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The Dilemma & The Restoration
February 4, 2013
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February 7, 2013
This post is a follow on from my recent one titled: ‘The Dilemma and the Restoration’. I am posting separately here in order to pull out some points that were well received and need a little development.
In the post I suggest an idea designed to have both practical and political utility. The idea was to run a series of high profile training events. Somewhat similar to gun shows, but on some land that an owner could provide use of. The idea would be to get hundreds to turn up, run some seminars, training and perhaps a little bit of live firing, depending on facilities, numbers and safety requirements. There would be some sort of notional entrance fee, like at a gun show. I use the example of the running event ‘tough mudder’ where throughout the year they run events on land in different States. The land we use does not even have to be a range- for practical purposes it may be easier to run most training dry, to teach people principles and small unit tactics. That would also help with ammunition shortages and even peoples travel if they did not need to bring firearms. 
Now, I realize that there would be limited actual utility to such training, because there would be large numbers and perhaps a limited amount of trainers. There would need to be a coordination training conference to establish SOPs and TTPs for how people would be taught It would be production line training with limited utility, not bespoke personal tuition. Perhaps there could be some paintball areas set up, or similar? These are just outline ideas. It could be termed a ‘tactical fair!’
However, the point would be to make a showing, establish relationships, get a basic level of training. Those that have experience or a greater skill level could be part of a ‘train the trainer’ program and once standards are established people could be given a baseline level of training. At least it would iron out any misguided notions.
If I could be so bold, I would use ‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival’ to provide pre-training reading material and act as the text for standard operating procedures. I suggest this because that is what the book was written for and it is understood by readers with both limited/none and extensive military experience.
In my comments to the Dilemma and Restoration post, I have responded to some comments by readers with a suggestion to start a training program for the unorganized militia. This would take care of a few things at once: the need for training, teams, organization, relationship building and also to make a political statement. This is one of my comments:
The obvious answer to this is to institute a Patriot training ‘league’, like a version of the boy scouts for grown ups: the unorganized militia. Basically, we ‘train the trainer’ at central camps on private land with a set of good standard basics and send them back to their communities to train them up. The key thing would be some sort of standardization with good basic light infantry battle skills so we don’t allow any craziness to creep in to what people are learning.
It would be true unorganized militia writ large. Just like Army Reserves and National Guard do a two week training camp once a year and weekends, there could be an initial two week training camp run once a year at certain locations, then localized follow up training once a month.
This would make our unorganized militia like the Swiss. Clearly central/Federal government will not organize this but if we created an association it could be created and run privately by the people for the people. Full exercise of our Second Amendment rights.
Does anyone want to work with this idea, help me take it and start something up? Please read the linked post for the genesis of this idea and discussion. It goes somewhat against the standard ‘prepper’ need for OPSEC for reasons laid out in the previous post. It is a way to stand up and be counted and also create citizens that are tactically adept if they do actually have to resist ‘enemies foreign and domestic’ in a shooting war. The idea is to never actually get to a shooting war, but push back against authoritarianism madness by standing up the unorganized militia.
So in summary there are two threads here. There is perhaps a short term ‘tactical fair’ answer to getting people together to stand up and do some training. No doubt that would help people out, particularly if they have had limited access to training. The second slightly separate thread is to create an actual organization that would assume a training role for the unorganized militia, which is basically every citizen who wants to volunteer.
The idea would be to create a series of standards for teaching tactics, run some ‘train the trainer’ camps, get people to volunteer and show up for camps, and run weekend continuation training pushed down to the local level. Training starts national/State and gets pushed down to the local level. People could join the ‘unorganized militia ‘ via a website and get introduced to others in their area. Really, it does not matter if such an organization is infiltrated by agents, because it just does not matter. It is all above board and the volunteers are still receiving the training they need.
Vital to this would be creating the right impression with the right PR. It needs t be clean and above board. Regrettably, we would need to move away from the PR image of militia in BDUs, not because they are doing anything wrong, but simply because the image is tarnished by the MSM. This would need to be a new clean organization with a sharp name.

EDIT: Additions: Following some great feedback via both comments and email, I am adding this portion to the current discussion:

1) LEGAL: there have been some great points made and references sited to various paramilitary laws in States. Although I believe that there is no danger of training actually contravening such laws, we all know that in the current climate there is little stop law enforcement overstepping and acting unlawfully to break up such an event, should they so wish. As such, we should tread carefully with the how’s and what’s of this concept.

2) Airsoft: I have no experience of this game. Anyone have comments on it? I’m considering it as a vehicle to training,  a good way to run drills and force on force SUT. Given the current ammo shortages, it may also have utility in that direction also. I am considering purchasing a squad’s worth of equipment for my training site. Can these air-soft guns fire on semi (single shot) – I’ve seen some footage and they always seem to be on full auto! At first glance it seems that air-soft could be conducted with your normal gear on (plus protective stuff) unlike paintball where you end up with all the ancillary gear? It seems a little more realistic than paintball? Comments?


Back to the event concept, it would seem that we could run ‘TACTICAL DEFENSE CONVENTIONS’ at various locations across the country throughout the year. They would be held on private land, set up for camping, parking,  vendors, food, sanitation just like any other event. It would need an event organizer who would charge an entrance fee to cover costs Maybe even make a small profit – it is the United States of America after all!. Like a gun show there would be spots for vendors of tactical gear and all that. There would be a convention tent with power-point and video access. Rather than live firing, training would concentrate on dry drills, instruction, TC3, and perhaps this air-soft idea. If facilities allowed, there may also be a range there for some static shooting.

I have already had a potential offer for a tract of land for use in East Texas. It was never my idea to actually run with this myself  but it may just end up that way. If anyone wants to be an event organizer for something like this in your State, let me know, similarly if anyone has land they would like to offer. If we can get enough interest going we may be able to generate some momentum.


  1. Rick says:

    Count me in.
    Hypothetical- Are there 500 people within a 30 mile radius area, anywhere and everywhere in America, where maybe 200 to 300 acres of land could be leased or purchased, and a facility could be constructed to train with all these weapons that people have been buying in great numbers recently. People are buying weapons and ammo for 3 times what they were paying just a few months ago. Set up some long range shooting zones, MOUT facilities with used old tires, dry fire bounding and moving, etc. You get the idea. With 500 paying members at $50 per month, that yields $25,000 per month. That is a lot of cash to operate a facility with little overhead costs. Basically just the cost of the land, an office and some portable toilets.
    All those people that are panic buying their weapons and ammo, this late in the game, will certainly need a place to learn to use them. If they’re willing to buy ammo for three times the price, will they be willing to pay a fair price to learn to use those weapons in order to survive? That is the $25,000 question.

    • Bob says:

      Man, $600 a year?
      I love the idea, and would want to be apart of it, but few people these days have an extra 50 a month, plus the cost of gear, travel, food out and so on. Yes, they have been getting robbed to buy their guns/ammo, but they see that as a must have, a one time cost, and something that they need to move on fast, but training is never valued as much as the weapon itself.
      This would be like learning to drive before you get the car, and never getting the car because they have all been sold, and the money was all spent on training.

      I’m a camper guy, I don’t need the toilets, food facilities, or any of that, just have the venders there, some good times, like music at night, pancake breakfast for people that want in on that, flee markets, but make it affordable, and family oriented, that will go way farther in keeping good PR, and a lot less $$ then advertizing.

      The main thing is 600 bills a year is a no go in our ever deepening depression.
      If you all are serous about getting Americans trained up, it will need to be as cheap as possible, we are broke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe it is worth considering the various federal and state anti-militia laws, and how they may be applied once large-scale, organized training is observed by the ‘authorities.’

    In Virgina, for example, there is an explicit code governing this type of activity. Of course, there are exemptions, but it is worth considering the fact that many LE agencies act without rule of law. My name is Tom McAllister, and I live in Virginia.

    I’ve listed the Virginia codes. Please excuse me if I’ve exceeded a word count, or space count.

    § 18.2-433.2. Paramilitary activity prohibited.

    A person shall be guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he:

    1. Teaches or demonstrates to any other person the use, application, or making of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder; or

    2. Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, intending to employ such training for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder.

    (1987, c. 720.)
    § 18.2-433.3. Exceptions.

    Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to apply to:

    1. Any act of a law-enforcement officer performed in the otherwise lawful performance of the officer’s official duties;

    2. Any activity, undertaken without knowledge of or intent to cause or further a civil disorder, which is intended to teach or practice self-defense or self-defense techniques such as karate clubs or self-defense clinics, and similar lawful activity;

    3. Any facility, program or lawful activity related to firearms instruction and training intended to teach the safe handling and use of firearms; or

    4. Any other lawful sports or activities related to the individual recreational use or possession of firearms, including but not limited to hunting activities, target shooting, self-defense and firearms collection.

    Notwithstanding any language contained herein, no activity of any individual, group, organization or other entity engaged in the lawful display or use of firearms or other weapons or facsimiles thereof shall be deemed to be in violation of this statute.

    (1987, c. 720.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Just FYI, for Washington State we have the un-Constitutional law:
      RCW 38.40.120
      Authorized military organizations.
      No organized body other than the recognized militia organizations of this state, armed forces of the United States, students of educational institutions where military science is a prescribed part of the course of instruction or bona fide veterans organizations shall associate themselves together as a military company or organize or parade in public with firearms: PROVIDED, That nothing herein shall be construed to prevent authorized parades by the organized militia of another state or armed forces of foreign countries. Any person participating in any such unauthorized organization shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

  3. Chuck says:


    In light of Tom’s post above, I believe that:

    1. Any name for the activities you suggest should reflect an explicit focus on “self defense.”

    2. Use of the term “militia” should be avoided.

    3. Participants should leave their camouflage at home.

  4. Rick says:

    Ordinances require LE to enforce them. Recently, there have been many Sheriff departments not willing to enforce any more liberty draining laws upon their citizens and have come right out and stated they will arrest anyone attempting to do so. The time has come to push back, without pushing too hard. Having the local Sheriff there to help push back is of course an advantage as they understand we’re all in this together.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think a monthly meeting of the Civil Defense Corp to focus on training for civil defense would in no way violate the above rules. Especially if you avoid political discussions as a rule.


  6. Max Velocity says:

    Interesting information on the codes. I think the operative words are ‘civil disorder’ which is not the intent. The intent is self-defense, which is clear and allowed.
    Just the same way that any of the tactical schools train civilians in ‘paramilitary’ techniques but they are allowed to do that, its just tactical firearms training, not aimed at civil disorder.
    But there is a point here: it’s not the intent, its whatever some unlawful LEO wants to make it. Impressions are vital: good points on the BDUs, no talk of politics, just tactical training.

    • DAN III says:

      Mr. Max….a good point made regarding the state laws on “militia” activities. Good to read them. But understand THIS: no matter how well you read, write and understand the English language attorneys and judges will tell you in court that what YOU read is NOT what it means ! It will be defined as what the scum in the black robe and the district attorney says it means. It will be “interpreted” to meet the needs of the marxists running our legal system and courts. When you enter a courtroom the judge has already decided your guilt or wrongdoing. No high-priced lawyer will save you.

      Take the law with a grain of salt. Do ones best to stay within the parameters of the law as YOU UNDERSTAND IT and lets take Mr. Max’s
      guidance, create a training outline and get started !

      DAN III

    • Anonymous says:

      You mentioned a location in East Texas, making participation an option for me. If this concept materializes, how/where would someone enroll?

    • Max Velocity says:

      It’s all early stages. If it happens, I will publicize it here at the very least. PR would be vital. This idea seems to be growing legs. Personally, my first attempt would likely be in the the VA/WV area, but I will support anyone who wants to run it elsewhere, Texas or whatever.
      I have taken a lot of the suggestions on board and I am actually going to add air-soft rifles to my training offerings, to give non-live firing iterations more value, save on ammunition etc. Yes its not live firing, but it has training value, and will allow force on force training also.

      I also think that dry training, seminars, ’round-robin’ activities, TC3, tactical stations and air-soft lanes are the way to go for such an event, to avoid the firearms issues.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My .02 Add TC3 into the training. Practical politics means getting on a consistent message. So this means the phrase “Self defense” should be repeated endlessly. Thanks for your work. Robroysimmons

  8. Sandman369 says:


    You have my hushmail info, I am in contact with many Uniformed Constitutional Militias, we don’t hide, we don’t pretend to be what we are not. Those who are afraid of the term Militia have been brainwashed by the MSM and leftists. They should stay home. I can get your offer out. Many groups would take advantage of such a program, though many are already at advanced SUT levels. Some are led by ex-mil, and Veteran SF trainers. We have been doing this in WV,Ohio, KY,IN and TN for a good while. Cross training among different units. My home state also has an anti-militia statute, we avoid it by crossing the river to train with arms in uniform.
    Get in touch Brother.

    Militia Law in WV
    West Virginia Code Section 15: Public Safety

    §15-1F-7. Unlawful military organizations.
    It shall be unlawful for any body of men whatever, other than the regularly organized national guard or the troops of the United States, to associate themselves together as a military company or organization in this state: Provided, That the governor may grant permission to public or private schools of the state to organize themselves into companies of cadets, and may furnish such cadets, under proper restrictions, such obsolete ordnance stores and equipment owned by the state as are not in use by the national guard. Whosoever offends against the provisions of this section, or belongs to or parades with any such unauthorized body of men with arms, shall be punished with a fine of not exceeding one hundred dollars or imprisoned for a term not exceeding six months.

  9. FormerSapper says:

    Max – In my younger years I was asked to teach a bunch of ATC in basic field craft, section battle drills and basic patrolling. What we found to be the quickest way to get them all to the same level of basic competency was to get them using their basic formations and using DDCOSF dry firing for 2 days and then graduate them on to blanks for 2 days.

    As you probably know, 2 weeks is more than sufficient for basic training but what then after basic? Are you going to teach support weapons using legally hired C3 weapons?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t it be called Airsoft and paintball small team tactics training. Although a poor substitute for a real firearm I would rather train with an airsoft rifle than nothing at all. You could get around a lot of laws and practice room clearing drills safely.

  11. Anonymous says:

    3. Participants should leave their camouflage at home.

    Agreed – good point. May I suggest that camo is different things in different situations. I would have a have a hard time participating in full-on FTX due to age, sacro-lumbar arthritis, and being overweight. So, for me camo would be binoculars, a notepad and a bird book with color illustrations for gathering information. Camo for urban ops might well be Denims and T-shirt. _revjen45

  12. Anonymous says:

    Using airsoft in leu of real steel is perfect for accomplishing your goal. you can teach safety, tactics, team skills, and basic shooting at close distances. Plus airsoft BB’s are currently readilly available… LE and the military are currently using airsoft to train.

    • Chuck says:

      Using airsoft can be a good tool, especially for force-on-force at CQB distance, however, like any other simulation, it can teach bad habits. Airsoft pellets do not behave like the real thing. A guy who thinks he is behind solid cover because it stops an airsoft pellet may be setting him up for a nasty surprise later.

      A good training plan must also include live-fire exercises. The pucker factor is much higher when you train with live ammo. NOTE: live fire should always be preceded by dry and then blank fire rehearsals.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Chuck; All true. It would be a tool. I did a little paintball and I found the same thing.
      See below for air-soft’s potential utility in the mass training events.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Here in Florida, there are many groups like this with similar goals, but they are disorganized, far-flung, and not in communication or cooperation with each other. I believe this would be a great method for training, networking, and making a defiant stand to the Regime – without intimidation or threats.

    I also agree with no camo at events, and a PR strategy should be agreed upon and carried out by all participating units.

  14. Max Velocity says:

    I have made an edit to the main post with the following update:

    EDIT: Additions: Following some great feedback via both comments and email, I am adding this portion to the current discussion:

    1) LEGAL: there have been some great points made and references sited to various paramilitary laws in States. Although I believe that there is no danger of training actually contravening such laws, we all know that in the current climate there is little stop law enforcement overstepping and acting unlawfully to break up such an event, should they so wish. As such, we should tread carefully with the how’s and what’s of this concept.

    2) Airsoft: I have no experience of this game. Anyone have comments on it? I’m considering it as a vehicle to training, a good way to run drills and force on force SUT. Given the current ammo shortages, it may also have utility in that direction also. I am considering purchasing a squad’s worth of equipment for my training site. Can these air-soft guns fire on semi (single shot) – I’ve seen some footage and they always seem to be on full auto! At first glance it seems that air-soft could be conducted with your normal gear on (plus protective stuff) unlike paintball where you end up with all the ancillary gear? It seems a little more realistic than paintball? Comments?


    Back to the event concept, it would seem that we could run ‘TACTICAL DEFENSE CONVENTIONS’ at various locations across the country throughout the year. They would be held on private land, set up for camping, parking, vendors, food, sanitation just like any other event. It would need an event organizer who would charge an entrance fee to cover costs Maybe even make a small profit – it is the United States of America after all!. Like a gun show there would be spots for vendors of tactical gear and all that. There would be a convention tent with power-point and video access. Rather than live firing, training would concentrate on dry drills, instruction, TC3, and perhaps this air-soft idea. If facilities allowed, there may also be a range there for some static shooting.

    I have already had a potential offer for a tract of land for use in East Texas. It was never my idea to actually run with this myself but it may just end up that way. If anyone wants to be an event organizer for something like this in your State, let me know, similarly if anyone has land they would like to offer. If we can get enough interest going we may be able to generate some momentum.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have used airsoft for Force on Force a number of times, including a class from a big name instructors crew. That was a handgun class but the cross over is there. It is VERY viable and will do more to improve your tactics and skills than a square range will ever accomplish alone. As with everything there are limitations. Some is equipment. These guns are just like all things in that you get what you pay for. They can be fragile. The training does allow you to use normal equipment so you are not using one set of special gear just for training and then switching over to something else for live use. The good thing is that the guns are almost exact replicas of the live guns that its a direct analog. The other limitation is really regardless of what equipment you use and that is the set up of the situations. If you allow them to go on for to long they can become a “game”. I am sure you are aware of that in your training experiance so I will not go into too much detail there. The other aspect was mentioned and that is the idea that some barriers will block simulated rounds that will not block live rounds. Provided you have an instructor that can stop a simulation and point this out thats not a problem.

      As this is shaping up, I am in.


  15. d'Heat says:

    I haven’t even finished reading this and already believe it’s a great idea. It’s the next, logical step after Appleseed. I hope this comes to fruition.

  16. James F. says:

    Here in Leesburg, No-VA and would love to help out. Shot you an email last night (no pun intended). Since you also mentioned PR I have some good PR/Media resources that I could also point us towards as well.

  17. FormerSapper says:

    Max – Another thing to note, simunitions have been approved for use by qualified instructions. You can learn more via their website.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Would suggest “education” be a component of the descriptive language, a la Appleseed shoots. Would even market to the Appleseed grads and instructors.

    –friend from Mercer.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Max, re your offer for land in E Texas:

    if the land happens to be in Collin County, the sheriff is a member of the CSPOA, so it would be friendly territory.

  20. This is a great idea and Airsoft is a viable tool to be sure.

  21. I don’t own an airsoft rifle (may get one yet), but I regularly practice with my airsoft replica 1911. I think it provides good training: trigger management, sight picture, maneuvering around obstacles, shooting while moving, etc., and all in my basement. I think airsoft training would be a good first step in tactical training. My only caveat has already been mentioned: concealment may not be cover, and people can learn bad habits from getting behind something that will stop airsoft pellets but not bullets.

    I think one weekend a month may be a more practical arrangement than a two-week camp.

    All in all, I think you have a good idea.

  22. Bill C says:

    Questions that occur to me WRT the “behind a wall” aspect, and other:
    – Can Airsoft fire actual metal BBs? Might remove some of the “Safe behind cover” ideas.
    – Do the mags simulate actual conditions? IE, 7 rounds for the 1911?
    – Do you reload normally? I found a paintball gun retailer some time back, which had mags for M16 and similar weapons; they used a magazine design, which could be adapted for a hopper for paintball. Mags carried 25 shots, IIRC, forcing frequent reloads. (Mags weren’t cheap, hence the adapter; for an organization doing local shoots, though – reloading is essential. Not knowing you’d be out of ammo on a training course is silly and stupid, but without simulating the need to change mags… You’re learning “wrong”, and not thinking in terms of changing mags as SOP.)

    I wish I could volunteer territory, or money to obtain such… Somehow, we always seem to be just a few hundred above broke. (My starbucks habit isn’t helping, but is also not the cause.)

    I’d point out, too, that if word of the details (such as airsoft vs. live-fire) were, say obscure – like our laws? – we would have good PR against “overzealous cops,” as long as the participants are a bit aware they might be raided. (IE, no kids at that event.) Accept the risk of being shot by cops. Might mean a good lawsuit, especially when it turns out they shot someone “armed” with an Airsoft TOY gun. The orange tips, BTW, designate Airsoft guns as TOYS, to prevent accidental shootings by cops. As they are high-visibility, they’d need to be painted over anyway. But then, there’s the cop response again. But livesteam a SWAT-raid on a BBQ with Airsoft games going on? Let’s see TPTB fight THAT…
    Especially if there’s a friendly news group in the area. Also use muiltiple vectors, Youtube can be blocked, but putting vids on Youtube, vimeo sites, Peer-2-Peer networks, even “hijacking” p0rn sites, maybe work out something with like-minded groups for hosting cross-content – For example,

    Without some sort of “line in the sand” event, we’ll be talking this stuff in another 4-6 years, watching people sell off their weapons to make ends meet, or turnign them in for tax credits, because the money doesn’t buy $%^& any more, and we’re not too fond of robbing our neighbors to get some food… And then there’s the chance of informants to consider as well.

    We’ve just gotten too centralized and too complex. FedGov wants to do too much, control too much, avoid all risk and turmoil. Best way to do it is anethetize the masses (bread and circuses – TV), make sure their belly is full (and preferably, they are fat) – though that’s going to eb an issue, Wheat harvest is bad right now, and corn is being used for ethanol to adulterate the gas (eats rubber for those who don’t know – so carburator (sp?) gets destroyed, as do engine seals, etc.)… Plus, you don’t get as good gas mileage using ethanol. (If you did, why don’t we change cars to run on Ethanol only? Change out the cars over time, making it a federal law you can’t sell gasoline-bruning anything – generators, cars, motorcycles, all fueled devices must burn ethanol by [date X]. Find an artificial alternative to the seal materials, sell conversion kits, and over a period of 10 years, convert all GAS stations to Ethanol stations. But we can’t GROW that much corn, and still burn gasoline to make ethanol… Anyway, totally OT, but the logic is the same – Central control designed to strip us of self-determination -> self-ownership -> freedom.)

    I promise to shut up now. 😉

  23. Fatebekind says:

    What you are describing is the Appleseed program but for tactical training instead of marksmanship.

  24. Mr Max-
    I didn’t read through all the comments here so this may have been hashed out already, BUT:

    Regarding airsoft as a training tool- I think this is an excellent idea for FOF training- frankly the ONLY tool available to us civvies. If you can keep it reality based that is…
    It’s also much better than paintball, as there is no mess to clean up.
    And considering that you can get replica guns that look, feel (even with weight) and operate (at least regarding basic safety/reload manipulations) very close to the real thing it’s worth it- And yes, they do fire on both Semi and Auto. You can also find some Blowback pistols that operate very similarly to the real deal. The problem being that you’re not going to get folks to invest $2-300 on a decent primary rifle and another $100 on a handgun, plus parts and accessories just to train. Myself included, we would rather buy another REAL firearm or a case of ammo, or pay off training costs….
    Of course if the airsoft guns/gear are provided at the location, it would be doable.
    If you want any more info on this topic give me a holler- I know I’m probably making a total couch commando jackass out of myself and destroying what little credibility I may have, but I just so happen to know a little about this topic as it’s a training option I’ve been researching myself.

    On the original topic of mass public training/demonstrations;
    A) anyone that shows up in full head-to-to camo gets beat over the head with their rifle and sent back to their car to change. Sorry, but that’s not helping cure the MSM’s negative “militia” image- save it for other classes. Granted, BDU trousers would be ok- I wear them a lot myself as they are cheap, comfy, and durable. Did I mention cheap? So that would be completely understandable.

    B) I would also advise “don’t show up in full tactical gear” as well, if we’re planning on going blatantly public with this. No, I really could care less what people wear, but I wouldn’t want to offend the delicate sensibilities of the media and elites now, would you? [/sarcasm]

    C) Frankly, I’m not totally sold on ANY sort of mass public training spectacle- I can just see this garnering much more negative than positive attention, whether it just gets spun wrong (it will-count on it) or due to participating A-holes who can’t keep their mouths shut. It COULD potentially be a good “show of strength” as well as a community “outreach” PR program, but I seriously don’t see it working out that well.
    Of course, I may be completely wrong- I’m not the expert here.

    • Let me specify- by “holler” I mean drop a comment on my page, and I’ll email you. Much simpler that way.

    • Sixgun says:

      I’m with you on keeping things small, especially if folks go the airsoft route. Couple of reasons for that. One, you attract less attention that way. There are already hundreds of “little” airsoft groups out there. And, that way you *can* wear all your gear if you want for realism (if that’s your thing). The second reason is that small groups will more closely emulate any actual conditions you might encounter. You’re not going to have two or three hundred others by your side for the real thing; you’re going to have maybe 8-10, and if you’ve done it right, those 8-10 are the same ones from your “training” group. Plus, as a small group, you don’t need a huge, dedicated area; you can “practice” in the same territory you live in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your missing the point of large scale training events. The purpose is to be out in the open to send the message to TPTB that not only have we the people armed ourselves we are not just bubba and his beer swilling dounutholes, doomed to being examples for the ATF, we are serious about getting trained and becoming a competent resistance. Thats not to say that the PR battle will not be in play.
      Yes the militia has an image problem that needs to be just put aside. That image is lost and cannot be restored right now. So start fresh with a new image. Let the training stand on its own and let anyone imply what they want to with it. The offical message from the event organizers should be “given the dangers that we face in the near term we feel its imparitive that the common citizen be competently trained to act for his or her personal and group defense.” Thats all that need be said.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think the that the tactical ‘workshops/fairs’ are a great idea, but as a lawyer, I would not be so fast to get rid of tactical dress or gear because 1) is it not better to train in the gear you’d use? and 2) who cares what the MSM thinks? they aren’t going to be portraying you as community volunteers regardless of what you wear. I would think dry training with the attendees own zip tied weapons (like at a gun show, but not through the mag well so the user can train with empty mags) along with that person’s full tactical gear (obviously a lot of people would be buying after seeing what more experienced people were doing) would be the most practical way of developing muscle memory while maintaining safety with a bunch of neophytes that have watched too much Rambo.

      Speaking as someone with legal training, the key here (using the VA example above, which seems like a clear violation of the 1st Amendment, btw) is the actual or constructive knowledge of an intent to engage in ‘civil disobedience’. That’s a pretty high bar, since it could probably only be applied to training or participating in the training of a group that a reasonable person would realize either engages in or otherwise desires to engage in terrorism or armed rebellion. (e.g., the Klan, Neo Nazis, Revolutionary Marxists or Islamic terror cells)

      So rather than banning camo’s, ban blowhards shooting off their mouths regarding violence against the government. You pay the entry fee and are handed a rule sheet that begins by saying you are there to learn and drill, and that any talk of politics, especially regarding violence and the authorities is grounds for ejection without a refund.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I will share this and I stand ready to assist. My greatest contributions are in the arena of words and ideas. I can aid in the written arena if needed – especialy those things that are difficult to articulate. I will add in something as an example.

    There are many discussions throughout the Republic as to the best course of action to take. As I read and listen to many of them I sense a recurring theme:

    Run and hide.

    More specifically, there is a predominate thought of securing shelter and provisions, escape the cities and bunker down. While prudence does indeed dictate that such plans are made it appears that many have formulated their perspectives based on this premise. There seems to exist a sigular plane of thought with many of us – “head to the hills, hold’em off and just let the bastards try and get me”.

    There will be no hiding. We face an enemy that simply cannot afford to let us live.

    History shows us the tyrants must “secure” dissenters in an expeditious manner to cement their domination. Failure to do this leaves too many possibilities for resistance. The left must cleanse the population if they are to hold power.

    There will be no “enclaves of resistance” as Hollywood has attempted manipulate our thought processes and cement this notion in our minds. There will be no “live and let live” independant societies that hold their own, small borders. There will be none of the things we have always imagined.

    This will be total war. No prisoners, no trials, no rights, nothing – except extermination.

    There is nowhere to run. We face an enemy that will attempt to drive us into pockets of resistance – this enables them to move us as chess pieces. They will move us until they have us isolated. Once isolated they will annihilate us. Nothing will be spared – not our water supply, not our natural resources, not our food stores, medical supplies – nothing will be off limits in the name of victory for them.

    We are faced with but two choices – win this war before the first shot is fired or be prepared, in advance, to sieze revolution and strike the first decisive blow. We must become an unstopable juggernaut from the very first moment. We must seize momentum or lose it forever. We must move upon our objectives and strive for a victory that has already been defined. Anything less and we are lost.

    Their retribution will be immediate, swift and total. If we find ourselves engaged in this struggle six months beyond the first shot then we have already lost. There will be but one window for victory, just one chance at success. If we fail to seize it then all will be lost.

    Remember this – there will be no bystanders in this. The entire world will have a stake in the outcome. Given the heartbreaking turn to tyranny that the rest of the world is seizing it is not hard to fathom which side the foreign soldiers will support. Mark my words – there will be foreign troops upon our sacred soil.

    We must win this now or be prepared to win in one swift stroke – anything else is unfathomable. The alternative is unthinkable.

    “Today I saw with mine own eyes; the blood of my children is red as mine”.

    This is what awaits us if we fail.

    Victory or death.

    Let me know if I can assist.

    Lucius Sulla

  26. Background: I’ve spent some time as a member of a large DFW area Airsoft organization. Organization run events were in the style of “mil-sim”, meaning the games were typically held in large outdoor areas, and we had organized teams, missions, uniforms, squad roles, etc. Our group even held a weekend long small unit tactics school lead by an actual mil/le training group.

    Airsoft definitely has pros and cons. It has fantastic utility for CQB and training in and around structures. It also has some utility for weapon manipulation (ever run with your rifle before?). One of the best aspects of it is that it provides a way to test your real gear to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

    But it also has drawbacks. I feel like most of those drawbacks are expressed in large outdoor areas. Range for airsoft guns is typically limited to 100-200 ft. That’s FEET, not yards. Some extremely expensive and specialized sniper rifles can consistently hit at 300 ft. But that’s it. This compares poorly to real-world use where shots in that same environment might be expected at 200 yards, and making those shots wouldn’t be overly complex affairs. As an illustration, I’ve often stood (standing!) just a few feet ouside the range of an enemy that was unable to close with me. I had unrealistic freedom of time and movement to decide my next course of action.

    Others have already mentioned the lack of distinction in airsoft between cover and concealment. The military has this same issue with it’s MILES gear, but does not have the range limitation issue (in fact, they often have the opposite problem).

    Once that info is realized, I think it could be planned around. Don’t just start two teams at opposite ends of a field and have them wargame. Instead position them in pre-prepared areas in the training AO in order to illustrate the concepts you intent to teach and drill on those concepts. In other words, don’t let the teams make contact across a 300yd wide clearing. That’s going to be a ridiculous encounter with very limited training utility. Instead have the two teams engage across a narrower end of that clearing were they’re in range of each other and can apply the lessons you’re teaching. Navigate them toward that spot, then after-action be sure to remind them that they may find themselves doing that across a 300yd opening “in real life”.

    As to gear, yes, the only unrealistic aspects to individual equipment are because of the airsoft items themselves. The guns do not have realistic recoil (despite recent design and marketing attempts to the contrary), realistic rates of fire, or realistic capacities. But, you can use all your standard mag pouches, ALICE belts, water carriers, whatever with airsoft guns and mags the same way you would with real guns. Most guns are capable of being set to semi-auto. There’s kind of a reason for higher capacity mags – it’s harder to make hits with BBs because of the extra cover and inherent lack of accuracy. “Low-cap” mags are available if that would be preferred.

    Airsoft guns can be unreliable, too. You get what you pay for with a few exceptions of excellent value. $300 per rifle and $125 per pistol are common prices. It would pay to have access to an airsoft shop that keeps a repair department.

    For big outdoor events without direct force-on-force, I’d say run real rifles with a strict “no ammo on board” policy for just as much or better utility. Then, for those interested take smaller groups aside from the main class with airsoft replicas to drill specific concepts in force-on-force. Cycle attendees through round-robin until everyone gets a turn in force-on-force. This way you can provide 16 airsoft rifles instead of 60.

    Feel free to contact me at the address below for more info.

    • Sorry, that’s

    • Max Velocity says:

      FDE: Thanks for the info on Air-Soft.
      The way I envision using these ‘guns’ is as way to 1) add realism to dry training and 2) allow a half-way house between dry and live firing given the current ammo shortage and also peoples training progression.

      Force on Force is an idea, potentially, but not my main effort. Thus we can use air-soft simply as safe carry weapons for dry training and also add the firing of air-soft BBs to things like break contact drills, where we will be at shorter ranges. It gives people the ability to actually pull the trigger and fire something, rather than just shout “bang bang”!

      Ideally we need to have trainees work up to doing these drills live. Achieving that will depend on their progression (related to safety and range management) and ammo availability. Thus air-soft can be used as either a work-up to live firing, or a substitute, or both.

      I think it is a useful tool and I intend to work it into my training under controlled conditions, to add value.

      I take your point about force on force and the ranges this can be done at, and if I run any of that then I will ensure I set the conditions so contact takes place at shorter ranges. Bear in mind that some ‘force on force’ may be staged anyway, simply with a person(s) acting as enemy for break contact or other drills. Or, targets can be used, whatever suits.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Just a thought… Have you ever heard of “Simunition” paint ammo in 223, 7.62, 9mm ect.

    There was a show on the Military Channel a few years ago called “Special Ops Mission” that used this in modified real weapons. Might be another option instead (or) with airsoft. Just Sayin….

  28. Great idea and valuable skills to add to one’s self defense toolbox. Why not just call it a “re-enactment”? I used to do rev war and F&! war re-enactments and this certainly sounds like re-enactment of the desert war, or afghan war to me.