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April 25, 2013
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Training Sevices

Max Velocity Tactical offers tactical self-defense training for citizens concerned about potential societal collapse and ensuing lawlessness. Training is available in combat proven light infantry, close protection and unconventional warfare TTPs; in any of the tactics, techniques and procedures covered in the books ‘Contact!‘ and ‘Rapid Fire!’
We currently offer open enrollment weekend tactical self-defense training packages and also private group courses tailoring the content, duration and location of the training to suit your needs. Please contact us with your requirements.
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Max Velocity Tactical has a 100 acre training site in West Virginia. The site is in the Blue Ridge Mountains in WV, across the State Line from Winchester VA. It is in the north-east tip of WV that adjoins VA, MD and PA. Those attending classes will get site maps and joining instructions. 
The site has excellent terrain for tactical drills and movement and offers natural live firing areas, in particular ‘Ricochet Ridge’ field firing area. The live firing areas have been enhanced with the addition of electronic ‘pop-up’ targetry for greater tactical realism.
Training is tailored to your requirements. You will be listened to and your standard assessed, allowing us to offer thoughts and tailored training packages to best suit your progression. ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ progression will be applied as necessary. Training is not about humiliating the trainee, but building them up and progressing. You don’t need to be ‘high speed’ to show up for training; it is designed to take people with varying level of experience and bring them up to a higher tactical standard. Rest and revision will be built in as appropriate. 
Max Velocity Tactical is not about offering simple square range shooting, although the basics will be covered as required, moving onto combat shooting and use of fire positions. You will come and train with us to garner the benefits of tactical movement and field firing. You will be trained in real tactics that have been proven in combat.
Course Summary
Combat Rifle / Contact Drills:
A two day class designed to teach you basic tactical combat skills from individual up to pairs/team level. This is the default open enrollment class. The Schedule is flexible and will be adapted to the specific needs of the trainees. Topics covered as follows. Mixture of instruction, practical exercises and dry/live fire:

Day 1:

  • Combat Shooting Principles                                 
  • Combat Shooting Positions / Reaction Drills             
  • Intro to Fire & Movement                                   
  • Fire & Movement – Individual / Pairs                         
  • Contact Drills                                                    
  • Contact Drills – Pairs / Team                               
  • Coach time Revision as required                                 

Day 2:

  • Contact Drills – Break Contact – Pairs 
  • Jungle Walk – Offensive Action – Individual / Pairs
  • Contact Drills – Break Contact – Pairs / Team 

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) will be inserted as background activity as requested.

Fitness: Tactical training requires a basic level of mobility. Instructors will tailor the level of physical intensity to the capabilities of the trainees and rest will be incorporated into the training day. A moderate level of physical activity will be involved with the training.

You will be required to walk over rough wooded terrain carrying your rifle and battle load; fire your rifle from the standing, kneeling and prone positions; make short rushes and get up and down from standing to kneeling and prone positions. You will be exposed to the prevailing weather conditions at the training site and there is no air conditioning and limited shelter.

Equipment: This may vary due to the specific course that you have booked and will be confirmed in the email text. This list is a guide, starred items are required. Basic equipment for all tactical courses: 
  • *Fighting Rifle 
  • Handgun (optional) 
  • *Rifle magazines: minimum four, better six to eight 
  • *Ammunition: minimum 300 rounds (course dependent): bring more and you will use it!
  • *Load/ammo carrying gear: i.e. battle belt/plate carrier/tactical vest/chest rig
  • *Eye protection 
  • *Ear protection 
  • *Water source: canteen/camelback/ water bottles 
  • Rifle sling 
  • Tactical gloves/mechanic style work gloves 
  • Patrol pack/daypack 
  • Boots with ankle support 
  • Long pants, hiking or combat style 
  • Long sleeved shirt/top 
  • Bug repellent 
  • Sun screen 
  • Spare socks & foot powder 
  • Change of clothing 
  • Rifle cleaning kit/lubricant 
Contact me to book.


I have open enrollment Combat Rifle/Contact Drills courses on the following weekends: 
11-12 May – Full
25-26 May – Full

June 22/23 – available

More to follow >

Maximum capacity is 12. Groups are are welcome to book onto these open enrollment courses. For tailored group trainingplease contact me to discuss dates and requirements.

Additional Courses

Tactical Team Leader:

A two or three day course on basic team and squad light infantry/unconventional warfare tactics. A mix of live firing and field tactical instruction. Leading your tactical team, battle preparation, offensive and defensive battle drills.

More details on request. Contact me.


Tactical Team Patrol Course:

A two or three day specialized tactical team course focusing on patrol skills. Preparation, orders, execution, actions on objective, contact drills. This course will include an overnight in a tactical patrol base.

More details on request. Contact me.


Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3):

This topic looks at the procedures for the ‘care under fire’ and and ‘tactical field care’ phases of TC3. This can be run as background familiarization training or a one day course, standalone or tacked onto another course.

More details on request. Contact me.


High Threat Convoy Operations:

A two day course covering vehicle mounted convoy operations: preparation, tactics and contact drills.

More details on request. Contact me.


Custom courses and group bookings are available by request.

Contact me.


25% deposit via Pay Pal to maxvelocitytactical@gmail.com reserves your place on a course.

Usual class sizes are minimum four, maximum twelve. Please contact me with any other requirements and we can discuss. Prices for open enrollment courses are as follows

1 Day: $250 per person for the day.

2 Day: $400 per person for the two days.

Additional days: $100 per person for extra days.

Private course prices may vary depending on numbers. Contact me for a quote. Barter will be considered on a case by case basis.

For long distance training requirements outside of the local area, and longer courses, please email to request a quote.

Summary of training opportunities: 

  • Tactical Self-Defense training 
  • Small Unit Tactics 
  • Self Defense & Firearms Training 
  • Site Assessment & Defensive Survey 
  • Tactical Vehicle Movement 
  • TC3: Battlefield First Aid 
  • Close Protection Tactics
  • Survival Tactics & Preparation 
  • Contingency Planning & Preparation 
  • Planning 
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building 
  • Higher Formation Tactics (Platoon/Company) 
  • Navigation 

Disclaimers: detailed information on course requirements, including disclaimers, will be emailed to you once your place is confirmed on a course with a 25% deposit.

Criminal Activity: It is not the intent of Max Velocity Tactical to provide training that will be used in criminal activities or to further criminal ends. Training is solely provided to law abiding persons for the purposes of tactical self-defense. If you have a criminal record that prevents the possession of firearms you are not permitted to attend firearms training. You must agree that your intent by attending this tactical self-defense training course does not include planning to use the taught techniques for criminal activity.
Background Check: It is a course requirement that each student provide suitable documentation as a means of criminal background check. The list of suitable options below is not exhaustive; please email me with any questions or clarification required. If you do not want to scan a copy to me for privacy reasons, let me know what documentation you have and let me see it upon your arrival: 
  • Concealed Carry Permit 
  • Military ID 
  • Law Enforcement ID 
  • Any State or Federal ID that requires a background check/clearance to obtain and maintain
  • ID or proof of a type of employment that requires mandatory background checks 
  • Background check obtained from your local law enforcement department 

Civil Disorder: Max Velocity Tactical is a tactical self-defense training provider and training is not intended to further civil disorder.

For a more detailed idea of the training I offer, email me. You can also reference either of my books to get an idea of areas that you may wish to improve on, and also to give you a background before the classes:

Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

Rapid Fire! Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations

Email: maxvelocitytactical@gmail.com

Blog: Max Velocity Tactical Blog

Are you ready?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Max those cammies suck in the Eastern Hardwood Ecosystem. They are damn near as bad(in that photo)as UPC greys. To my mind Cadpat, woodland, Marpat and brown Dom. ERDL all work better east of the Mississippi river, in the lower 48. What do you think?–Ray

    • Max Velocity says:

      Well…the pants and patrol pack are multi-cam, the shirt is simple green. They are all actually extensively covered in local mud – I had been both digging mud out of an old spring/well and rolling around a bit that day, so the main color you see is local mud. Often, depending on the weather conditions, camo clothing becomes obscured by dirt/mud on operations – that is in fact what made the current ACUs slightly more tolerable before multi-cam came in for Afghanistan – being dirty made them a little harder to see.
      You can have perfect camo for the area you operate in, or you can get the best camo for multiple environments. That is in fact how the philosophy, as it were, behind camouflage has changed in the military. It used to be about using foliage etc to camouflage your helmet and shoulders and all that, changing it as you moved environments – old school infantry did a lot of personal camouflage. In today’s higher tempo and vehicle borne operations the thought has changed to getting a good camouflage for most environments and not bothering so much with personal camouflage.
      Given that we are contemplate working in the domestic US then parts of both arguments apply. You can afford to go more old school with camouflage and concealment, but you also want a good base clothing. Frankly I would be happy in any decent camouflage, woodland BDUs, multi-cam, even drab colored clothing. Just don’t wear the current military ACUs!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Max, My training go’s to the OG 107 years(1975-1981), so I have little knowledge of the modern camo, and Yeh, Mud will turn your gear whatever color the dry mud is. I well remember going to the field and smearing mud on Trucks, Mutts, helmets ,rucks, TA-50 and then having to clean all of it, when we came in. I still run my “old school” medium ruck ,packed for a three day, temperate zone( I just swapped it out for hot weather)and ERDL, OG-107s or Tigers in the summer—Ray

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow background checks huh. Now who’s being the police

    • Max Velocity says:

      Yes, your sarcasm is noted. I am not aiming at training law enforcement and I am not aiming to pry into peoples privacy. I ‘moderated’ another comment about me “ranting against LEOs” and then wanting to train them, I guess simply because an LE ID is one of the means I suggest that people could prove to me that they are not felons. I don’t think its likely that I want to set up an LE centric training school, and those that have signed up so for are not LEO types.
      The ‘background check’ is simply to protect myself and others that will train with me against any criminal elements, not only for our personal safety and protection from liability but to ensure that criminals don’t get SUT training.
      Sarcasm aside, I think my personal views are pretty plain and I am not about penalizing Patriots and law abiding folks that want to train with me. However, I am sure that same law abiding folks don’t want to show up at my training site and find themselves going up the range with MS13 members, etc…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just got all three of the books in yesterday. Starting with Patriot Dawn.. Certain books change the way you see life.. Once Second After and Patriots were excellent reads, and I think these three will also be good wake ups.. can’t put it down..

    • Max Velocity says:

      Thank you: but to re-state here, I don’t recommend getting both Contact and Rapid Fire. One or the other, if you are on a budget of any sort – there is too much shared info between the two manuals.
      I do think Patriot Dawn/Contact or even Patriot Dawn/Rapid Fire are good companion reads.