac gear completely out of screen shot. No tactical clothing or caps or anything that could be construed as militaristic or aggressive.

  8. MM1 says:

    First off, it’s worth mentioning that I am near clueless about anything computer or network security related, but air-gaps between your identity and the origin of your message seem to be a place to start.
    I remember hearing about something called “war-barging” from some half ass wannabe hacker. Basically, it involved driving around neighborhoods with a laptop, looking for unsecured wifi connections to access the internet anonymously.
    Running with that concept, suppose you had the foresight to have picked up a second-hand (yard sale?) laptop that has no possible connection to you and your identity (as in, you took out the old style removable Wifi card, and never even once connected to the internet with it previously.)
    Seems to me like a good first step, but what do I know…
    I’ll stop there, because I know that the Sam Culper types out there can add a lot more to the conversation than I can. Input anyone?

    Very respectfully,

  9. Brad says:

    If you suspect you’re a target, leave a pertinent message on a thumb drive with a trusted friend, or better yet, two friends. Include an email list it should be sent to in gravest extreme: Max, John Mosby, Rawles, Tam, Western Rifle Shooters, and a dozen more, along with any personal friends in any type of mass media. The thumb drive message can be forwarded from public computers to help shield the sender.
    Personal safety aside, in the big picture the media aspect is by far the most important aspect, for both sides.

  10. Dawna says:

    The book “Resistance to Tyranny” by Joseph P. Martino has some great ideas for getting your message out to the public at large. some old school some not.

  11. mr says:

    TOR is an option for underground internet.

    I think more and more people everyday realize our MSM is full of lies, cover ups, and distortion. It’s basically a propaganda machine to aid in taking our rights away. The trust is getting thin.

    Old school word of mouth will be powerful. Good old paper works as well. Mobile hit and run radio, or internet broadcasts/information relay are options.

  12. mr says:

    I think my post got lost.

    I recommended: TOR and other underground internet.

    Hit and run mobile radio broadcasts.

    Good old word of mouth and paper propaganda.

    I think people are losing faith in the MSM more and more and more.

  13. Radio stations are a good avenue. I usually listen to KFI AM 640 on the way to work and during lunch. During the Dorner hunt, while they weren’t pro Dorner, they didn’t let the SBCSD off the hook in burning down the cabin… deliberately, and the cops shooting up those pick-ups. They are also keeping abreast of the Kelly Thomas murder trial going on right now and doing a fine job of bringing us the relevant information going on in that trial.

    If you can find a radio station that doesn’t gyrate its loins in orgasmic copdom adulation with a bent on liberty and will call a spade a spade, that would be a good bet.

    The best solution in getting them that info, unfortunately, is by mail which is post marked, unless you have a drop phone.

  14. Thomas says:

    IO prepares the battle space for operations. IO is not the tool for proclaiming an individual’s innocence. One would use a PR campaign for that type of activity.

    As a counter to the soft tyranny, the IO campaign would point out that the regime is using disproportionate force against its enemies, point out where that violates the law, makes the regime a lawless entity, and drive home the point that no one is safe from their violence.

    The PR campaign comes after an individual is attacked by the TWAT. This has to be orchestrated with the counter message getting into the MSM. That may happen because the alt-media managed to get it inserted, or not. Preferably, the MSM picks it up on their own because of their own bias against authority.

    It is at this point that the individual message about what happened can get out. That is the message on a flash drive that is then handed to the reporter who will, because of their own bias, ensure that it gets put into the public domain.

  15. Stephen says:

    What happens when LEO’s start playing the knockout game?

  16. Ghost says:

    TOR was developed by the Air Force. No back door?

    • TOR was developed for the Navy, not the Air Force. But I’m splitting hairs.

      The “back door” is this: half the exit nodes are the US Gov’s. Anyone running an exit node can see all the traffic exiting it. Also, if someone doesn’t have their configuration of TOR and everything else done right it can compromise them. And someone running TOR might garner more attention/scrutiny in the first place than someone not running TOR.

      I have looked into two TOR-ized live-CD/USB-stick Linux distros, Liberte Linux and Tails. These systems purport to configure everything appropriately and also have encryption, and provide a suite like email, chat, browser etc., all coordinated to work together. If run from a burnt CD or DVD, there is no way that the settings can be changed or cookies persist from session to session. A new session would have the original settings every time.

      On attempting to download Tails, the checksum kept not adding up right, so I assumed that the version of Tails available on their own website is now corrupted or compromised. Perhaps Liberte doesn’t have this problem, but still check the checksum anyway. There is also a distro called Slax, which isn’t anonymized but that has modules you can add to the basic distro that will let you change your MAC address.

      Your network adapter has a unique identifier called a MAC address. No matter where you use the internet or what OS you are using your computer will still have this unique number which could be used forensically to connect whatever you did online with that particular machine. There is software that will temporarily change it – I do not think this software is included with either anonymized distro but I might be wrong.

      Browser settings can also identify your machine, as they are different enough from computer to computer as a fingerprint. This and the MAC address are more of a concern if you are worried about different projects being linked after the fact. For example your personal/family/work life and your secret other life and even two different secret-life projects should not be done on the same computer.

      The upshot of all this is, perhaps computers should be like burner phones if you’ve a mind to use them and not be traced. To that end, a Raspberry Pi might be a good choice of computer, as they only cost around $35 and they are very small (fit in Altoids tin).

      AFAIK there is not a database of new computers’ MAC addresses concatenated with the name of who bought the computer. As it is, people buy and sell used computers and so even if they did start such a database it wouldn’t stay accurate for long.

  17. Sam says:

    β€’ 2 meter via repeater or other ham tech.
    β€’ Use mail, either to send thumb drive, sdcard, or written statement.
    β€’ Include facts of the incident as help to others that may soon be in the same situation.

  18. dan says:

    I’m reacting a to the earlier list of people to mail-out to: Max, Mosby, etc. Please don’t burn a (inter)national resource for a skirmish in your corner of the internet. Seems like WRSA and Rawles might be in the business of posting a link to _your_site_ that gets your story told. But if I were planning to use them in this manner, I’d be asking them first.

    Alternatively, e-mail whoever you want. But don’t get in a snit because they didn’t didn’t fall on your sword.

  19. Matt Bracken says:

    Very worthy discussion topic. If we project forward to a hard police state with politically motivated SWAT teams targeting “enemies of the regime” aka the constitutional freefor, then life is going to be very hard for anybody with a high “disloyalty quotient” as determined by police state misuse of social network analysis and other forms of data-mining. In my case, since “gray man” is not an option anymore, I went the other way, high profile, already writing things like “Dear Mr. Security Agent,” “Gangster Government and Sakharov’s Immunity,” and “What I saw at the coup.” If I come down with Breitbart’s Syndrome or have an unlikely “accident,” those essays are already written and have been thoroughly spread around the internet. It would be interesting to see whether the SOP police-state smear would be capable of overcoming those essays and my books and so on. They are already written, waiting like little mines to shout my manifesto.

  20. Frank Pinelander says:

    Be consistent and rational in all your internet posts/discussions. Unless you do this, any “manifesto” you might be able to get out post event will be worthless.

    If all you have are “cold dead hands” commentary nothing you can post event would help, you’ve hung yourself.

    • SP in NC says:

      Winner winner chicken dinner.

      If your goal is a constitutionally-limited republican form of government that ensures maximum levels of distributed self-government and protects individual liberty, there is nothing wacky, extreme, or “terrorist” about that, regardless of what the media says.

      Your thoughts, views, and opinions should be no surprise to anyone you know now nor should they be a surprise should the current structure become tyrannical.

      Other posters have mentioned Dr. Martino’s book, and I highly recommend it to all. It has great food for thought around, “If we win, what comes after?”

      We are in an ideological struggle and NOW is the time to have your ideas out there, clear as a bell for the world to see. Individual liberty, true free markets, and limited government are strongly appealing to many Americans still.

      Secondly, be involved in your local community and be a good guy. If you are known for being a helpful, intelligent, considerate and caring person, your likelihood of getting local support or non-cooperation with bad people by your neighbors becomes much more likely, should violent political persecution become a reality.

  21. Stones says:

    In the case of Dorner, he lacked a few things in my opinion. Most importantly, friends. Nobody was willing to call the radio stations, or tv stations, or newspapers to say “hey, my buddy Dorner is an okay fella! He was set up!”

    Maybe its because he was a p.o.s., and nobody wanted to associate with him, but I would hope for most of us that wouldnt be the case.

    • SP says:

      Interesting video on youtube by Storm Clouds Gathering concerning a rumour that Dorner was about to expose Police corruption. Unverified but still interesting nonetheless.

      It does make you wonder.

  22. Jack says:

    Very good discussion about a likely future situation. Getting out the truth of government overstepping is vital to sway the minds of the citizens. FrankP’s remark addresses the point of character which I frequently make in these sorts of discussions. Ultimately your character will come out when more information is made available to the public. The “cold dead hands” info doesn’t help. What is even worse is some of the over-the-top posturing some writers make about all the people that they are going to ‘take out’ when the doo-doo aerosol is in the air. That sort of character will never sway the public towards popular support. More likely that they will say “good riddance.”

    Max: please fix the weather before the class next weekend!

    • Max Velocity says:

      Bring your thermal long underwear!

      • Jack says:

        And rain gear…arrggghhhh, I have been in WV when it was raining and in the 30’s-40’s. Perhaps you didn’t see my special request for unseasonably warm (and dry) weather? Well, get snapping! I expect you to have this worked out in the next few days πŸ˜‰

  23. Pericles says:

    A project for the FreeFor folks with physical limitations in addition to other support infrastructure – Radio Free America on the Radio Free Europe model.

    We start now to get our audience share with objective coverage of events, build networks of contacts in alternative media, and when something goes down among our network, we have the communications work arounds to get the message distributed on the other than official version of events.

    Just like RFE or the BBC broadcasting into occupied Europe, there is going to be the need for some relatively defendable / secure locations from which to base operations, including information operations.

  24. QuietMan says:

    Which reminds me: Take a look at


    Move, shoot, AND communicate.

    Lots to be said for a communications schedule and CEOI….

  25. Jim says:

    “TWAT team it is! I was pushing HIT, but it hasn’t caught on. TWAT is good”

    I think you’re making a big mistake with that acronym. Yeah, it’s a great insult to aim but I believe you meant to attach a laser range finder to your AR but accidentally swapped in a grenade launcher instead.

    Otherwise this is a great thread.

  26. Colorado Pete says:

    “Typical Weapons And Tactics”

    How about “Tyrannical Weapons and Tactics”/