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October 9, 2012
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October 9, 2012

I wanted to draw attention to the HEAT shootout scene because it is excellent, and demonstrates, in a Hollywood way, some break contact drills, initially from a vehicle, then dismounted.

HEAT Shootout Scene (This is not the best quality YouTube example, but the good one appears to have been taken down)

It a great scene, there is so much to it. It was choreographed by “Andy MacNab” of Bravo Two Zero fame, first Gulf War, retired from the British SAS. There is more on the training here:

Heat Shootout Behind the Scenes Feature

It incorporates vehicle and dismounted break contact drills. Initially they try and get away in the vehicle, firing from inside it, which you can do from a soft skinned vehicle. Then the vehicle is immobilized (driver shot) and they dismount and try to fight off the “X” utilizing fire and movement. The drills are great, changing mags, shouting “MOVE”, fire and movement until they split up, but then Kilmer and De Niro still buddy pair together, then Kilmer becomes ‘man down”.

They have to initally fire in both directions once they get out of the vehicle, showing the 360 degree nature of the threat. There is actually a lot in this clip and although it is scripted for a movie the tactics behind it are genuine break contact drills.

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  1. vcr says:

    Ok folks the shootout scene fro.heat takes the cake on accurate disengage or break contact as mentioned. The way we learned was called insy-wincy spider. Basically the point lays down cover fire calling up support to advance, after he is in position he lays down cover for overlapping cover and 2nd advance to forward position. In a 360 scenario your in a pickle but assuming you have all ambulatory personal and and a threat at 10-2 positions this is basic a b c. Watch yyour 9 and 3 of clock flank…your 6 is always your tail gunners job