Anatomy of a Breakdown

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November 10, 2012
Low Profile Evasive Driving Training Video: Iraq 2004-2005
November 16, 2012

An interesting article here: Anatomy of  Breakdown by Tess Pennington at Ready Nutrition.

Don’t forget the tactical and defense training side: don’t be a victim.

In the article, Tess references her 52 Weeks to Preparedness  series, to which I contributed week 52 on ‘Long Term Defense of your Retreat Location’.

Among concerns about future civil war, economic collapse, and the direction the country may be going etc, don’t lose sight of the potential for the more basic types of disasters: some of which, if big enough, can be the precursor to an economic and/or societal collapse.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the link to 52 Weeks to Preparedness! Some good material in there.