3 PARA (16 air assault brigade) training

Got PT?
November 16, 2012
Got Ammo? Got Sandbags?
November 16, 2012

An interesting training/recruiting video.

Note the assault on the isolated farm. Note that he quotes ‘terrorists’. Yes, the training is happening in the UK and would have been applied in Iraq or Afghanistan.

What if you had stocked more than 7 days food and ammuniton in weatherproof containers, and you were now classified as a ‘domestic terrorost’, this being your isolated rural retreat….?

Yes it wouldn’t be the British PARAs coming for you…but…food for thought!


  1. Is Air Assault for the british army similar to the US Air borne and air assault?

    US Air assault does not use parachutes, air borne does. –killerkniv.es

    • Max Velocity says:

      It’s organized differently. When I explain what the British Parachute Regiment is, I equate it more to the Ranger Battalions rather than the 82nd. Para Reg has two Battalions in 16 Air Assault Brigade and one with SFSG. There are no separate airborne/air assult functions or organizations.
      There is no separate ‘air assault’ badge or school. 16 Air Assault used to be 5 Airborne Brigade till the late 90’s when it was re-roled as air assault, mainly to acknowledge increasing use of helicopters over parachuting and also to organize around the purchase of the Apache Attack Helicopters.
      The need for all the rigging training that air assault school does in the US is negated because the RAF performs that function in the UK. It just remains to train the troops in helcopter operations. 16 Air Assault also rotates a couple of line infantry battalions through its organization and trains them up in the air assault role, to boost the deployable numbers. There are only three active duty Parachute Regiment Battalions.
      16 Air Assault is more focussed on larger operations using parachuting and helicopters to deliver combat power. SFSG is more into the smaller perhaps company level operations in support of SF; that’s where they do more of the ‘high speed’ stuff like fast roping etc.