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AAR # 4 – CRCD Class 12/13 Oct
October 22, 2013
Patrol Class Gear Questions
October 24, 2013
There has been an issue with purchasing the new second edition of Contact, for those who already have it on their Kindle. I am in touch with Amazon about this. It will likely resolve one of two ways:
1) You will eventually be able to update to the new version through the ‘manage your kindle’ Amazon page.
2) They will free it up for re-purchase.
I suspect the first option will happen, but this may all take up to four weeks to resolve. It is really in Amazon/Kindle’s hands.
However, I will say this: I am strongly of the opinion that a manual such as Contact II should be purchased in hard copy version. It is not only easier to read and reference, and go back to diagrams and all that, but it will outlast the collapse, whereas your Kindle won’t. If you already have Contact I on Kindle, then take this as an opportunity to purchase the hard copy of Contact II.
There has been a little bit of carping from some quarters about the fact that I have brought out an expanded second edition. To listen to some of you, I have done you a disservice. I copy in this comment on the original POST as a summary of what I think of that:

Um, hello? It’s $20 – and he added 200 pages. Buy it already.

And yes, by relaying my experience and training in this way it also helps to put food on my children’s table. That’s a free market economy right? If you are reading this blog, you do support that right? To listen to some of the comments, some people appear more at home in the FSA with an entitlement attitude, rather than willing to shell out a small amount of cash for a wealth of knowledge and information. Grasping fuckers. 
“This Is America! We are coming for the Free Shit Army!”
For the majority who have supported me by purchasing these books, I thank you. In reality, it was royalties from book sales that allowed me to open my training site because it allowed me to purchase expensive items such as the electronic pop-up targets and the Ranger Crew to shuttle you out to the site. This has all been invested into the training site in order to allow me to bring the standard of training that I wanted to liberty minded folks, to prepare them for the upcoming festivities. At the rates I charge for training, I’ll be in the red for a while. That’s why book sales help. 
It’s all for the cause of Liberty, right? 
I can tell you that those electronic pop-up targets and all the rest of the investment into range gear will not feed my children SHTF, but I hope it will allow me to train sufficient  numbers of good honest liberty minded folks to be able to survive, which in itself may have a cumulative survival effect.
In the meantime, if you want something free, earn it (so it ain’t free, really). 
If you are looking for a Kindle book, then I recommend a novel, such as Patriot Dawn.
Also, Bracken has a give-away going on his Enemies Trilogy. I just downloaded one free and purchased the other two. See THIS POST for comments on  gouging free shit off Bracken. He is doing it to spread the word for the cause of Liberty, but I’m sure he would rather actually earn a  royalty from his hard work. 
Live Hard, Die Free.


  1. Anonymous says:

    We don’t always agree on many things however what you are doing by making a second edition has value and worth. There is nothing wrong with it. I bought the 1st on kindle and will get the 2nd in hardback. I’m intesreted to see if you have added anything from your experience in “civil affairs” and what a civil affairs unit actually does or will do in it’s CONUS role should an emergency arise.
    Insofar as the free stuff from the other author I dont see anything wrong with it. Most have no idea who he is and if they read something for free and like it then they may be more inclined to BUY something he writes in the future. The target crowd is limited as is and with this trilogy it will get even more limited with the race issues these bring forward.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Perplexed by the ‘race issues’ thing. Clearly there is a lot of race baiting that goes on from the libtards, and as a result of that we have ‘race issues’ that could have been avoided – but authors such as Bracken, and myself, tend to call it like it is as realists. Not from a desire to be ‘racist’ (whatever that means nowadays – don’t listen tot eh SPLC) but simply to call it what it is.
      Civil Affairs – not so much, they make a brief appearance in Patriot Dawn.

  2. I will be purchasing the hard copy shortly. Thanks for the effort you put into helping educumacate those of us who need the training.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just finishing the original “Contact” and don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for the revised version so I can pass the original on to my neighbor/family/someone. Do yourself a favor, don’t buy “50 Shades of Gray part VI” or whatever and get something useful. Help edumacate those in your AO.


  4. Anonymous says:

    You are taking it too personally. You’re not the only one in need of funds and some folks may have just laid out hard earned dollars for the first. No criticism intended but folks everywhere are hurting and your attitude is less than productive. Having read the first I will also read the second and soon will read Mosby’s. But surely you can understand why someone who just bought the first MIGHT be a little pissed at seeing the second come out as soon as they finish it. You should not give your knowledge away, but don’t be surprised when, in this case, people are a little miffed. It’s not all about people wanting something for nothing.

    • DAN III says:

      Anonymous@151822OCT….think about it….you don’t think twice about $20+ for a pizza and beer. Why worry about Max updating his book and offering the new edition for sale ? You don’t mind paying your Internet server beaucoup monthly price increases over the last 4 years, do you ? If it’s that big of a deal just don’t frequent sites advertising the book and read your 1st edition to your hearts content. Myself, I have found MaxV to be an honest and righteous man. I’m buying the hard copy later today, even though I have the 1st edition on my tablet.

  5. Good grief. Back before I retired I wrote an engineering textbook. It went through three editions. I never heard anyone say that I somehow cheated them by coming out with a revised edition, containing new data, new material, etc. That’s what a second edition is for. Congratulations on your updated version. I’ll probably buy it.

  6. justin says:

    To listen to some of you, I have done you a disservice.

    LOL. Thanks for your work, Max.

    My hardcopy of the 2nd edition should be here Thursday. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    I purchased it and Rapid Fire because of the complaints, hope it helps. Mr. Martino’s book is next.

  8. carlwk3c says:

    Bought your books (and Bracken’s) quite a while back.

    My recommendation is screw the people who want free shit.

    Are they REALLY the kind of folks we want to be better fighters? Personally, I think not. I think that most of the free shit folks will become looters when SHTF, and I’d just as soon we didn’t help them be better at it.

  9. Phil says:

    I swear, some people seem to think that writing a book such as this can be done during your lunch hour and that there are publishers beating down the door with their hands out waiting for you to get done.

    I’m surprised no one has asked if it comes with a free phone.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Max, I just deleted contact from my kindle then repurchased it you books are worth the extra price of re-buying .
    I also purchased the hard cover. You provide a valuable service and your hard work is appreciated.
    By being prepared and willing to defend liberty maybe this can serve as a Deterrent to TPTB ? If not we will be better prepared for the upcoming festivities.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Max, thanks for the info., as for the freeloaders, F**K ‘EM, just keep putting that quality stuff out for the rest of us who believe in what this great country was founded upon, a free market system.

    • Anonymous says:

      Max, I have all of your previous books in hard copy, and am glad I do..I will get this one too….Keep up the good work…Yankee Terrier

  12. JT Essex says:

    Just got the second edition, absolutely a great value Max. The added blogs are definitely a bonus. Thank You and keep up the hard work. A little over $20, bargain at twice the price!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Gonna purchase the hardcopy right now, after reading the comments. Keep up the great work Max.

  14. “….to listen to some of the comments, some people appear more at home in the FSA with an entitlement attitude, rather than willing to shell out a small amount of cash for a wealth of knowledge and information. Grasping fuckers…”

    To pile on, I hate to say that this is more or less the same for everything- people want the moon for a song.
    I can actually understand if someone is annoyed because they just bought Ed.1, and now here’s Ed. 2, especially for folks on a tight budget, but what can you do? DanIII’s comment was spot on- plus it’s all just monopoly money anyway, right? Sometimes you just have to suck it up and pay for things. Or, horror of horrors, you make do with Ed.1- nobody’s being forced to upgrade, right? Sheesh….

  15. Diz says:

    The info is worth $40.00, suck it up buttercup. Just got 2d edition. Very much worth the addition. BTW, Max amazon didn’t show 2d edition this morning when you search up your name. Had to goof around to bring it up so I could leave a review.

    As a note, I bought beaucoups editions of “Freedom of the Hills” and a few other classic tomes. Maybe the timeline was compressed, but in this case, it’s probably a good thing. Will pass on 1st edition to interested parties.

    And another note. To get full value out of Max’s training class, this book will be required reading. If you already know and understand the concepts, then you will spend less time processing info and more time practicing it.

    And final note. Might as well spend money now. Just sayin’.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Bought first edition paperback in August, and just bought second edition paperback. Definitely worth it and no regrets. I’ll give the first edition to some worthy soul at my local range. Come on FSA, if you haven’t fully learned, trained and maximized what you learned in Ed1 then quit whining about Ed2. Pay it forward – to Max, your tribe, a recruit. You might need that guy on your 6 someday.

    Scouts Out.