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November 20, 2013
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November 21, 2013

I’ve had a couple of emails from people interested in the Arltis B110 smock. This is the one that is usually not sold in the US due to lack of demand. I just received the B210 smock. This has a thin liner inside for increased wind protection. Its an excellent jacket, but more ideal for fall/winter use.

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Arktis are dong me a favor and sending me a B110 jacket for testing and review. They will have to special order it so it may take a little while.  If it is like the B210 but without the lining, it should be a excellent jacket, and at the lighter weight will be more of a universal season smock, just like the SAS original.

If you are interested in having Arktis special order in the B110, then email me or comment here and we can see if they are prepared to either special order it or just start selling it. Let’s create the demand. The new jacket of choice for Patriots!

HERE is the link to the UK site for the B110.



Combat Smock. Arktis’s Combat smock is exactly the same as the Waterproof smock except it lacks the drop liner. This means it is a lighter weight and is a ‘stripped down’ version of the B310. Ideal for high exertion use.

  • Outer material Arkis’s own 50/50 Ripstop for extreme breathability and water-repellency
  • Fully articulated construction
  • Large boxed pockets
  • Wire in hood for shaping
  • Twin needled underarm seam for strength
  • Storm flap
  • Adjustable drawcord waist, channel is bartacked at key points of wear
  • Adjustable draw cord base channel
  • Double ended zip, with webbing insert for ease of opening
  • Large slide buttons bound in
  • Patch Notebook pocket with 3cm stitch from edge for pen loop
  • Cord channel in hood for adjustment
  • Smaller zipped entry document pouch
  • Reinforced ‘felled’ seams throughout
  • Cuff adjustment
  • External waist drawcord adjustment with bartacked exit
  • Central rank tab with small slide button to secure
  • This garment can be twin needled


Edit: Note: please see my comment below with the email from ArktisUSA. For those wanting the B110 Arktis Windproof smock, please contact ArktisUSA direct. I am not collecting or forwarding names for a group order. Thanks.



  1. F says:

    I’m in for one. : )

  2. Acheson Harden says:

    I would go in on this as well as the thermal shelter.

  3. Jay says:

    Copy that… Under 200 I am in

  4. shawya says:

    I stumbled across a smock made by Voodoo Tactical on SG, I think it’s called the Tac 1, but I haven’t been able to find a single review online that wasn’t done by a 14 year old airsofter. Since there’s a dirth of smocks in the US, I thought it was worth pointing out. I’d be curious if anyone here has one, too, since the price is tempting.

  5. Ray says:

    So…We plan to operate in field and forest. Explosives(the stuff in the OPFORS blast fragmentation rounds)Tracer fire and WP all tend to set hardwood and evergreen forest on fire. 50/50 NYCO catches fire, melts and clings to people with extreme ease. The clothing you endorse is made from 50/50 NYCO a fabric known to explosively catch fire. I thought you Brits had learned this lesson in the 1980s when all those Royal Marines got burnt up when their clothing(polyco-NYCO) and equipment(Nylon) melted and caught fire after that Argentine bombing raid.– Yes I know that some equipment can’t be replaced with anything else .But wearing a piece of kit that can give me third degree burns, seems contrary to my basic survival. Myself I try to never carry or wear anything that hasn’t got an ignition temp. higher than mine.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Ray: that’s a bit melodramatic. I’m fully aware of the issues with cotton vs nylon clothing etc. it is particularly relevant in vehicles, for when they catch on fire, as learned in Iraq and leading to the ban on under armor etc in favor of cotton clothing.
      We operate in the boonies because the urban is a death trap. Traditionally jungle clothing and standard combat clothing is made from material such as NYCO because it is better in the environment and the assessed risk from burning is less.
      For example, we were never allowed to wear nylon jungle combat clothing in Northern Ireland simply due to the riot threat from petrol bombs. But everywhere else, including Falklands war etc, windproof type clothing like this was worn.
      I don’t think we are at the point of having to wear nomex suits in the woods. Bear in mind that most outdoor clothing, which works far better in the weather than cotton, is synthetic.
      It’s all assessed risk vs performance. Have to keep a proper perspective.

      • Max Velocity says:

        Also: the Welsh Guards who were burned in the Falklands incident of which you speak, were caught on board a ship, the Sir Galahad, when it was struck at anchor by an enemy missile. The big issue was that they were not ordered of the ship when they should have been, to live ashore, due to the harsh weather conditions. We all know he shipboard risk of fire, and the special suits worn by sailors in the event of it.

        • Miles says:

          Sir Galahad incident was a real command fuck up.
          Black gear vs green gear has always taken this question into account. black gear – fireproof overalls, green – not.
          Still got me old smock, but for some reason it seems to shrink over the years… maybe XL is the old M ? 🙂

    • Mike Dismuke says:

      You are basing your clothing and equipment selection on but one criteria. Well, there is a danger of getting your shit heated up to a synthetic melting point, but I would add you probably will have larger issues, such as missing bits of your anatomy.

      What would be your alternative? Either FR or cotton? If FR, you have expense, limited selection, availabilty, etc. Doable but not very practical to equip and sustain. If cotton, the stuff is very hot, heavy, and slow to dry. Also not very durable in field environment.

      You didn’t mention gortex, or other rubber-coated products. These would be worse than the windproof smock, according to your criteria. What are you going to use for rain gear? Overhead cover? Bivy sack?

      If you aren’t willing to carry anything with a higher ignition point than yourself, well, you’re gonna get mighty wet and probably die of exposure before you’re blown up, I’d wager. Like Max said, trade-offs.

  6. Max Velocity says:

    From ArktisUSA, reproduced with their permission:

    “Let me clarify however the B110 availability. The Arktis B110, B210 and B310 are all the same Smock- called a Parka in the US- but with different liners. For the 14 years Arktis North America has operated, overwhelmingly the B310 Waterproof Parkas has been the largest seller of the three. Local, State and Federal law enforcement, military, and many other agencies who need serious outdoor protection appreciate this product, especially the B310 durability and it’s soft and quiet performance as opposed to Gortex products. As we like to point out, noone in the World knows crap weather better than the Brits!

    We are the US importer and are pleased to order and stock whatever our customers need. It must be understood that the factory in the UK is not a large facility and we are subject to their production schedule. They keep virtually no stock as it goes out the door upon completion. If we do not have it in stock, likely they do not as well. We can order it. For US customers to attempt direct order from the factory in the UK, they will find their inquiry redirected to Arktis North America. It is certainly their choice to order from any of the shops in the UK that sell Arktis, however, by doing so they will be subject to the import duty and will not have warranty or exchange service from the US. It will have to go back to the shop it was purchased.

    An order of B110 would likely be received in the US by end of January.”

    So: best contact them direct with order requests and if they get enough they may be able to move on this.

  7. Guy Gardner says:

    Hello Max,
    I like the idea of the B110 as well. Are we going through you or Arkis? You should know we have been waiting for your thermal poncho/MVT shield since you put the idea forward in Patriot Dawn. Thanks Max, for your hard work.
    God bless you and yours, Guy Gardner

  8. Michael Brady says:

    I’m looking for exactly that…preferably in M90 Swede pattern. I bought the Arktis hot weather shirt, and it rivals anything on land or water!

  9. Tater in SC says:

    I’m in. Size 2XL, Color Coyote.

    Tater in SC

  10. Nolan says:

    Seems that this jacket would be of good value. I currently use the Gen 2 ECWCS Jacket by Tru-spec. A optional fleece liner zips into if needed. Good price point as well.,2548/1

    I may be interested in B110 as an additional jacket.

  11. Jim Bowie says:

    Please put me on the list for one.

  12. Mat says:

    +1 for B110 in USA

  13. Red Forman says:

    Just received my smock from Perfect fit (after finding a translator for Brit sizing – 170/104) and seems to be new, non-issued. Not a fault on the whole garment, appears brand new. Looks like a great piece of kit. I have a hog hunting trip planned for the weekend of Thanksgiving. Will be a great shake-down cruise of the smock.

    Max, if you read this, there are several patches on the smock:

    The Union Jack (of course), a C-47 type aircraft silhouette, and a sword on the left arm. A blue and white patch on the right. These mean anything to you?

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