5.56 Arrived!

Published on APN: ‘Being Prepared while Traveling for Work’
December 23, 2012
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December 28, 2012

It’s still out there – courtesy of Dans Ammo. Arrived today, great service.

Still on backorder with Brownells for some more PMags.

Are you ready?


  1. Ryan says:

    Very Nice, How much did it run you?

    I am doing OK. Spent some money to fill shortages in the last week or so. PMAGs, AR spare parts, etc.

  2. Max Velocity says:

    $398.00 + $26.74 shipping = $424.74

    True, more expensive than the loose boxes of 62 grain that I used to get from cheaper than dirt, but it has plus points in that it coms in bandoliers of 150 in strip clips. A useful ‘ready to resup’ addition.

    You can buy the stripper clips on Amazon (etc.), and load the loose 5.56 into them ready to go – you can buy the speed loader to facilitate rapid reloads of these clips into your mags. The speed loaders work with the stripper clips and also with loose rounds.

  3. Max Velocity says:

    Nations Gun Show at Dulles today, Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be looking for PMags. So will everyone else! I’ll try and get there early, hoping the tables are not stripped clean!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of CTD some 855, a thousand rounds it is now $999.99 when less than two months ago I paid roughly $400.

    • Max Velocity says:

      Was at the Nations Gun Show Firday night in Dulles. It was crazy, long lines waiting to get in. Insane lib-tard protesters outside going on about ‘assault weapons’.
      There were various 5.56mm 62 grain green tip makes available in boxes of 1000: Winchester, Federal etc. They were all priced at or around $1000. One vendor had boxes of Winchester at $850, so because he was such a gent, only gouging by 50%, I picked up a box.
      Most vendors were out of PMags, but one was selling both the plain and window versions for $40 each.
      Free market supply and demand at work!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Managed to get 5 Pmags last week from a guy for $200. Two months ago I bought 10 for $130. I’ve got about 5000 of M855, but wish I had more! The stuff will be better than gold in the coming future. Stock up while you can, boys!