Combat Team Tactics


Combat Team Tactics (CTT) is a four day class designed to teach you tactical combat rifle and team skills from individual up to pairs and team level. This includes team ‘break contact’ drills and battle drills. This class is the basic building block of MVT tactical combat training.

The class consists of two 2 Day sections:

Days 1 & 2: Combat Rifle Skills: These two days are conducted on the flat range focusing on safety, zeroing, weapon manipulation, shooting skills fundamentals, combat marksmanship (CMMS), individual react to contact drills, assault / movement drills.

Days 3 & 4: Combat Team Tactics: The class then progresses to two days on the tactical ranges building pairs and team battle drills, utilizing reactive electronic pop-up targets and other training aids to replicate a real combat environment.

Cost of CTT (4 Day): $775

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CTT Outline Topics Covered:

Note: the first two days of the class is the same curriculum as the Combat Rifle Skills standalone 2 Day class. 

  • Safety and active muzzle awareness
  • Rifle Manipulation
  • Stoppage Drills
  • Combat Marksmanship (CMMS)
  • Controlled Pairs, Hammer Pairs, Stream Fire
  • Combat mindset and stress effects
  • Barricade Shooting
  • Reaction to Contact Drills: RTR & Burst Movement
  • Shoot on  the move / assault through drills
  • Intro to Patrol Movement
  • Use of Cover
  • Taking & Breaking Cover
  • Observation & Target Identification
  • Buddy Team Fire & Movement
  • Pairs & Team Assault Drills
  • Pairs & Team Break Contact Drills

Notes / FAQs:

Combat Rifle Skills (days 1 & 2) is a prerequisite for Team Tactics (days 3 & 4). This is a 4 day class. Price $775.

Combat Rifle Skills can be taken as a standalone 2 day class, flat range only.  Either the first 2 days of a CTT, or as a standalone weekend CRS. Check the training schedule / class pages for options. Price $450.

The Team Tactics portion (days 3 & 4) can be taken as a standalone 2 Day option, if Combat Rifle Skills has been taken within 6 months. Price $450.

Previous Combat Team Tactics graduates can jump in on days 2, 3 & 4 of this class. The requirement to do day 2 depends on how recent your training was, due to curriculum changes. Email to discuss options.

Previous CRCD students must complete the full class. 

Night Firing

Night Firing (NF) is available one night of the class (usually Saturday), September thru April only. This is an introduction to the use of your night vision equipment, including live night fire on the square range and a short tactical exercise. See the Night Firing Page for details.