Space Available DEC 14/15 CRCD + Rant

DEC 14/15 Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD) Class
December 1, 2013
The Squad – Size and Organization
December 5, 2013

The December 14/15 CRCD class is only half full, in part due to some rescheduling that went on. I am currently sitting at 6 students out of a max of 12. That is fine, the class will run. However, ideally I would have 8 – which is actually a great size for a class.

If there are two of you out there, it’s not too late too book, and that would make a great number.

For the students already booked, bring more ammo if you can, there will be a chance to do more run-throughs on the lanes, if you are up for it.

Takes filter off: of course, with spaces available and not filled on this class, it shows that people are not as serious about getting the training, which is being made available, as they should be. I was just up at the site yesterday hauling wood off the improved parts of the range, and it wasn’t even cold, it was hot. As for the rescheduling, you won’t be able to reschedule the collapse, when you will wish you had got off your ass and trained. 

Oops, did I actually type that, and not just think it?

An an unrelated topic that just came to mind, I received the following review of ‘Contact‘ by a character calling himself ‘The Punisher’ (says it all, right?). Titled: ‘Not for Marines or Army Infantry’:

“If you are a vet you wont find this book of any use. It is a rewrite of a lot of the stuff we practice and conduct on active duty. The only thing I found interesting and the only reason I bought this book was for the counter thermal section. Otherwise just another rewrite of military manuals on patrolling formations and the like.”

OMG. Another ignorant unassailable ego. I mean, I have had recently deployed Marines, even SF, through my CRCD class who benefited from the drills (which are included in ‘Contact‘), either because they had never done drills as conducted in the class, or they needed the practice because it had been a while. They also tell me how poor the Marine infantry is at training these kind of skills. I know how poor the Army is at it. Granted, if you have experience in SOF/SF ‘high speed’ world you will likely have done such small unit break contact drills, but you still need to get out and practice them.

The other thing that really bugs me is calling it a rewrite  of manuals. I have seen this before. The book is a direct result of my real world operational training and experience. Granted, there will be some ‘manual’ in there because I was trained and that training will make its way into my knowledge. That is the ‘good solid basics’. But then there is my security contractor experience, close protection (which translates well to family protection), counter terrorism experience, and even with the basic light infantry stuff there were the years in the Paras where we took those skills, our bread and butter,  to a level far beyond the ‘manual’. It is those kinds of nuggets and diversity and depth of experience that are included in the book.

The review was about the book, not about the class. Clearly if the reviewer is former Marine/Army infantry then there will be commonality of the basics, such as fire and movement and all that. But the book is written for a domestic environment and moves from family tactical defense up through survival/resistance operations with full tactical teams. There is much in the book that comes from close protection, as well as the ‘old school’ infantry tactics included. I can guarantee that there is a lot in the book that he will not have come across before. Even for example, in the sophistication of the squad battle drills, which are a step up from standard FM basics. It appears to me that this is someone who either never read it, or read it without taking it in, because he couldn’t see the wood for his ego.

Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

We are back the the old problem again- EGO. Even considering laziness and lack of physical ability (lack of PT) that stops people showing up for training, EGO is the single biggest problem for successful training and operating as a team. Despite the dysfunction of the military (see this article here on overcoming learned helplessness in the military, which really resonated with me) the one thing it gets right is herding the cats in one direction, however much the actual implementation may be a cluster.

While we are at it, check out Josie the Outlaw. Excellent stuff. Here and Here. Poster spokeswoman of the Restoration!

Live Hard.

Die Free.





  1. F says:

    Sorry your class is only half full : (
    But i look forward to executing more lanes and will bring lots of ammo!!! : ))

    I agree with some people reading stuff w/o taking it in.
    Thats very common these days.
    I am usually a speed reader but I find myself reading CONTACT for the 2nd time and slowly..because I like to ruminate a little bit on each chapter in my mind.

    PS: If/when you get a forum rolling then within a year for two you will have to turn students down

  2. pat says:

    As someone who is former Marine infantry, who has attended multiple courses and who owns both versions of “Contact”, this persons assessment is way off. My personal opinion is that by insulting the book he doesn’t have to admit his own short comings. As you said… Ego. Its a bigger problem than lack of PT or laziness. Ego gets folks killed quick. So as someone from a similar background as “The Punisher”, I say he is full of shit. I would highly recomend this book and this training. On a side note, “Patriot Dawn” is an excellent fictional depiction of the TTPs described in “Contact”.

    • QuietMan says:

      I’ll second all that and say if even you think you’re high speed, the networking and friends you’ll meet are worth the price of admission. More than worth it, in fact. Put up a hootch. Plus you’ll learn something.

      I drove over 1K miles to be there, and I’m not exactly new at this. I did it because Max is cranking out a lot of folks in a year and the odds of running into them grow daily. You really don’t want to figure out who’s doing what with whom on the fly.

  3. C says:

    I really enjoy your books and hope to make to a class of yours sometime in the spring. Regarding Contact, I found it incredibly helpful precisely because it distilled pertinent information down to a size that is easily digestible for most people. Thank you.

  4. John says:

    There is no excuse for not training. I wasn’t in the best shape when I went to train, but that didn’t stop me. It may have hampered my ability to move as quickly as others, but it did not stop me.

    I’ll be back in better shape.

    Thanks Max!


  5. F says:

    Ok fellas,

    seriously now… get youself to a class even if you have to drive from a couple states away.

    Others have….

  6. Diz says:

    Same here. As a Marine vet, I got plenty out of the book. Even if everything the guy said was true (which it isn’t), if I can get one little nugget out of every book I read, I consider it worth it.

    True professionals are always seeking new ideas, concepts, etc., while constantly training and honing their skills. I guess the Punisher is so bad-ass he doesn’t need any professional reading or probably any sustainment training. Bet he has the skull spray painted on his gear though.

  7. Mt Top Patriot says:

    Don’t worry too much Max. The guys advice is worthless. If with out are without training in small infantry tactics, what this mutton head says doesn’t help yo.

    If he is such a know it all ninja bad ass special forces been there done it guy, he should put his money where his big mouth is and buck it up like you do and help folks who want proper training get it.

    Bet you dollars to donuts, if he has been trained properly, has been in small unit combat, special forces like, he would understand working with partisans is a prerequisite, that all good training is good no matter the source.

    Only asses who don’t have a clue run their mouths like that guy.

  8. Miles says:

    This guy is another armchair clown. Being in the service and having done the “drills” does not mean you have been in contact. Once you have been “blooded” you appreciate all the training, then when you make it back and there is PDT, you welcome heading to Salisbury plain, Brecon’s, Scotland etc. All training is valuable, its the little things that you do automatically that keep you alive. Old saying, “Train hard, Fight easy”

  9. hbbill says:

    Valid excuse or not remember that the holidays are upon us and many have family plans and such. Could be a reason for your drop in attendance.

    I would love to attend but you are what I would describe as geographically undesirable. I may just pony up and do it anyway next year.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  10. Wrench says:

    Max, I truely would love to meet and train with you on the 14 & 15, however I almost have a tendon in my right wrist mended and I do not think I could run the exercises, unless you think it may not hinder. I trained with Chris Dodge/MDT in Oct at EVTC. As an old gunny used to tell me; Getting old isn’t for sissy’s. BTW, just started reading Contact. Enjoyed Patriot Dawn.

  11. D Close says:

    Max, I will be there, for the second time. Looking forward to it. I just spent a freaking small fortune on long underwear and it’s hot up there? I’m rearranging my belt, loading mags and just pumped because it’s great training.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Bring the long underwear – who knows what it will be like that weekend, and that is the base layer if you need it.

  12. Paul Wilson says:

    Speaking as a former marine (0311) (low speed) I will testify the manual is excellent. Having attended a CRCD class I can say my pre existing skill set was remarkably enhanced. Solid light infantry, small unit (2-4) man operating tactics. Stuff to keep you alive and functional. I never trained like this and I suspect the vast majority of priors didn’t either. It’s a different world when you don’t have all the accoutrements of the modern military to haul your ass around with wrath of God fire support available on a whim. If you just walked out of AIT last week, you need to come here.

    Besides, in case you’ve never experienced it, or maybe you’ve forgotten because it’s been so long ago. The sound and smell of gunfire, being in the company of men moving with purpose. Like Patton said, God help me but I do love it so.

    A storm is coming friends. The wise man prepares himself accordingly.