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October 1, 2013
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October 3, 2013
As I sometimes do, I am going to expand on two comments posted on: ‘The Ingredients for your Victory: Tactics + Gear.’
First one:
“And how do you think the actual resistance fighters will feel about the fat-asses holed up in their bunkers, not doing any of the heavy lifting? Maybe they will do some redistribution of their own….”
And now your my enemy as much as the Regime. I thought you guys were about freedom, guess not.

And then I think the same guy comes back to my response with:

“So, with my bad heart, and my fat ass, I have two choices:
Do what the Regime wants, turn over my stuff or get my head blown off.
Do what the Resistance wants, turn over my stuff or get my head blown off.
Yep, enemies on both sides.
I love your version of freedom.”

This one illustrates a fundamental mindset problem and a misunderstanding. In fact, having inserted the statement in the original body of the post,  I was waiting for a bite. Thanks for obliging.  
The thing is this: as a supporter of Liberty I have no intent to infringe on yours. Come  SHTF, it is up to you what you do. A fundamental duty is implied in the task of prepping to protect your family and try to survive through to the other side. That is the basic start state – family protection – before you can think about active resistance. But here is is: you can be a ‘prepper’ just worried about surviving, or you can additionally be concerned about Liberty and Tyranny. If you are the second type of Liberty minded prepper, then don’t whine about the potential of people stealing your shit if you are not actually prepared to do something about tyranny. That goes back to my comments about the selfish fat-ass prepper hoping to hunker down and wait it out – fine, but who is going to do the heavy lifting of fighting tyranny for you? Are you in fact, a Free Shit Army supporter masquerading as a prepper? You want it handed out to you? 
The thing is, in SHTF, Liberty is not going to win by default. There needs to be a Resistance. Some are training and prepared to put it on the line to win back that Liberty: 
“The point is that, for many of us, it is not about simply holing up and surviving, it is about going out and fighting to WIN. To defeat the bad guys. Granted, if you engage in combat there is a chance you will be wounded or killed. Most of us are willing to put it on the line because we believe in Liberty, we believe in Freedom, and we will not be oppressed; we will not kneel to tyranny. That is why we train, plan and apply tactics in order to increase our chances of success and mitigate the dangers as much as we can, while having an effect on the enemy.”

Those guys are the fighters, making up tactical resistance teams. If you read my post (I mean actually read it, and comprehend it, not just look for stuff to whine about) then you will see that the idea is that they also have to be self-sufficient, as preppers as well as fighters, and protect their families. But after months and years of fighting, who knows what will happen? The clear implication is that they will be fighting, and thus be potentially wounded, dead or at the very least having less time to tend the vegetable garden.
This is where we introduce those who are either unable or unwilling to actually fight. These are the guys that the active fighters are putting it on the line for, to fight for YOUR Freedom, your Liberty – to fight for your right to be a fat-ass and sit among your piles of dehydrated food in your bunker.
So if you are serious about Freedom, don’t expect to sit pretty filling your fat face while others fight on your behalf. However, if you are physically or mentally not up to the task of active combat, there is a role for you. So, quit whining and get on with it. “Woe is me, I was worried about tyrannical government stealing my food, now Max says the Resistance is going to steal it too. Woe is me, I may actually lose a few pounds…”)
The way you help is in the network, commonly called the auxiliary. You help out in other ways. If you have a prepper farm, you can produce food and donate a portion it to the fighters. You can move information around, conduct covert recce while driving into town, whatever. 
The point is, you can whine about infringements on your ‘freedom’ or you can actually do something about it, within the limitations of your physical or mental state. For me, I don’t equate ‘freedom’ with the right to be a selfish fat-ass, but I do respect your right to disagree with me and continue to be a selfish fat-ass. But if I have been fighting the Regime for three years and my family is starving, I many knock on your door and ask for a charity handout of Mountain House. If you turn me away, I may give you a few choice words. Don’t tell me: you will set your killer bees on me, or shoot me down at 1000 yards from your ridge….you long range killer bee sniper you.
Bottom line, if people are serious about fighting tyranny and getting back to a free Republic, they have to be prepared to be less selfish, less exceptionally selfish, and sacrifice a little for the cause of freedom. Its called being a team. 
For an example of all this, read ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises‘ – it’s a funny old thing, but you may even think that I wrote it for this purpose…?
And now the second comment:

Anonymous October 1, 2013 at 8:49 PM

Respectfully, this is bordering on ridiculous.

Sixteen (16) magazines and 480 rounds of ammo itself is about 18 pounds. Another 9 pounds for your AR rifle with optics. Add on canteens, water, food, compass, NVGs, pack, etc. and your “patrol” is going to be tits up on the ground gasping for a medic. Few of your readers are capable of carrying anything close to the weights that you are suggesting.

Why do I say that?

Here is a video with a few of your typical readers…


There is something else that needs to be remembered. Any patrol is going to be expending more calories than they can carry and more calories than their comrades back at basecamp can PRODUCE! If there really is a SHTF scenario than it is going to be all hands on deck: to tend to the fields, tend to the garden, tend to the nets; and the traps; to check the snares and hunt for game.


Because the local Piggly Wiggly will be closed for good.

When it comes to patrols (if necessary) the use of vehicles, ATVs, horses, bicycles, even pack animals make more sense.
Max Velocity October 2, 2013 at 2:50 AM

You, Sir, have clearly not been listening (‘Respectfully’ LOL). How to answer this in minimum words? Read the blog, read my books.
1. No-one ever said it was going to be easy. Infantry work takes effort and fitness.
2. PT
3. I have not had time to look at the video in full, but the bottom line is that these guys are training, which is likely more than you are doing – so it is not the critic that counts, but the man in the ring with blood on his face.
4. 7/11 Closed? No shit sherlock, it’s fucking SHTF. Isn’t that the point?
5. If you read the blog you would see how much I bang on about tactical mobility and options in that realm.
6. PT
7. Yes calories will be limited, that’s why we plan for SHTF and have a team (families etc) at the retreat. You can still carry your infantry fighting gear if 7/11 is closed – just look at history.

Oh no, Sheetz is closed and I can’t order my fat burger on the touch screen computer, so all my SHTF planing is out the window. Fuck, who would have thought it, right….?

You sir, need to grasp your balls, to check if they are still there, then do some push ups and pack a fighting load.


OK: that speaks for itself. Now I must spend less time blogging and more time concentrating on writing the sequel to Patriot Dawn
Live Hard, Die Free.


  1. justin says:

    Right on.

    Sixteen (16) magazines and 480 rounds of ammo itself is about 18 pounds. Another 9 pounds for your AR rifle with optics. Add on canteens, water, food, compass, NVGs, pack, etc. and your “patrol” is going to be tits up on the ground gasping for a medic. Few of your readers are capable of carrying anything close to the weights that you are suggesting.

    Sound like this might be a bit of projecting. I can carry a combat load just fine. I don’t see a problem with hardening the body to do these things.

    Some folks can’t do these things, and that’s perfectly fine- auxiliaries, as you mention often.

    To say that the average American man cannot carry a combat load might be accurate, but the wonderful thing about the body is that it adapts- if you push it to.

  2. Chuck says:

    Seems as though the first commenter left out a third consideration: looters and raiders who are neither Resistance nor Regime. Good luck fighting those off all by his lonesome. Effectiveness of the “lone wolf” sniper model of retreat defense diminishes exponentially with each additional adversary in the group attacking the retreat. It also fails to take into account that there are 360 degrees in a circle and 24 hours in a day. Even killer bees can’t be everywhere at once and have to sleep sometime.

    He might want some help from time to time.

  3. Rick says:

    I have never been in the military or involved in any armed conflict, but from what I’ve read the ration of trigger pullers to overall unit size is 9 support personnel to ever trigger puller. Support personnel are axillary. Excellent point Max. Even in the military, not everyone see combat up close and personal, yet they are still in the military because they are required to support those that are on the front lines. Axillary is very important. Not everyone gets to be the quarterback because some people still have to provide the blocking. Not real romantic and exciting, but necessary all the same.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Can stop all this” beating about the bushes” and tell us what you really think?



  5. When is the “Butt-Hurt” ever going to stop?!?!?

    oh well . . .

    You you’re doing everything within your power to better the situation than good on ya.

    If not “Be honest with yourself and get the work done”.

    Liked both the original post and follow up.

  6. Mt Top Patriot says:

    We are all in this together if we want to be or not.
    We are all in this pickle because we were not vigilant in protecting our Liberty.
    We are bound by some very common essential causes.
    Redemption is something that is never too late.

    Tyranny is an equal opportunity oppressor.
    It does not differentiate between young or old, man or woman or child.

    I’m older, I know I will be less than an ideal partisan because my body is worn out, but tyranny don’t care.
    But I do.
    I’ll be damned everlasting to hell if I’m going to let another man die for my liberty or for my family.
    It is simple as that.

    I can only do what I can within the reality of my limitations.
    But by Lord I’m going to be the best I can.
    I may be slow, my knees weaker, my body worn down by a life of hard working, but I have every bit of fight in me, with a bit more cunning and wisdom, let me tell you, I’m the kind of enemy to tyranny that will not be denied.
    I figure I have everything to gain and nothing to loose when it comes to a fight.

    I reckon it is a reckoning coming down the pike, non of us are getting a free ride, and sooner we all stick together, the better and stronger we are for it.

    Being an effective partisan is only one part of the equation of protecting our loved ones, and resistance to tyranny. We have to win. And, we have to come out the other side better or it. Better than what got us in this mess in the first instance.

    Everyone has a part to play, good or bad.
    The best thing is we can each find our place, play ome part that contributes towards a common goal.

    I believe we are on the cusp of a gestalt.
    Where we are beginning to understand far too many of us are isolated, feel alone, overwhelmed by the daunting prospects of resistance to the tyranny encroaching into every facet of the sphere of our lives and Liberty.

    But that is where our greatest strengths lie.
    When you begin to believe you are not alone, that there are folks who care also, who have something to offer, and by example or hard work lead the way.

    Some example naturally takes the form of hard love, or kinship. Regardless, it is a bitter pill best soon swallowed, because on the other side lies redemption, and ultimately victory.

    Something to keep in mind, no matter how scared you may feel, it is the courage and bravery to go forward regardless that wins the day, no matter the obstacles or limitations in the way.
    It is overcoming, adapting and persevering, human nature, that is the greatest assault weapon weapon invented.

    It is what Max offers in this light that becomes priceless.
    We can’t preserve our families, by extension our property, lives and Liberty alone.
    How to shoot your rifle with deadly accuracy, how to hump your load, and outfight your enemy is one part of what Max teaches, he is showing us how to outflank our enemies with more than bullets and tactics.
    He is showing us how to be free from oppression.

    I have been inspired by Max. He is like a hero to me, something to aspire and live up to.
    I get he gear stuff, beginning to get a grasp on the tactical, but what is the best lesson, is here is a guy who cares about others to do what he is doing.
    I hope I can measure up in some small way.

  7. seth says:

    If people actually read your book they would realize that you do talk about what those not capable of infantry work can do. They are not liabilities, which some think you suggest, but are absolutely necessary to make the resistance function.

  8. FormerSapper says:

    I was perusing a gun board for information on the AR-15 (I am going to Slovenia soon to get up to scratch on some tactical training and want to learn as much as I can about the AR-15) and noticed this little gem of a thread: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_10_17/668601_Fat_ass_preppers__your_stuff_belongs_to_us_.html. The most amusing part in that whole thread? The guy called FerFal talks a brave game but he fled Argentina to go and live in Northern Ireland and his only experience? Living in some shithole for a few years before fleeing to the UK.

  9. KFC says:

    First, since I’ve never posted here, let me thank Max for everything he’s doing. I’m reading Contact, and dearly hope to be able to train with you one day. Everything Max says here makes good sense to me.

    Sapper, thanks for that link. I don’t go to that site so I would have missed that thread and its hilarious world of butthurt. We should remember the words of a wise man: “some men you just can’t reach.”

    No one is going to be able to convince the whiners on that thread of anything, because like the majority of mankind, they are terrified of reality and expend endless amounts of energy throwing up cognitive walls around their minds to block off the scariness of it all. And make no mistake, that’s what the majority of what people call prepping is, an elaborate flight from reality. You can always spot the type by their hang-ups with what’s “fair”. That’s the beginning and end of every argument with them (well that along with their sniping bluster). Any reasonable man, unless he is eaten up inside with fear or too lazy to take precautions, comes to grip at a young age with the realization that the good guy, the one who is right, who holds the ethical high ground, is the one who oftentimes loses in a fight unless he gets lucky. And fair’s got nothing to do with it. So you concentrate on the nature of the fight and how to win it. But in their fright or torpor, if you try to reason with them about reality (thus threatening to tear down their wall of fantasy), they immediately turn it into a snarling accusation of your having approved of such things, and take refuge in an obstinate denial of proven facts. I don’t say this to goad them or sneer at them, because people are people, and as such, are weak, and every man has his limit beyond which his strength and fortitude will fail.

    So I guess my point is, that some of us want to learn, and we don’t want it sugar coated. Tell it like it is, that’s all that we ask. Don’t apologize for being right. If a man is ready for the truth he will seek it and accept it, and if not he’ll probably say it’s not fair, and that he’ll snipe you, and that fat guys are really much tougher than those wannabes who actually exercise and avoid gluttony.

    I’m going to go ahead and mention that although years ago I read ferfal’s blog with a certain amount of interest, he sounds like a real queen in that thread. And in the “That ain’t fair!” theme, several are saying how un-American it all is that some desperate souls might take from others, how unworthy of the memory of our Founding Fathers, who never, ever fought a war of conquest against any Indian, or British, or Canadian, or Mexican, no sirree! Not ever! Why, they never even held anyone in lifelong servitude on pain of death I’ll just bet you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mormons store plenty of chow, it would probably be a good idea to identify them now for resupply stops!