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October 1, 2013
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October 2, 2013

Have you seen this video:



Bottom line, the guy was probably unarmed, it is after all New York. He is being attacked by multiple assailants on motorcycles, who are chasing him. He has his wife and child in the car. He probably did not know what to do. If armed, start killing them. Either way, the vehicle is the first weapon, which he uses initially to get away. Once he gets stopped in traffic, he essentially does not want to let that happen. Find a way out, keep the vehicle moving (and the doors locked!), if that means reversing over them then so be it. That is life and death right there. Start killing them, with the vehicle or a firearm if you have one (which you should) until the threat goes away. In fact, just start killing them, get your family to safety, and keep killing them until they are all dead. Maybe kneecap a few of them, just to teach them a lesson. That’s how I feel about that. 
Oh yea: where are the fucking cops?

OK, for you pacifists out there, who disagree with my response of extreme violence, take a look at this video. This is how it can go down. In this case, the first mistake was driving into the funeral procession and then not getting away. Even though they were armed with limited ammunition they probably would not have gotten out on foot. The vital thing here would have been to try and keep the car moving. Once it was surrounded, with a  magazine or two of 9mm, it would probably have not been  enough even if they had aggressively fired into the crowd. Note: these are off duty soldiers, not special ops undercover guys. They are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, carrying issued self protection sidearms. 
Why was the crowd so riled up? Because this (video below) had happened a few days before. A handgun and hand grenades failed to really keep this mob at bay. Watch as they chase him , while he fires a handgun and throws grenades. They eventually catch him (Loyalist Michael Stone) and the RUC show up and take him into custody before he would have been most likely killed. How about that for your SHTF planning?!
Live Hard, Die Free.


  1. Anonymous says:

    First saw this story in a NYC paper online. The comments were crazy and anti-gun. It went like this… “If the driver had been armed there would have been gun-related deaths. As it was there were no life threatening injuries.”

    The urbanites in all of our big cities are simply out of touch with the real world. Any mob targets me or my wife will be in for a surprise.

    Keep up the GREAT posts Max!


  2. Anonymous says:

    FYI if you want the cops to show up faster in these situations, you have to mention to the 911 dispatcher that you have a gun and are about to start shooting them.

  3. FormerSapper says:

    Sometimes maximum violence isn’t enough but I’ll be damned that if I’m to die that I won’t take as many of the bastards as I can take with me and make them work for the kill.

  4. Chuck says:

    With family living in both NYC and California, I worry about them every time I read something like this. Disarmed by law they have no recourse but to use their vehicles as weapons. But that requires a certain mindset. The CA contingent most certainly doesn’t have it, and the NYC contingent, like most in that town, walks and takes the subway everywhere.

    Here’s another one for you re: living in victim disarmament zones:

    The comments are, as usual, very illustrative of the liberal mindset.

  5. justin says:

    I agree with you here, Max. Especially given the wife’s presence, this could have been much, much worse.

    It seems to me that no action on the part of that driver would have been too extreme in this situation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There’s been a new video uploaded to Youtube concerning the Range Rover incident. The upload was taken from a high rise building looking down and alleges to be video footage captured only a few minutes prior to the Bike Vs Range Rover face-off.

    I love my sports bikes. I have a Ninja ZX6R myself, and would never dream of behaving like that or riding around with such disregard for other road users. Don’t get me wrong, I like fast twisty riding, but only when it is safe to do so. Those NYC biker arseholes will no doubt give genuine bikers yet more of a bad name.

    On another note: The main biker/4×4 video highlights the need for drivers to understand the nature of defensive driving. It shows that even a big powerful 4×4 with a high wheel base clearance can be overcome and immobilised by lesser sized vehicles. I have zero experience in defensive driving so my knowledge is less than minimal, but no doubt others will be able to provide good information on the subject. Knowing how to effectively handle your vehicle is equally as important as your firearms, I would imagine.

    I also remember watching the full uncut video of the after effects of what happened to those poor buggers dragged from their car in NI when I was going through Northern Ireland training (NIIRT I think it was called – long time ago). Nasty.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Corporals Wood and Cowes faced a critical dilemma and had only seconds to resolve it. The IRA had wanted to be recognised as a “proper” Army in accordance with the Geneva Convention which would have been a huge propaganda coup. In opposing this the British Government sentenced the British Army to fight with one arm behind its back. They can to comply with Civil Law.Each Corporal had a 9mm Browning probably with den rounds each. They could have shot their way out but would have then faced charges of mass murder. The IRA only faced civil law if they were caught

  8. Anonymous says:

    An extra ‘happy stick’ in your car for you G19 goes a long way. As with everything in life ‘big boy rules apply.’ Shoulda been armed I dont care if it’s New York.

    Why don’t people read Timothy 5:8 “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

    ‘Provide’ = roof, security, food, etc.

    As always Max, thanks for preaching the truth.


  9. Anonymous says:

    When you call 911 because of a situation like this the key phrase is “officer down”. Keep repeating that they have killed one cop and are beating another and try to give your exact location. I can assure you the police response will be astounding.

    • Anonymous says:

      As someone who ‘trained’ for this type of chase/situation, I can tell you the driver of that SUV is extremely lucky to be alive. He quite literally did everything wrong. What he should have done at the onset of this “chase” was to have his wife call 911 with a detailed description of his (changing locations) while he concentrated on taking out as many of these bikers as possible. Once it was established that he and his family were in danger of losing their lives, ANYTHING GOES. What he should have done was braked hard when one or more were close to his rear, swerved while keeping control if they were beside his vehicle, and mow down as many as possible. And NEVER, EVER let yourself get boxed in, it could mean the death of you and your family. This is also why you should carry a firearm and extra magazines and know how to use it should the worse happen and you do get boxed in. Again, he’s a lucky man he and his family are lucky alive. MOLON LABE

  10. mac says:

    He could have also tried to drive to the nearest cop shop